Triaminic Thin Strips

What perfect timing. I was given the opportunity to try Children’s Triaminic Thin Strips® just as my youngest was succumbing to the sniffles. We’ve been washing hands, coughing into our elbows, using hand-santizer when needed, but a little germ has snuck by our efforts. Argh.

Liquid children’s medicine can be such a pain. I mean, why do most medicine cups have the measurements the same color as the plastic cup? I can’t see a thing! I’m looking at it from the side, looking at it from the bottom. That’s one huge reason why I appreciate Triaminic Thin Strips®. The medicine is in one strip, it kind of resembles a grape fruit roll-up, no muss – no fuss. (And they taste good, I checked!) Each strip provides a pre-measured dose of medicine that dissolves quickly on the tongue, so children are receiving the recommended amount for their age.

Triaminic also has a website with a Cold & Flu Tracker. Lot’s of helpful information and printable coupons! I love coupons.

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And here’s something fun, 3 lucky Ann Again… and again Reviews friends can win a pack of Triaminic Thin Strips®! Here’s what you do:

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3) Visit the Triaminic website and tell me the Top 5 Cities for cold & flu today = 2 Entries.

Winner will be chosen Friday, Feb. 5th and notified via e-mail. Good Luck!

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

My family was oh-so-lucky to be given the opportunity to taste the latest cookie to join the Girl Scout Cookie line, “Thank U Berry Munch“. Let’s see what the girls think…

Lily is very happy!

Katie is asking for more!

Our box of “Thank U Berry Munch” did not last long. This cookie has the texture of a light short bread with the tangy taste of dried Ocean Spray cranberries, the crunch of crispy rice and the perfect sweet taste of white chocolate. White chocolate with dried cranberries is absolutely delicious! My girls were kind enough to let me enjoy a few with my tea. What a perfect end of day treat!

Thank U Berry Munch is going on my list of Girl Scout Cookie favorites – right beside Thin Mints and Samoas. YUM!

Roll Call!

I had to do this. I absolutely HAD to do this. If you want to know a very odd side of me, then hang on… I am crazy about paper products. I’m uneasy if my back stock is low in paper towels. When it comes to toilet paper I have a tendency to get a bit coo-coo; I have spare rolls in closets, the garage, my clothes closet… I even have an tiny emergency roll in my purse. There I’ve said it. I’m a paper product junkie.

That’s why, when I saw this offering from Cottonelle at Mom Blogger’s Club I just had to participate. I have a chance to win a month’s worth of toilet paper from Cottonelle. Yeah baby! (Simple pleasures, what can I say). And you have a chance to win a gift basket from Cottonelle. Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win 1 of 10 Cottonelle gift baskets randomly chosen on January 29, 2010 from all entries.

Good luck to you! And don’t start looking at me funny. Everyone’s got something to obsess about, right? ;->

Click here and take the poll:

Funky Monkey Snacks

A delicious dried fruit snack has arrived at our home. Funky Monkey – Fruit That Crunches has 3 servings of fruit in every ounce. 3 servings! Let’s see what the girls think…

Funky Monkey is a hit with Katie. Her favorite flavor is the Pink Pineapple

Lily loves the Apple Cinnamon

Funky Monkey has passed the test!

I’m happy to have found a fun way to feed my children something healthy and nutritious. And the fact that they’re happy to eat it is a great bonus! Check out Funky Monkey Snacks – Fruit That Crunches