Quick And Easy Ways To Add Fitness In Your Day

Office Depot Work Hard Train Hard Infographic

There's no denying it, when you exercise - get the blood flowing and your heart pumping - your mood lifts and your day feels better.  I put off exercise for about 3 months, and my mood really took a hit.  I'm back at it now, 6 weeks in, and I notice a big difference in my outlook.  I call exercise … [Continue reading]

Make a Book About Your Favorite Person – You Could Win $2,500 from Blurb!

Make a book about your favorite person - You could win $2500 from Blurb! Ann Again and again Reviews

(This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.) Make A Book About Your Favorite Person And You Could Win $2,500 From Blurb!   Did you know that Blurb might give you $2,500 to read about your favorite person? All you have to … [Continue reading]

Inexpensive Dinners To Take The Sting Out Of Tax Day

Fast and Cheap Dinners For Your Family - Woman's Day - Ann Again and again Reviews

From our friends at Woman's Day come recipes that will take the hit of Tax Day away from our pocket book and give us more with our money.  In the May … [Continue reading]

Shop When You Like And Find What You Love At OKDress.co.uk

Shop From Home and Find Something You Love at OKDress.com

Although my daughter's enjoy getting something new to wear they aren't the easiest to physically get to a store or Mall.  Kind of different, I know. … [Continue reading]

The Mom Conference: Online and Free This Week!

The Mom Conference - Online and Free This Week! Ann Again and again Reviews

For those of us that would enjoy connecting with other mothers, yet can't make it to meetings and/or conferences that always seem to happen out of … [Continue reading]

How Men & Women Use Social Media Differently

Men Look For Business & Love While Women Seek Games & Knowledge - Interesting Social Media Uses Study at Ann Again and again Reviews

The wonderful thing about social media is the ability to access what pleases you.   Looking for a laugh?  You'll find it when you connect with social … [Continue reading]

Find Flavor at your Fingertips with Restaurant.com’s Mobile App!

Find Flavor at your Fingertips with Restaurant.com's Mobile App!

Receive a FREE $10 Restaurant.com eGift Card with Your FIRST Purchase on the Restaurant.com Mobile App!   There are nights when going out to … [Continue reading]

Achieve Makeup Perfection When You Have the Right Tool

Makeup Perfection with the Right Tool - Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System - Ann Again and again Reviews

When it comes to getting makeup that is a work of art, nothing can compare to the precision provided by an airbrush makeup kit. Turn to the experts, … [Continue reading]

Beautiful Prom Dress Selections At JJsHouse.com

Find beautiful Prom dresses at JJsHouse.com - Ann Again and again Reviews

Not only is Spring anticipated for it's warmer weather and glorious blossoms it's also a time where young girls dream of the perfect dress they are … [Continue reading]

Summer Tech Camp With iD Tech – Special $50 Off Promo Code!

Summer Tech Camp - iD Tech - Special Reg. Code to Save $50! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Do you have children like mine who like to play games on the computer?  Maybe have ideas of their own of a "cool" game design or story board?  There … [Continue reading]

Get Crafty! Craftsy.com Online Video Classes 50% Off!

Get Crafty! All Craftsy.com Classes 50% Off! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Are you ready to learn a new crafty skill? How about sewing, knitting, crochet, cake decorating, photography? Or maybe jewelry making or the art of … [Continue reading]

Estroven Weight Management – It’s Time For Changing Ways

Estroven Weight Management - It's Time For Changing Ways - Ann Again and again Reviews

You know how you can feel a certain age in your mind but your body has different ideas? Yeah, that's what's going on with my body and it's time for my … [Continue reading]

Why Women Rule US Social Media

Why Women Rule US Social Media - Ann Again and again

Various studies show that women are taking over social media. Women connect with brands more online, women gather their news from social media and … [Continue reading]

My Blog Forward Challenge – Won’t You Join Me?

The Blog Forward Challenge - Ann Again and again Reviews

Now that I've finally become used to writing the year 2014 (instead of 2013)  I'm ready to accept that it's a new day and with that I am setting goals … [Continue reading]

Prom Season Is Around The Corner – Find Your Dress at JenJenHouse

Select JenJenHouse.com for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews

My 16 year old daughter really surprises me.  Just when I think I have her pegged as a "tom-boy" she'll get excited about a pretty sweater she sees … [Continue reading]

Why We Bought A Keurig

Why We Bought A Keurig - Ann Again and again Reviews

When it comes to making any kind of purchase my inner voice says "Don't".  I am not someone that spends money easily and if the dollar amount is over … [Continue reading]