Month: August 2011

Win Prizes For Searching The Web

If I didn’t use SwagBucks myself I wouldn’t recommend it, but I do use SwagBucks every time I do an on-line search and I earn points, which equals prizes of my choosing. Just give it a try! It truly works  There is no sign-up cost, no commitment.  Just use SwagBucks for all your on-line searches

Giada De Laurentiis Brings Flavor To Target

Talented chef Giada De Laurentiis has created a delicious and delightful food product line for Target. First, on a purely visual note, I love the colors that she has chosen for her labels.  Soft shades that remind you of food!  The basil green, plum, persimmon. Lovely.  Each product is packaged in such a way that

Free Swiffer Duster Just For You!

Swiffer is updating their product line and you can be the first to know what it’s all about! Our good friends at Vocalpoint are hooking us up with the good people of Swiffer and sharing a free classic Swiffer duster to those of us that click right here. And while we’re enjoying our classic Swiffer

You Can Do A Graphic Novel – Giveaway!

  My daughters love to draw. Their styles are very different and yet they both look terrific. (To me they do ;-> ) I want to do all I can to encourage this outlet and I’m so happy I’ve found a book that will show them that every stroke of the pencil or pen doesn’t

Robby Wash Ball Review & Giveaway

The Robby Wash Ball is an incredibly economical, convenient and easy to use laundry product.  I am thrilled with it!  The Robby Wash Ball is filled with macro-molecule pellets that clean your laundry.  Just toss it in your washing machine and leave it there (works with both front and top load washing machines). You don’t have to

Special Savings At JC Penney

Get ready for back-to-school fashion, and home, needs and sign up for the JC Penney Savings Newsletter.  You’ll get great store/online offers including new brand launches and coupons delivered directly to your inbox. Register today and save!