Month: January 2010

Triaminic Thin Strips

What perfect timing. I was given the opportunity to try Children’s Triaminic Thin Strips® just as my youngest was succumbing to the sniffles. We’ve been washing hands, coughing into our elbows, using hand-santizer when needed, but a little germ has snuck by our efforts. Argh. Liquid children’s medicine can be such a pain. I mean,

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

My family was oh-so-lucky to be given the opportunity to taste the latest cookie to join the Girl Scout Cookie line, “Thank U Berry Munch“. Let’s see what the girls think… Lily is very happy! Katie is asking for more! Our box of “Thank U Berry Munch” did not last long. This cookie has the

Roll Call!

I had to do this. I absolutely HAD to do this. If you want to know a very odd side of me, then hang on… I am crazy about paper products. I’m uneasy if my back stock is low in paper towels. When it comes to toilet paper I have a tendency to get a

Funky Monkey Snacks

A delicious dried fruit snack has arrived at our home. Funky Monkey – Fruit That Crunches has 3 servings of fruit in every ounce. 3 servings! Let’s see what the girls think… Funky Monkey is a hit with Katie. Her favorite flavor is the Pink Pineapple Lily loves the Apple Cinnamon Funky Monkey has passed