Month: April 2010

Hey Dude

Men seem to be taking better care of their skin these days. More products are being created with men’s specific facial needs in mind. Which came first? I don’t know, but I do know that my husband wants to look his best and my lotions and potions aren’t formulated for his skin. Recently a product

Checking In With CSN Stores

It’s time to update my girls’ bedroom and for me that means another on-line visit to CSN Stores. While they have an incredible selection of items for your precious baby; gorgeous cribs, beautiful changing tables, etc., we are far from those needs. Now I want to find items that will fit the taste of one


I have grown up with sensitive skin. When I was younger it was difficult to find products that would not be irritating. Now that I am a mother I have (not so graciously) shared my sensitivity with my youngest daughter. Lucky for her, finding products that don’t contain harsh chemicals are easier to come by

Fresh Express – Leaf Locator

I love salads. Love ’em! For years I’ve asked for my dressing to be “on the side” because I want to taste the lettuce, not just the topping. (There was one time I asked my server for the evening to bring me a plate of lettuce because the Chef Salad I ordered was mostly meat.)

My Job Chart – Fun On-Line Chore Chart

When it comes to keeping our house looking “clean”, or picked up, it seems everyone in my household has a different definition. My idea of clean seems to be completely different from my 12 year old Katie’s. When I ask my 9 yr. old Lily to put away her Littlest Pet Shop toys, which seem