"You Don't Have To Learn The Hard Way" – – – A Review

Every facet of life requires the support of other people.”

There’s no one else to blame for your problems now or ever.”

You eventually come to believe whatever you keep telling yourself.”

These are just a few gems of wisdom shared by author J.R. Parrish in his latest book “You Don’t Have to Learn The Hard Way – Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates“.

J.R. Parrish had a very challenging childhood but remained strong in spirit. As a young man he was lucky to be mentored by a gentleman that would quietly guide him to great success. The lessons taught, and lessons learned along J.R. Parrish’s path to success, are what fill the pages of “You Don’t Have To Learn The Hard Way.”

This book was written for recent high-school and/or College graduates, and although I am many years past those events I found J.R. Parrish’s ideas and words inspiring. In the preface he claims; “If you’re willing to apply what you read within these pages, within a year, you’ll be able to function at the level of someone ten years your senior.” Alright! Oh, if only this book had come out *mumble*mumble* years ago. I needed this guidance. And I still do!

You Don’t Have to Learn The Hard Way – Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates” is a fantastic gift for new graduates. There are chapters which give wonderful advice on marriage, finance and parenting as well.

As long as you keep your mind and heart open, there is always room for improvement. Learn something new every day, it’s a wonderful way to take care of yourself, and those you love.

Kashi Cereal

Thanks to Vocalpoint I was able to try some delicious cereal by Kashi.

I’m not a sweet cereal girl so this product wasn’t a terribly hard sell. Many healthy cereals live up to their reputation of tasting like cardboard but my Kashi cereal selection of Oat Flakes and Blueberry Clusters was very yummy. And I couldn’t believe that I had to share it with my daughters!

I thought for sure my young girls would see this box and take a giant “pass”. There aren’t any bright colors or cartoon characters enticing them with those crazy eyes. But nope, without prompting they chose to eat this cereal. They let me know they would like more! And that’s just great because so would I.

Please visit the Kashi website and you can receive a free sample. Enjoy!

CafePress Review & Giveaway

I was absolutely thrilled when asked to review items from CafePress. I first heard of this company years ago when a fellow blogger had created a coffee mug representing her site using CafePress. I just loved her humor. What a great way to share your thoughts and be represented by your readers! (I bought one and still use it today.)

At the CafePress site I found so many T-shirt’s that fit my sense of humor and social vibe. My ever-sprouting 12 yr. old found an image that made her very happy.

You can find millions of personalized gifts at CafePress – for any topic, interest, or brand!

*We Have A Winner!!! Savvy Coupon Mom. Congratulations!*

Would you like to win a T-Shirt for you and one for your child? I bet you would! Here’s what you do:

~ Become a Follower (let me know if you already are one!) of this site Ann Again… and again Reviews. (*1 Entry)

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There you have 4 chances to win! The offerings at CafePress span from serious to satirical. T’s, drinkware and home decor. Great stuff! Go check them out! And good luck.

***Giveaway Is Now Closed. Winner chosen using Random.org on April 2nd!***

*We Have A Winner!!! Savvy Coupon Mom. Congratulations!*

Starbucks Pike Place Roast Blend

Thanks to BzzAgent I was able to try Starbucks Pike Place Roast. I love coffee. I have my favorite coffee shops and favorite blends however I’m always open to trying something new. Starbucks new blend Pike Place Roast is deep and smooth, the body is light but the flavor is full.

Time to brew a pot

I can smell the delicious aroma

I am enjoying this! Wonderful.

Starbucks Pike Place Roast, grown and sourced ethically and sustainably, can be found at all major grocery stores, and available in a 12 oz. bag. A fantastic bonus to purchasing the 12 oz. bag is that, once it’s empty, you can take that bag to any participating Starbucks locations and exchange it for a free cup of coffee!

Starbucks Pike Place Roast is just one of 26 flavors you can enjoy at home. Learn more about Starbucks at www.starbuckscoffeeathome.com

Le Baby

My little Lily has fine hair. I’m just not used to fine hair. My 12 year old has the thickest, coarsest hair I’ve ever known! And my own hair is pretty thick (although… the older I get… not as thick. I don’t want to think about it!). So when I was given the opportunity to try a hair gel that claims to thicken baby-fine hair I took it, and I’m glad! At least, Lily is glad.

Le Baby is made especially for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin. It also omits all things you would expect:

~No harsh chemicals

~No parabens

~No sulfates

~Not tested on animals


Now, Lily wasn’t too keen on using a product that was called “Le Baby”, but I told her it was French for “child” and she was good to go.

Le Baby had just the right amount of hold, it wasn’t sticky and still allowed a bit of movement so she didn’t look like she was wearing a hair helmet. Lily is loving the fact that she has her own hair product and has begun to carry it in her swim bag so she can spruce up after lessons. Just adorable.

If you would like to purchase Le Baby please visit their website for retail locations. You can order on-line as well!

30-Minute Buddhist Mandalas Coloring Book

Lily – “What ‘cha doing?”

Me – ‘Coloring’

Usually I’m the one asking the question, however I have been lucky enough to receive the 30-Minute Buddhist Mandalas Coloring Book by Michelle Normand.

“The reason behind the magic number 30 is to help provide you with a quick way to achieve a meditative state in a time frame that allows you to experience the mental and physical benefits meditation can provide.” Michelle Normand

Each page shows a beautiful collection of Buddhist Symbols entwined, or better yet mirrored, to create what could be interpreted as a Peace shield. A space where you place focus on sacred symbols, lose yourself in color and shape and experience an active meditative state.

My oldest is in the Asperger’s spectrum, and staying still at something that isn’t a hand-held computer game is a challenge. She and I have sat together with 30-Minute Buddhist Mandalas and have had such wonderful times. It was a struggle at first. There weren’t any moving objects or computer graphics or crazy music to entice her to “play”. But once I chose a page that felt right to me I began the coloring process and she watched. I invited her to choose a page and that was the beginning of a wonderful afternoon.

30-Minute Buddhist Mandalas Coloring Book by Michelle Normand is a wonderful way to take time for yourself, a way to quiet your mind and find joy in the little things – like Crayola’s #68 “Mulberry”.

*** Click this link for more information ***

"From Beer to Maternity" – A Review

I am having the best time reading “From Beer to Maternity” by Maggie Lamond Simone.

For those moments when the kids are doing their best to bring on the Mommy Death Stare I grab my copy of “From Beer to Maternity” and fade into a world that makes me laugh out loud. I don’t do that often while reading. Watching sit-coms, seeing someone trip ( I know, I’m horrible) then I laugh out loud, but not normally when reading. Maggie Lamond Simone has the words, the timing and the energy to send me into hysterics. (The good hysterics, not the crazy kind my children would like me to have.)

From Beer to Maternity” reads like a collection of journal entries. The beginning of the book doesn’t have the intention of taking you to an end result. You are reading a journey of a life, thoughts and observations that will make you laugh and some that will make you quite teary.

I am thrilled I have had the opportunity to review “From Beer to Maternity” by Maggie Lamond Simone. If you need a mood elevator do yourself a favor and check out this book, you won’t be sorry.