I’m a list person. Before I go shopping I know what I’m shopping for. (I’m not a good “browser”, much to my husband’s glee!) I research products on-line before I spend my hard-earned-dough. When it comes to grocery shopping my attention to detail bumps up a notch, I create my list in aisle order. (Work from the right to the left – end with the frozen food aisle.) I’m sure I would be labled with some “disorder”. Oh well.

I’ve found a search program that suits my needs to a tee. Pebble.com. All you do is enter a product that you would like information on, then the program takes you to a page loaded with information on your product. You are given prices and store locations. It’s just amazing how the same product can have such varying prices!

I have my eye on a new camera and Pebble.com is helping me narrow my choices and guiding me to get the best price around. Very cool!

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