Month: July 2010

Ramona and Beezus

If you are a fan of the “Ramona” books by author Beverly Cleary you will love the movie “Ramona and Beezus“.  Even if you aren’t familiar with the books of the precocious Ramona and her older sister Beezus you will enjoy this film.  This movie follows Ramona (Joey King) and she fills her days with a very

Show Off: How to do Absolutely Everything One Step at a Time

My daughter and our neighbor are having so much fun going through the pages of  “Show Off:  How to Do Absolutely Everything, One Step at a Time“.   This book is full of instructions on how to do practically anything, from making a gum-wrapping chain to skipping stones to creating your own solar oven.  Over 200 projects/skills are

Snap Caps

When you’re in 5th grade and you want to have your locker express the kind of person you are, what would you do?  Me?  I took pages from Tiger Beat and taped pictures of The Bay City Rollers and Shaun Cassidy on the metal doors.   But clever girl Maddie created her own decorations, Snap Caps. Snap Caps, “the original

A website offering the ez-est way to get daily deals in cities across the United States, is launching in Portland, Oregon on July 9, 2010,  By signing up you will receive 50 to 90 percent discounts off of products and services from local businesses while also giving a portion of proceeds to local charities