Star Guitars: 101 Guitars that Rocked the World

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If you have a musician on your shopping list this holiday season, particularly one that likes guitars, you absolutely must check out the book Star Guitars:  101 Guitars That Rocked The World.  This book is a gorgeous, highly stylized, photo collection of guitars from the most notable guitar players in the World.

Star Guitars:  101 Guitars That Rocked The World is the first-ever illustrated history of the actual guitars of the stars that made the music.  This 288 page homage includes histories of popular guitar models, and explains the musicians modifications which can help others recreate famous sounds such as Eric Clapton’s Strat, Slash’s Les Paul to name a few.

Star Guitars:  101 Guitars That Rocked The World is a truly fantastic collection for all music lovers.

Can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble, Borders, where ever quality books are sold.

(*I received a copy of Star Guitars in exchange for this review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.) 

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