Hey Dude

Men seem to be taking better care of their skin these days. More products are being created with men’s specific facial needs in mind. Which came first? I don’t know, but I do know that my husband wants to look his best and my lotions and potions aren’t formulated for his skin. Recently a product caught my attention that I think would be perfect for him, “Hey Dude“.

Yes, the name got me. If something makes me laugh I’m drawn to it. (Much like my husband when we first meet.) I noticed the high quality organic ingredients, hyaluronic acid which works similarly to Restylane, and other essential nutrients like seaweed extract. “Hey Dude” seems like a perfect gift for Father’s Day however I can’t wait. I’m going to let him try these products and let me/us know what he thinks. Stay Tuned!

Checking In With CSN Stores

It’s time to update my girls’ bedroom and for me that means another on-line visit to CSN Stores. While they have an incredible selection of items for your precious baby; gorgeous cribs, beautiful changing tables, etc., we are far from those needs. Now I want to find items that will fit the taste of one pink loving Princess and one self proclaimed Tom-Boy.

Yes, sharing a room can be a challenge, but it can work. As long as you have items that make you happy and help you feel like you have a space to call your own. I’ll let you know what I find at CSN Stores.

***CSN Stores has offered compensation is exchange for this review***


I have grown up with sensitive skin. When I was younger it was difficult to find products that would not be irritating. Now that I am a mother I have (not so graciously) shared my sensitivity with my youngest daughter. Lucky for her, finding products that don’t contain harsh chemicals are easier to come by these days. A product that we were very fortunate to try was from the product line Episencial.

Episencial is a socially responsible company that includes the use of solar power in its manufacturing right here in the U.S.A. Their skin care products are doctor recommended, containing natural, organic ingredients – including fruit extracts, that help create pleasant, light scents.

My daughter quickly noticed the Eric Carle designed labels. (Haven’t we all grown up with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in one way or another?) Each product was inspired by the favorite fruits from The World of Eric Carle. Currently the Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath containing plum and peach extracts is Lily’s favorite.

Now you can purchase Episencial products at Target! Just click on the Episencial – Target store locator to find your closest location: http://episencial.com/customer-service/store-locator/ . This great company is offering a FREE Target Gift Card just for shopping Episencial. All the details are here.

And here’s a treat… how would you like to win products from Episencial? They are offering a package containing; Playful Foaming Wash, Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, Better Body Butter & Protective Face Balm to one lucky winner. Here’s what you do to enter:

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*Contest ends May 6th. Winner will be chosen using Random.org & notified by e-mail.*

***Lucky Winner Ali Has Been Chosen Using Random.org. Congratulations!***

There are 4 fun ways to enter to win these wonderful products! Good luck and look for the Episencial product line at Target.

(thank you so much Episencial for allowing us to review your products!)

Fresh Express – Leaf Locator

I love salads. Love ’em! For years I’ve asked for my dressing to be “on the side” because I want to taste the lettuce, not just the topping. (There was one time I asked my server for the evening to bring me a plate of lettuce because the Chef Salad I ordered was mostly meat.)

With my love of salads also comes my love of convenience and that’s why I like to use salad kits by Fresh Express. Now Fresh Express is offering to share your salads story – from tiny seeds to product delivery at your store. By putting in the specific codes that are on each bag of Fresh Express you will track where your lettuce was grown, what the conditions of the region are, to the salad “chef” who chooses the lettuce blends in each bag. It’s such a fun resource and makes me feel even more confident in choosing Fresh Express.

Visit FreshExpress.com with your bag in hand and learn more about your food. Also, at the site you can enter to win a year’s worth of FREE salad! Good luck!

My Job Chart – Fun On-Line Chore Chart

When it comes to keeping our house looking “clean”, or picked up, it seems everyone in my household has a different definition. My idea of clean seems to be completely different from my 12 year old Katie’s. When I ask my 9 yr. old Lily to put away her Littlest Pet Shop toys, which seem to breed (that wasn’t listed on the side of their boxes) her idea of “put away” is to shove them in a corner. Um, not what I meant.

We have tried colorful Responsibility Charts and cute stickers. We have done the timer trick – how much can you pick-up in 5 minutes – oh! she’s moving faster than you! better get going!. We’ve talked about being responsible, showing appreciation for your things, honoring your parents and your home, blah, blah, blah. It still isn’t clicking with my girls so we’re trying something new. We are appealing to their enjoyment of playing on the computer and introducing them to My Job Chart – The free on-line chore chart for kids. And they’re taking to it!

To start the My Job Chart process you add pictures of each child and then assign them various jobs from an existing list, or create your own job. You can make it more personal by adding images from rooms in your home, or a pic of your family pet for the “Clean up after …” job. Whatever visual will get your child engaged. You assign how often the job needs to be done; daily, 3 times a week, which days of the week. It’s all up to you.

Every job will have a point(s)assigned to it. At the end of the week you determine what the points are worth, it could be that your child has earned an ice cream cone, or a (dreaded) Little Pet Shop thingy. It’s up to you!

You, or your child, will log onto My Job Chart, go to their specific jobs and click what they have accomplished. My girls are really taking to this process. (They wanted me to make it clear that this didn’t count as their computer play time though.) They’re having fun with My Job Chart and I’m thrilled that anything will excite them about doing their jobs/chores!

Do yourself a favor and try this absolutely free, and fun, on-line resource My Job Chart. Click this link to sign-up!