The Hole In The Sky

My 11 year old daughter has discoved her love of fantasy books. She and her father have read all of the Harry Potter books and now it’s my turn to find next “good read”. I’ve chosen “The Hole in the Sky” by Barbara Mahler.

Ms. Mahler is a traditional medicinal healer, and was deeply, and personally, affected by the tragic events on 9/11. You can feel the desire for healing and the beauty of the human spirit in her first book, “The Hole in the Sky“, the first book in a trilogy.

The story begins with 13 yrs. old Kaela and her cousin Shawn. Quickly you see that Shawn is being picked on by the “ultimate popular girl” and Kaela is his protector. This theme grabbed my daughter immediately. She is the tallest in her class and has always been strong-willed. My daughter considers herself a protector of those that feel powerless.

The Hole in the Sky” takes you on a ride filled with mystery and magic. And at about 300 pages my daughter was daunted in the beginning but, quickly fell into the story and called her time with Kaela and Shawn her “fun time”. And if my girl calls reading a book her “fun time”… then Ms. Mahler has done something very right.

Now to wait oh-so-patiently for the second book in the trilogy!

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