The Digest Diet – Week 2

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OK.  I’m in the groove now.  I can even make the the Fade Away Shake without looking at the ingredients and measurements!  (It’s the little things.)

I am at a consistent weight loss of 6 lbs. My stats:  Height – 5′ 10″  Weight – 174.  To be honest I’m not doing the exercises.  Which is so bizarre because I’m normally someone who gets in, at least, 25 minutes 4 to 5 days a week.  I just haven’t made the time.  I’m sure my weight loss would be more if I exercised.

My husband’s weight loss is kind of going up and down like a roller coaster and he doesn’t know what’s going on.  He’s been down 8 lbs. but the numbers have gone up, then down.  He is so good about following the plan, eating the snacks and using the correct portions/measurements so he’s frustrated, but he plugs along.

I’ve noticed that I’ve needed to add a fiber supplement powder to my smoothies.  Even though The Digest Diet calls for fruits, veggies and a lot of dairy, things weren’t, well, you get what I’m saying.  So I’ve been adding a fiber powder and I feel much better.

And with regards to feeling better here’s an interesting change, before I started this eating plan my heart would occasionally pound.  I mean, it would beat so hard, even while I was just sitting, that sometimes you could see my shirt move!  (At least I thought you could).  When this would occur I would take a few deep breaths then it would subside.  Since I’ve started The Digest Diet this hasn’t happened to me, not once.  Is it the increased dairy intake?  The herbs (a.k.a. Fat Releasers) marjoram, tarragon, ginger?  The spices of cayenne and cumin?  I don’t know but my body feels calmer.

I’m getting the information I wanted from this book, I’m learning light and lean recipes and using more tasty herbs and spices.  My hunger pangs finally drifted away on the 8th day – thank goodness.  And I’ve been sleeping more soundly.  That’s a huge benefit!

On we go.

The Digest Diet – Week 1

The Digest Diet – Week 3 

(*disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  This was my personal purchase and this is my truthful experience.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    week 3?

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a joke! Dont waste your money!!!

    • Oh, I disagree with that comment. Here I am, 2 months after beginning and my husband and I still refer to the recipes for dinner items. There are some delicious ideas.

      We have slowed down on the amount of food that we eat and that’s due to the pattern of The Digest Diet. I think this book has something to offer and I’m very happy that my husband and I started The Digest Diet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like this diet. I am just starting my second week and have already dropped 6 pounds. The only excercise I am getting is from all the extra shopping, cooking and cleaning I am now doing. I am not used to it since I never ate properly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well how much have you both lost?

    • I mention that I had lost 6 lbs. at this point. My husband has lost 10 lbs. (He’s also 5′ 10″ – I need to ask him if he wants me to list his weight ;-> )

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  6. Anonymous says:

    If you are 45 or older than you are probably going through peri-menapause and that is why you have rapid heart rate among other things like slow metabolism. As we age, our hormones go wacky and causes havoc. You also might want to get your thyroid checked as you might be hypothyroid and that could be the cause of your slow metabolism and weight gain. Also, eating processed foods will surely put the weight on.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m well aware of wacky hormones (I blame just about everything on hormones – no matter the age ;->). Thyroid’s been checked.

      Processed foods are never a good idea, I hope that message has gotten through to people by now. However, an occasional small bag of chips shouldn’t throw you for a loop.

      My body has been much calmer since I started using this eating plan.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am only on day 8, however, have lost 6 pounds, mostly attributed to, I am sure, retained fluid. I no longer use the smoothie recipe either and have a couple of favorites and am enjoying the new recipes in Phase 2 – real food. I haven’t gotten into the exercise because most of what draws me to negative activity is “habit”– Habit to stop here or there to grab a take out or habit to sit down with a book before realize I could have chosen and would actually enjoyed the choice of doing something like taking a walk or the circuit exercises. The plan is a surprise in that I am finding there really ARE recipes that I will continue to make because they really are flavorful as well as being healthy. I am 63 and have quite a ways to go but still have many goals in my life that only being in better physical condition will allow. This plan is gently teaching me to be happy with the new “habits.” Ann

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I agree, this plan gives you a smooth way to get into healthier eating.

      I’m with you on the “habit” aspect of poor eating choices. You can retrain your brain but it does take time so, if we remember to be kind to ourselves, positive results from better eating choices will show themselves.

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