Ramona and Beezus

If you are a fan of the “Ramona” books by author Beverly Cleary you will love the movie “Ramona and Beezus“.  Even if you aren’t familiar with the books of the precocious Ramona and her older sister Beezus you will enjoy this film. 

This movie follows Ramona (Joey King) and she fills her days with a very creative imagination, all the while becoming focus of peer ridicule.  Will she stay true to herself?  Or stay strong enjoying who she is?

Older sister Beezus (Selena Gomez) – whose name is Beatrice, however when Ramona was younger she couldn’t pronounce the name clearly thus branding her big sister with her name Beezus – is dealing with her first crush and the fact that her little sister drives her crazy.  My oldest daughter was relating to this situation all too well!

And while my girls were enjoying the silliness of Ramona I was thoroughly enjoying, and I mean enjoying, the casting of John Corbett (Sex & The City, Northern Exposure) as their father and Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, Transformers) as their aunts old high school boyfriend who wants back in her life.  There were times I could care less what was happening, I was looking at John Corbett and Josh Duhamel!!!

I felt that “Ramona and Beezus” was a wonderful experience to share with my girls.  Also I enjoyed the message of the power of family – be good to each other and you can accomplish anything.

Ramona and Beezus” opens in theaters on July 23rd.

(I was given the opportunity to view this movie in exchange for a review.  The opinions are all mine.)

Show Off: How to do Absolutely Everything One Step at a Time

My daughter and our neighbor are having so much fun going through the pages of  “Show Off:  How to Do Absolutely Everything, One Step at a Time“.   This book is full of instructions on how to do practically anything, from making a gum-wrapping chain to skipping stones to creating your own solar oven.  Over 200 projects/skills are clearly illustrated in step-by-step instructions. 
Let’s see how the girls do trying out the tips on How To Perfect A Walk Over on page 216… 
checking it out… first thing to do…
is a bridge.  Got it.  Next?                                                                                   

Now to flip your legs over.  The book gives great instructions for beginners but Lily has a different idea.   Let’s see how this works out…

Ah yes, a little trouble…
Now what did the book say to do?
I highly recommend “Show Off:  How to Do Absolutely Everything One Step at a Time“.  This book is full of fun, exciting, educational things for you and your kids.   There are plenty of ideas to keep them busy all summer (and school year) long.
(*Disclosure: I was given this book for review. My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

Snap Caps

When you’re in 5th grade and you want to have your locker express the kind of person you are, what would you do?  Me?  I took pages from Tiger Beat and taped pictures of The Bay City Rollers and Shaun Cassidy on the metal doors.   But clever girl Maddie created her own decorations, Snap Caps.
Snap Caps, “the original interchangeable bottle cap necklace”®,  have impressions placed inside along with a bit of glitter or rhinestones for embellishment.  There is a strong magnet on the back that makes it perfect to use on your locker door.    Snap Caps can also be…
 a decorative bracelet…
Or necklace…
The Labrador picture was perfect for my daughter and my niece seemed to really go for the cap that said “Spoiled Rotten”.  (That’s between her and her father ;-> )
The girls had so much fun with Snap Caps.  Check out their website, http://www.m3girldesignscom/,  for information.
(*Disclosure:  I was given a selection of Snap Caps for review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)


A website offering the ez-est way to get daily deals in cities across the United States, is launching in Portland, Oregon on July 9, 2010, myEZdeal.com.  By signing up you will receive 50 to 90 percent discounts off of products and services from local businesses while also giving a portion of proceeds to local charities and schools.  What a wonderful idea!

I’m familiar with 2 other sites that offer deals in local areas but those sites don’t include donating a percentage of the deal with local charities like EZdeal offers.  That bumps EZdeal up to the top of the list in my book.  EZdeal features the best restaurants, bars, spas, comedy clubs, sporting events, theaters, classes, retailers, hotels, salons and much more.  Notices will be shared daily via email, as well as on myEZdeal.com, Facebook and Twitter.

myEZdeal.com is easy to use. Simply sign-up online (registration is FREE) and receive a daily EZdeal email for your city. A specified number of people must buy into the deal before it becomes an official offer. EZdeal guarantees that if the minimum number required to activate the deal is not met, no one will be charged. A percentage of each deal is then donated to a local charity or school.

Visit their website and give them a try.  It’s a wonderful way to get a great deal for yourself and to give something to your community.