Mother's Day: Lotions & Potions Part 3 – Mustela Ultimate Hydration Lotion

Considering that this Sunday, May 8th, is Mother’s Day, I would like to share my findings for lotions and potions that have worked for me. My intention is to help if you are in the mood to find something new to try and/or perhaps spark ideas for possible Mother’s Day Gift Baskets ;-> . This isn’t laboratory scientific, this is me, my little face (and not so little body) and what I’ve found works. Please feel free to comment with your own favorites!

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Here is my next offering:

Mustela – Ultimate Hydration Body Lotion.

OK.  Now Mustela is known for its lovely products for mothers-to-be and for babies.  And I am neither a “mother-to-be” (please no more) and my babies are now 13 and 10.  However I was given an opportunity to try this body lotion and I am thrilled with it!  Thrilled I tell ya’!

Mustela – Ultimate Hydration has a wonderful texture and definitely hydrates your skin.  If you have normal skin, you don’t need this lotion, it would just feel too heavy for you.  However, if you have dry skin this lotion is perfect.  It does have a fragrance, a fragrance that I’m head-over-heels for, and since I’m highly aware of how people react to scent in skin care products you may want to think twice before giving this as a gift.  But, if you’re looking for a highly nourishing body lotion for yourself I recommend visiting your Sephora store and trying Mustela – Ultimate Hydration Body Lotion.

Mustela – Ultimate Hydration retails for $22 and is sold in various stores – click here for more locations.

(*disclosure:  I was given a bottle of Mustela Ultimate Hydration for review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

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