Month: March 2011

Math Blaster from JumpStart – Giveaway!

JumpStart, by Knowledge Adventure, has many wonderful on-line educational programs for children.  The latest in their collection is Math Blaster.  Math Blaster is perfect for children ages 6-12.  Kids log on and become the newest cadets at Blaster Academy, completing arcade-style math challenges and racing through high-speed missions all while practicing their math skills. So far

On The Wings of Self-Esteem

Dr. Louise Hart has written a powerful book, “On The Wings of Self-Esteem”.  Self-esteem dictates how we manage our lives. It is essential for mental health, well-being, and healthy families.  Once our self-esteem is lowered it affects every aspect of our day and our relationships.  This book can help you uncover your true nature;  being curious, creative

Scentsy Bar Giveaway

Here’s what’s happenin’.  I started selling Scentsy a couple of months ago and I absolutely love this product.  If you love it too I’m giving you a chance to win a Scentsy bar of your choice ($5 value – no shipping & handling charge!) just by Twitting about this giveaway or adding this giveaway info.

FlipFlop Wine – Delicious

My beverages of choice are as follows:  water, coffee, wine. My husband and I have spent many vacations in the Napa Valley and we happen to live just miles away from the Pinot Noir charmed region of the Willamette Valley in the beautiful state of Oregon.  I’ve spent time in a room of people who sniff

This Works For Me!

On Monday’s post ” ‘May I Ask?’ Monday” I ask you to share specific products that work for you, or are your favorites.  Well today I thought I’d share something I really like.  I go through phases of wanting to change my look, it might be something small, like lipstick, or bigger like my hair color.  It’s not that

Make It A Redbox Night – Earn Free Movies!

Redbox is giving everyone the chance to score free movie credits by signing up for “Lucky To Have Friends Like You”. Follow these steps to score free redbox movies from now until Thursday, March 17. ■Sign-up for a redbox online account at ◦Why? By signing up for an online account, you can see what

"Fifteen Minutes Outside" Book Review & Giveaway!

Looking for ways to get inspired with the coming of the warmer, dryer weather?  Wishing for creative ideas that will draw your children away from electronics and toward some real birds (away from the “Angry” ones? ;-> ). Do yourself a favor and pick-up a copy of “Fifteen Minutes Outside:  365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect With

iMetabolic Review & Giveaway!

When my snacking, and portion size, gets out of hand I find it easiest to get my appetite under control by sipping on meal replacement drinks.  It works for me.  They’re quick, they’re easy and can be quite yummy.  I’ve been introduced to a new line of meal replacement drinks and I thought I would share

Twist from Talking Rain Review & Giveaway!

I will do my darndest to keep soda away from my kids.  Especially cola’s.  Think what you will of me, it’s just that when I see that a beverage can take the paint off of a car, I don’t think it belongs in peoples bodies.  (However, I have been known to have the occasional sip

Reno Rose – Pirose for Fashion

If you need to add color to your wardrobe, or update your style, there is no better way then to add a scarf.  I found this out years (*ahem* and years ;-> ) ago while working for a lovely clothing store.  I couldn’t believe the transformation a splash of color around the neck brought to a look and

May I Ask? Monday – Under Eye Fixer-Upper

Monday I’ll be seeking advice on a different product or service. If it’s something you like I might like it to. Will you help me? This week I’m looking for an under eye product that will make all this ridiculous puffiness go away.  My sister tried a sample of a product by Philosophy, I can’t remember