"Drive Time" – Steven Halpern

Things have felt a bit more tense lately. There are so many factors contributing to the uneasiness that just won’t leave me alone. Yes, the economy is a huge drag. Yes, my girls are out of school for the summer and it seems like the whole neighborhood is at my house. And yes, the summer heat makes me a bit crazy.

I am always looking for ways to create peaceful feelings, trying to find that little bit of joy that will help me through the day. I’ve found a great way to bring a sense of calm while driving and that’s due to Steven Halpern. I have been listening to his music for years (my favorite job was at an artist showcase gallery and we listened to New Age music all day). Now that I have a van full of kids I turn to the sounds of “Drive Time” by Steven Halpern. The positive effects are immediate.

While listening to the music, some up-tempo, some mellow, there are suggestions encoded in the music encouraging the listener to be more in control of their emotional state. The listener can’t hear the suggestions, but our subconscious mind does. It’s wild I tell ya’! I’ve listened to it turned up loud straining to hear the words, but I don’t. However, the effects of this cd bring me peace and I like it. I like it a lot.

If you’re looking for music that will help you feel calm, peaceful and uplifted I highly recommend the music of Steven Halpern. Please check him out at Inner Peace Music.

Jump Start 3D Virtual World + Giveaway!

My daughter Lily has been having a blast playing with Jump Start 3D Virtual World. Let’s check-in with her and see what she thinks of Jump Start 3D Virtual World .

Me: Hey Sweetie! Whatcha’ doing?

Lily: Trying to take care of my pet.

Me: What pet?

Lily: A cat. I’ve named her Princess. She’s white with light pink hearts.

Me: She sounds perfect for you. What do you get to do with Princess?

Lily: I get to choose what to put on her, and make her smell good.

Me: Wait. How do you know she smells good?

Lily: There’s a grooming place and there’s a lot of soap bottles. But you have to buy them. And there’s a strawberry scented soap.

Me: OK. I get it. How do you earn money to buy the soap?

Lily: You have to play learning games. When you finish playing the games you earn blue gems. The more gems you get the more stuff you can buy.

Me: What kind of games do you play?

Lily: Games that help little kids. They help you with reading, math and thinking skills.

Me: Do you have a favorite game?

Lily: Yes! It’s a Donut Game. You have to sprinkle donuts that have the same ending sound. And there are donut patrols that can shoot sprinkles at you and you shoot sprinkles back at them. I really like it!

Lily is having a great time with Jump Start 3D Virtual World . When she uses this program I feel she’s using her brain by staying active and engaged. She has to think to make this program work, so I don’t feel that “Computer Game Guilt” when I let her play on the computer.

The site also has a Parents section. In the discussion forum you can ask questions about the games and the site. In the Jump Start Blog they offer ideas on art & science projects. They show that it isn’t all about the computer. They want you to think and create in the real world too! It’s great. I’m so glad we found Jump Start!

Giveaway Time!

Would you like to have your child try Jump Start? Be the lucky winner of this giveaway and you can try Jump Start 3D Virtual World FREE for 3 months!

To Enter:

*Leave a comment here letting me know you’d like to win. (One Entry)
*Send the “Ann Again Jump Start” giveaway into the Twitter world. (One Entry)

One lucky winner will be chosen using Random.org on 7/27/09. US Residents Only.

Good Luck!!!

Bee – Tee's Are A Hit

There is a company founded by a mother who wants to remind people everywhere about things that matter in life; kindness, honesty, fairness & friendliness, to name a few.

The company is Bee – Tees and the wonderful products that they create are t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats that can be worn in this big, beautiful world to remind all that see the message that “bee”-ing fair, creative and yourself is the way to “bee”. My Lily showed her support for “kindness” during our visit to the neighborhood Farmers Market and the message was met with smiles.

To see the entire line of Bee – Tees products please visit www.bee-tees.com.

Time To Revisit The Futon

I’m so pleased to have been asked to do a review for the site CSN.com. This site has everything you could possibly want for your home or office. Beautiful, classic, fun or funky. They have fantastic items.

They even have me rethinking futons. Yup. I thought I was over my ‘futon stage’ but let me just say, these designs are modern and innovative. This is one of my favorties.

(Now if only I had the living room to go with it. Ahhh… dreams)

Great Wolf Lodge Fun!

We started our Summer Vacation off with a wonderful stay at Great Wolf Lodge. If you’re looking for thrilling water slides, or sweet splashing fun, then this place has it all.

Here’s Katie using all the power she has to stay on the Lily Pad’s

Rob and Lily took a thrilling ride on the Artic Blast water slide

*** You OK Rob? ;-> ***

The only way we were able to entice the girls from the water park (I needed a dry land break!) was to bribe them with “Dance-Dance-Revolution”

After a terrific night sleep (more like “crashing” for our girls) we checked out the buffet at The Loose Moose Cottage

Oh boy, did I need that coffee. I had another busy day of water play ahead of me!

There is never a dull moment at Great Wolf Lodge. There are activities of all kinds for all ages. It’s not all about the water park. However, if playing in the water is your idea of a good time, I guarantee you will have fun at Great Wolf Lodge. We sure did!