My Dog Bites The English Teacher

I am having fun with this book. Seriously, I really am! The new book by Marian Anders “My Dog Bites the English Teacher: Practical Grammar Made Quick and Easy” is a handy and quick reference guide to help you use your words correctly.

(Now, if my sentence structure is off for this review I will be so embarrassed!)

Want to know when to capitalize a word? *Snap* There’s the guide on page 68. Are you curious about commas? The answers are right there on page 45. It is so reassuring to look for guidance and find your answers so easily.

This book talks about much more than punctuation marks. Ms. Anders guides you through proper sentence structure and how to be a more powerful writer. I feel as if I am being taught with a loving heart, not a stern hand. Oh, how I wish I had Ms. Anders as I teacher when I was in school!

The school year is upon us. For those that are looking for a new approach to helping their children improve their writing please check-out “My Dog Bites the English Teacher”. For those that would like to improve their own writing, I completely recommend this book.

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