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Here’s a site that I feel will prove beneficial to those looking to create, or improve, their on-line community.  Take advantage of this incredible offer, even if you don’t have a concrete plan in place. (, the social network for Communities, is having a giveaway of lifetime proportions. Anyone who creates a Private

Legal Assistance In Canada

For my friends in the lovely land of Canada I would like to share with you information on how to find lawyers in Barrie , Ontario. The law firm of Stewart Esten provides services in the areas of Family Law, Wills & Estates, Real Estate Law and other capacities of judicial guidance. Stewart, Esten has

Baking With Betty Crocker

I’m having fun in the kitchen today! I do enjoy baking but I don’t usually provide myself the time to start it all from scratch.  I begin with a packaged mix then add little bits of “this” and “that” to make it more my own.  Today I’ve tried two Betty Crocker mixes and they have

The best Easter gifts for small children

As soon as children are old enough, they begin to look forward with relish to many of the holidays that are on the calendar. One of the most anticipated days is of course, the Christmas season, and after that, birthdays are a lot of fun to look forward to also. Another holiday that has a

Newman's Own Organics – Newman O's

I got her! I put some Newman O’s in my 11 year old’s lunch box the other day and didn’t say anything about it.  She is incredibly picky with her food and I didn’t want to share with her that the treat in her lunch box wasn’t a super sticky sweet Oreo, even though that’s

General Mills & Atari Giveaway!

I’m wearing my hair to look like Molly Ringwald, Duran Duran is on my Walkman and after school my friends and I want to hang out at the arcade. Quick, what year is it? For me, it was 1984 and life was one big teen drama after the other. (Just the way I wanted it,

Looking Around

When you are ready for a move how do you choose where you’ll go?  Most often it’s not up to you, it could be a new job offer, or family members that draw you to your next location.  But for those times when you can throw your fate to the winds of change, and see

Nonni's Biscotti Review & Giveaway!

I enjoy a good Biscotti. A tasty, sweet, crunchy treat with my tea or coffee can be so delightful. However it can also be slightly painful when you find yourself with a biscotti cookie that is so hard it hurts your mouth. I was slightly trepidatious when given the opportunity to try this brand but

Happy Valentine's Day

Debussy “Arabesque, No. 1 Piano Solo” (animation version 2) I hope you shared big hugs and heard the words “I love you” today. Review

I am pretty much a t-shirt and jeans gal. Most days I feel a quality short-sleeve, or long-sleeved, white t-shirt is a good foundation and all you need after that is a great sweater or scarf and you’re good to go. I’m always on the look out for a t-shirt that isn’t too thin, has

Chuao Chocolatier – Win A Trip To San Diego!

Chocolate. Rich, smooth, delicious chocolate. Anyone interested? ;-> Award-winning Chuao Chocolatier is the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States. Master Chef Michael Antonorsi and his brother Richard Antonorsi are pioneering “fusion chocolate”, creating unusual and delicious flavors using their special blend of premium chocolate and fresh natural ingredients. I had my taste buds

Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks Prize Pack Giveaway!

  I’m so glad that I get to share a delicious treat with 4 lucky readers of Ann Again… and again Reviews, Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks. Not only did I think they’re tasty my girls, and their friends, liked them too.  Actually, I could safely say, they loved them. Ocean Spray Fruit Flavored Snacks