I’m a list person. Before I go shopping I know what I’m shopping for. (I’m not a good “browser”, to my husband’s glee). I research products on-line before I spend my hard-earned-dough. When it comes to grocery shopping my attention to detail bumps up a notch, I create my list in aisle order. Work from right to left – end with the frozen food aisle. I’m sure I would be labeled with some “disorder”. Oh well.

I’ve found a search program that suits my needs to a tee, All you do is enter a product that you would like information on, and then the program takes you to a page loaded with information on your product. You are given prices and store locations. It’s just amazing how the same product can have such varying prices!

I have my eye on a new camera and is helping me narrow my choices and guiding me to get the best price around. Very cool! You can also ask the staff questions about products for immediate feedback. The Pebble staff lists their personal expertise so you know just who to ask. is very easy to navigate, contains lots of information and has a wonderful staff. Try, it’s a wonderful resource tool.

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