Month: December 2011

Zaggora Hot Pants – My Review

With the beginning of the new year came my renewed inspiration to get active. It’s more difficult for me to stay motivated in the cold months but I feel better when I exercise and there’s better way to get warm! I was excited about the opportunity to review Hot Pants by Zaggora. After reading the

Have You Been Pinterest-ed?

While hopping around social media I’m sure you’ve seen mention of the site Pinterest. If you enjoy visiting blogs, and/or sharing information with your family and friends about your latest finds, then you’ll really enjoy spending time in the world of Pinterest. You will need to receive an “invite” to begin your venture. (I happen

American Car Quotes

With the new year looming it’s a good idea to re-evaluate parts of your life. How is your health? Can you do more? How about your home? And/or your car? I’ve been seeing car insurance advertisements for years and perhaps now is the right time to check things out and see how they compare. A

Having a wonderful grandson

***Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper I think my husband and I have the best grandson in the world. He has always been a delightful young boy, but now we love him even more. My husband and I decided we wanted to live somewhere that was warm most of the year. We knew

Join Our Fun Blog Photo Project!

Would you like to participate in a photo project that has a little heart-shaped rock hopping around the globe one blog at a time?  Would you like to have your blog highlighted?  Then you need to take part in the Traveling Heart-Shaped Rock Project!  While on the Oregon Coast I found this little “gem” and decided

Delightful Things Come In Hampers

For my delightful readers who would like to have flowers delivered in the UK please visit a lovely website  They have such beautiful floral arrangements and gift baskets and offer a variety of convenient delivery options. In these uncertain financial times their selection of varying price options is sure to fit in anyone’s price

With the dreary Fall/Winter weather I’ve been daydreaming on various gardening sites and perusing home design magazines (yes, Virginia, they still publish magazines) to find ways of bringing lively details to our

Simone France Skincare Review & Giveaway

I have found my new skin care regime!  After a fair 5 week trial of using this product line I don’t think I can say enough positive things about my experience with Simone France.  I’m giddy in fact!  You will want to use these glorious products. To begin I contacted a representative to clarify if

Finding Something Bright And Shiny At

With the arrival of the holidays I see all the bright and shiny lights twinkling on trees and houses and it makes me think, I want something shiny for myself!  I thought I would help my husband with my Christmas gift this year and peruse a website, filled with beautiful jewelry, and leave him some

When I Just Need A Laugh

There are times when you just need a good laugh.  The days can get serious, and/or stressful, and you just want something that will take your mind away from reality and help you relax with silliness. totally fits the bill for this need. It’s fun to check-in with Photoshop Fails.  I’m not into the

Trade Your Stuff At Tradze! is an online marketplace that allows its members the ability to buy and sell their used items in their marketplace without having to use real money or credit cards.  Talk about a great way to spread the love with your gently used items! Sell your used, unwanted items by bartering in Tradze’s unique online