Who Knew?

I have to say, I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy going to a gym. Truth be told, I never thought I had the nerve to actually step inside one.

Since High School I have been so aware of myself. So aware of what was going on around me and trying not to appear uneasy, or out of place. Cool. Putting that kind of pressure on oneself can be exhausting. (It even led a boyfriend to give me a card that said “Get Over Yourself”. I was mad at first. But as I’ve aged that message has never left me and I will be forever grateful.)

One month ago I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness and this experience has changed my perception. While at the gym everyone is caring about how much they can lift, how far they can push themselves. 30 lbs? Go for 40. 1 mile? Go for 2. What I was doing was the last thing on their minds. I finally got it through my head and it feels great.

I’ve conquered a fear this month. I walked through doors expecting to be judged and instead I was given tools to become a healthier version of myself. It’s about time.

My Computer Chair Is Now A Big Blue Ball

I can tell that I’m serious about my physical strength now. For crying out loud, I’m sitting on a Fitness Ball as I write this!

I have been so inspired by my participation at 24 Hour Fitness that it’s creeping into my everyday activities. Instead of making a quick drive to the grocery store, I’m grabbing my shopping bags and having a nice walk to and from my local store. I don’t wait for my husband to get home to lift that “something heavy”, I use my bicep brachii, my core and my, well, whatever else they’re called, to do the job myself. And instead of sitting on a chair while I’m at the computer, I sit on a big blue ball while I type. (Writers block is a lot more fun when you can bounce!)

My posture is getting better. A month ago I was shown a picture of myself at a family birthday party. I had no idea I was slouching like the Wicked Witch of the West! What the ?!? When did this happen? How did this happen?

As life goes on it doesn’t only show on your face, it shows in how you carry yourself. I want to make sure that my body is strong enough for all life has to offer. Bring on those crunches!!!

I Think I Can Move My Arms Today

Man, is my Trainer good! She’s having me work muscles I didn’t even know I had, that is, until the next day when I’m a tad sore. But that OK! I feel stronger. I want to feel stronger. This 24 Hour Fitness thing is pretty cool.

Did you know that the skin under your arms isn’t supposed to hang there and flop around when you wave good-bye to your little ones? Did you know that? Also, did you know that your shoulders aren’t supposed to be up to your ears? No matter what your family puts you through your shoulders should remain down and back a bit. (Take a deep breath right now and try it… Whaddya’ know? You just went up a cup size!)

It feels so nice to make an effort to spend time on me. I’m doing something that will make me stronger and healthier. And my efforts aren’t just for my benefit, I’m actually in better spirits which helps all involved in our household.

I’ve heard exercise gurus say “Envision the body you want to have.” Well, I can envision Heidi Klum’s body all I want… wait that didn’t come out the way I intended. Anyway, my point is, I will work toward a goal. But, in all honesty, getting there is part of the fun.

You Want Me To Do How Many Crunches?!?

Alright, I’ve begun my transformation. I actually did sign-up with 24 Hour Fitness and yesterday was my first time working out in a gym. Really. I’ve never been a member of a gym before. While talking with moms at school yesterday I got the feeling that I’m the only one too! Am I?

Before I went in I was nervous. I kept telling myself not to look around at anyone, just focus on me, and the pep talk worked. I made it through the doors. You see, new situations aren’t easy for me. I have major anxiety. I’ve lost sleep anticipating new doctor visits, or having to go to dinner parties. What’s my problem?! I need to get over myself. OK, onward!

While looking around the gym at everyone lifting, running, crunching, I was pleased to see that there were all shapes and sizes. I had this image in my mind of everyone being tan, their blonde hair bouncing in their perfect ponytails. I thought I would have to lose weight before I joined a gym! When I met my Trainer (ahem, yep, I have a Trainer :->) I was reassured that we are all here to feel better, and to be healthy. Sounds terrific to me.

I must say I do feel better. I’ve faced one fear, going to a gym. Now next week I’ll face another, learning how to work an Elliptical machine. Wish me luck!

The Scale Is The Devil

Well, at least one form of Evil any way. I have been working on getting into shape for a while now. I have a horrible back and the only way to prevent a lifetime of pain is to make these abs of mine work the way they used to. Or, at least, work better than they have. It’s slow going. I have WiiFit, which I love, but I know I need more to get me where I would like to be, strength wise.

I’ve decided to challenge my comfort level and go outside the world of a virtual Trainer and work with a real one. An honest-to-goodness Trainer. I’m starting a program at 24 Hour Fitness this month. I’m nervous but I need to do this. I want to (no I don’t/yes I do/no I don’t/ YES! Yes I do!) get my rear in gear and feel better, stronger.

Wish me luck.