Dream Water

Recently I was given the chance to try Dream Water, a natural relaxation drink. This sleep-aid contains GABA, which relaxes & reduces anxiety, MELATONIN that induces sleep and 5 HTP, a derivative of Tryptophan that relaxes and improves sleep.

Dream Water comes in 3 flavors; Snoozeberry, Lullaby Lemon and I Dream of Kiwi. My husband and I tried the 8 oz. shot of Snoozeberry, which is a blend of blueberries and pomegranate. The flavor was light and not too sweet, which was perfect for my tastebuds.

I’m pretty sensitive to sleep-aids so I made sure I had no early morning plans the next day after trying Dream Water. It took about 20 minutes for the effects of the drink to kick in and off to sleep I went. When I woke up I felt fine, not groggy, or foggy. No lingering “sleep-aid hangover”. I felt like I had a good night sleep and was ready for the day.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this product worked. I’m very happy that I was able to try Dream Water. If you would like a free sample visit their site, Dream Water http://www.drinkdreamwater.com/

Bach Kids Rescue Remedy

I will always choose the natural path when it comes to health. I was brought up by a mother who read “Sugar Blues” when I was 9 yrs. old and banished all sugar from our house. (Little did I know she had a secret stash of candy bars on the highest shelf in our kitchen. What a sneek!) My mother started selling Shaklee products in the late 1970’s and had me join her in yoga classes in my teens. I feel comfortable with fewer chemicals. I think we all do.

That’s why, when given the opportunity to try Bach Kid’s, I was happy to oblige. The Bach Flower Remedies® are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body. Made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies are hand produced exclusively in England.

I’ve tasted the Bach Kids Remedies and they taste like syrup! I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to have my girls try the tincture if it was sweet. For the past 2 weeks they’ve been using Bach Kids Daydream Remedy. My goal is to help my children focus in class and not be so easily distracted. (That has been a big problem for my 3rd grader). They use the dropper on their own, no coaxing, and head out the door for school. When they come home I check-in with their day. While going over school work/homework I feel that the last 2 weeks have been easier. The struggle to do what needs to be done has lessened. I like that. I like that a lot!

If you would like to try the line of Bach Kids Flower Remedies, which also include Stress Remedy and Confidence Remedy, please visit www.NelsonsStore.com. Use the code “Again” during check-out and receive 25% off your order. Pretty cool.

Smelly Towel Cleaner

I was given the opportunity to try Smelly Towel Cleaner. And let me say, I put this product to the test and it passed!

The first load of towels washed were the towels used to dry off our dog Benny. He had a rip-roaring good time running through the mud while chasing squirrels. (Just like in the movie “Up”. All you have to do is say “Squirrel” and off he goes!) The towels that once smelled like wet dog now have a fresh scent.

The second trial for Smelly Towel Cleaner were towels that had been used as rags then left behind in a bucket for weeks. I completely forgot about these towels until I needed my bucket. Oops! I chuckled thinking there was no way for the musty smell to leave. I even thought of just throwing the cloths away, but I needed to give Smelly Towel Cleaner a shot. It actually worked! I was shocked!

If you find yourself in need of this product you can purchase it on-line at Amazon.com or at Genesis21shop.com.