The Digest Diet – Week 3

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There was a time, say about 5 days into The Digest Diet, that I was ready to cave.  I was done.  It seemed that I wasn’t organized enough with my grocery shopping and every recipe required 14 different ingredients, of which 3 I didn’t have. Back to the store I go. Then there was adjusting to the guidelines of actually being on a diet.  As I’ve said before, I wasn’t a horrible eater.  I love vegetables, fish, nuts, etc. It’s just that my portions had gotten out of control and grazing on my favorite Juanita’s chips (THE BEST) had put me at an uncomfortable level with the waist band of my jeans.  A change of eating was in order but on day 5 I was ready to say ‘Forget the pistachios and pass me the Juanita’s!’  I didn’t however and I’m glad.

I’ve made it past week 3 and can honestly say that the amount of food that it takes for me to eat and feel satisfied has lessened.  I am totally into the smoothies from The Digest Diet and have my favorites.  I like the orange smoothie and the strawberry one.  My husband’s favorite is banana with a tsp. of cocoa powder.  I’m hooked on the wrap for lunch and can’t believe how much I like Cumin in my scrambled eggs.

Every night for these past 3 weeks I’ve made something different from The Digest Diet for dinner and just about every recipe is a hit.  Could it be that we are incredibly hungry?  Oh, there was a time I would have laughed and said ‘yes!  But honestly, the recipes are full of such tantalizing herbs and spices that even if my husband and I weren’t on a “diet” these recipes would be wonderful.

And that’s the whole point of starting this eating plan.  I wanted to find delicious recipes that were low in calories that would help me on my way to lose weight.  I have incorporated more physical activity and have lost a total of 7 lbs. in 3 weeks. And that’s fine for me.  I’m 5’10 and weigh 174.  I do enjoy my wine so I know if I cut that out I would weigh less, but I’m not concerned about that.  I will start a more rigorous exercise regime here pretty soon and keep up with The Digest Diet recipes.  The food is delicious and I’m so glad I stuck with this eating plan.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go! I can’t wait to get my book and start – thanks for the motivation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great job! My husband and I are on day 14. He has lost 12 lbs. and I have lost 10 lbs. We love the shakes and never plan to give them up.

    • I agree! The shakes are wonderful! You’re getting all you need and they taste great.

      My husband has an audition tomorrow and it’s been such a busy weekend that he almost broke down and put huge steaks on the grill – instead we had the fish taco’s and they were exactly what we needed. (He’ll save the red meat when he doesn’t need to be on camera ;-> )

    • Did your husband eat a little more than you? Also, I will find it hard to give up my wine, but maybe some extra cardio and weights will help that?

  2. Thanks for the review, I am thinking about getting the book but don’t know if I want to shell out that much money for it. I had a baby recently and I need a good plan to lose my baby weight!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great honest review! Thanks, I have ordered the book and am really encouraged now! I am still quite young at 31, but 2 babies in 2 years has not done my waistline any favors and I know that I also overeat, I love my veggies too, but it’s the other unhealthy stuff on my plate!! I’m going to give this a go, thanks:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a vegetarian – would this book work for me?

    • Regarding the smoothies, (a.k.a. “slimming shakes”), not a problem. The breakfasts have 4 recipes that include oatmeal, quinoa, yogurt – your basic yummy breakfast food.

      There are 3 soup recipes that don’t include meat but when you get to the dinner recipes it gets limited. Out of 18 recipes only 3 have no meat of any kind. There are 3 meals that include seafood, the rest are mostly chicken with a few red meat and pork options.

      Side dishes you’re free and clear as well as in the Dessert area ;->

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am in Day 3 and down 5.5#. So far the shakes have actually filled me up. I, too, am not a fad diet person and eat relatively healthy foods, but at 52-I can’t seem to shake these 10#. I think this diet will give me the jumpstart I need to finally succeed.

  6. I just ran across your blog while looking for reviews on this diet. I ordered the book today, and I plan on blogging my own success/review over on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing your review of the diet. I’m hoping this is the answer for me.


  7. Read all 3 weeks. Thanks for the honesty!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for the review! I am on day 2 of the diet and got it to help jump start my weight loss again. I am 6 years post lapband surgery and lost 100 lbs and got stuck. The band definitely helps in the hunger department and portions. I love the variety of foods as I am not a picky eater. I absolutely love the shakes! My favs are banana with cocoa & mixed berries with cinnamon. Congrats on the changes and the weight loss! ~Donna~

    • My husbands favorite shake is the banana and cocoa too. I’m into the orange, makes me think of an Orange Julius.

      I hope this program works well for you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where can I purchase this book from? I’ve been looking into it however I cannot find it anywhere some places say its back ordered til October 2

  10. adina appel says:

    hi i saw your digest reports and it seems to be working for you. you keep talking about the shakes- what are they based on? i dont eat yogurt at all and if this is the key ingredient in the shakes which seem to be a big part of the diet, then its not worth my getting the book
    adina appel

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am on day 3 of the diet. I didn’t think it would be this hard, but I am very hungry. The shakes are great and I made the kale and chickpea soup, which is fabulous. I have learned that I eat more our of boredom than anything. And it is hard when you want something and you know that you can’t have it. But I will plug along and can’t wait to see what the scale says at day 21. Thanks for the honest review of the book and your experience.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the blog. I’m on day 6, for those struggling it starts getting easier day 5, at least it did for me. I’ve been very strict with the diet and no extras and I’ve lost 8.5 lbs so far. I walk for my exercise and follow the plan. It helps that my wife is into helping me so she has done the hard work of figuring out the meals, I’m grateful she likes to cook and is excited I want to eat healthier.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I wish the list of ingredients wasn’t full of stuff that’s hard to find or that I’ve never heard of. It’s good to get new food ideas and to help with portion sizes….but I find the grocery shopping more frustrating than the foods themselves

  14. Anonymous says:

    You can order the book on and if you have Amazon Prime, 2-day delivery is free.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am on day 5 – so I just started eating real food and to my surprise, I got an extra snack! I love the food, and the shakes are really filling. Evidently I’m getting what I need because I’ve lost 5.5 pounds, I’m already sleeping better and I’m not hungry. I might even get my husband to do this diet because you can have wine every night with dinner! I’m not an exerciser, so the 12 minute exercises have caused sore muscles, but I’m in for the long haul – I think its a good thing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is very interesting to read this commentary. I have been using this diet for 7 weeks (taking 2 weeks off for a vacation). I have lost 15 pounds! Yay! Some of the trials have been that I had gotten out of the whole cooking from scratch life, and found myself resenting it (and the dishes it creates), and my vacation was starting to be a downer until I gave myself permission to enjoy things not on the diet. So I gained 3 lbs, but then lost them in 3 days when I returned home and got back with the book. Good features are refreshing, filling smoothies, the HIIT 12-minute workout (in which the dips initially wore me out!), and some delicious veggie recipes. I have 45-50 more lbs to challenge me. Good luck everybody!

  17. Anonymous says:

    For those just starting out, the book I purchased directly from Reader’Digest doesn’t include the liquid ingredient in the Lemony Lentil Soup. They may have fixed it in later versions. I added about 5 cups of water to mine, but don’t think that was enough. So, if anyone has a book without water in the ingredients, you might want to try 7 cups (unless someone has an edition with the proper quantity).

    I like this blog!

  18. Hi all, my husband and I are also in the first stage of this diet. We often do yogurt smoothies for bfast, so that was a snap. But he’s a big guy and 1200 calories just isn’t giving him enough energy to do his job. So he’s adding more veggies and cheese sticks. It doesn’t seem feasible that there could be a “one size fits all” plan. On Weight watchers, the calories are taylored to the starting weight. Anyone else have hunger issues? Nana Clare from

  19. I did great followed the diet to a rea but after losing 10 pounds in the third stage I gained 5 pounds back a little each day but bowels not working finally before giving up entirely on day 21 I took one stool softner ( tried this 3 days but with no results) two exlax and another Finally the 22nd day lost four pounds and a hard tommy. Anyway to reduce this stress? What if I put a little less fiber in stage 3 meals? Or is it one item in stage three that is causing my problem? Too much cheese? Don’t use bananas in shake except 1/2 occassionally. Can you help me?

    • Oh my goodness. Well THAT doesn’t sound like a comfortable experience. I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist, so with that information I would advise you to contact a professional for accurate guidance.

      The only bits of info. I’ll share is to make sure you’re drinking water. There was a time there, maybe around week 2, that I needed to add Metamucil to my shakes. I like flax seed meal in my smoothies too.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the decrease in volume and fats caused by this diet makes an initial increase in fiber necessary. At least it did for me. This surprised me because of all the fruit and veggies. However, I had to increase metamucil intake for a few weeks until my body adjusted. This could be due to my taking meds that have a side effect of constipation. I hope it got better for you.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am on day 3. No pounds lost yet. The shakes and snacks are OK. I haven’t been hungry. But the soups are terrible. I can only force myself to eat 1 cup, not 2. The meals in the next stage also look terrible. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Yikes! The soups are “terrible”? And the next stage meals look “terrible”? May I ask what kinds of foods you normally eat?

    • Anonymous says:

      I allowed myself to buy organic lentil soup at the store because it was relatively low-sodium and I figured it would compare the closest to one of the book’s soups. I also vary the diet. After stage one, you don’t have to eat the soups if you don’t want to. You can swap out any stage 2 dinner for any other stage 2 dinner. I also make careful substitutions. Stick with lean meat or fish and veggies, lots of veggies. Give some of the meals a chance. I liked most of them. Sometimes I changed them a bit so that I liked them better. Just be careful to keep it light.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you tried the Hearty Mexican Chicken Soup?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi all, I’m so glad I found this! I’m starting in 2 days (a Monday). I usually fail miserably b/c I become obsessed with minutia and then drop off. I’m trying to be realistic…so grocery shopping tomorrow and making soup. Quick question….has anyone made two shakes at once and kept one for lunch? I’m trying to think ahead of how to do this for work…..

  22. Hi Ann, I was looking for this book when I came across your blog. Thank you for posting.

    Any updates? Are you still on the program? How much weight have you and your husband lost?

    Thank you!

    • My husband and I continue to use the recipes from this book often. We don’t follow the “diet” daily but the dishes are so delicious and have lightened up our meals.

      I’ve kept myself at a consistent 6 lbs loss. I recommend this book just for the recipes alone :->

  23. I am a type 2 diabetic and reallllly want to try this diet. Are there any diabetics out there that have tried this?

  24. one question – are soups an essential part of the diet? I hate soup of any kind so am wondering if this would be a problem

    • I have to laugh when I read that you “hate soups of any kind”. I’ve never heard of that one, must be a story behind that one ;->

      Now to answer your question, nope. Soups are not essential. There are a few soup recipes however there are other foods to create (white meats, red meats, veggies) so you should find something you like.

      Let me know if you give it a try.

  25. There is Ann! apparently when I was little my brother told me something about soup (and tomato ketchup) can’t remember what it was but I have never eaten either since!! makes me feel ill if I go near them!! goodness only know what he said to me!! will definitely give this a go – keep you posted!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    We have a child with severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. She’s also allergic to eggs. Would this book work for our family?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I also wanted to get this book, but we also have a child with severe nut allergies. Do a lot of the recipes call for nuts?

  28. Anonymous says:

    My sister is a Weight Watcher leader. She thinks that is the only way to go and I did too, before trying The Digest Diet. Much more selection and much tastier! My husband and I are on our 5th day! The omelet was great! We love the shakes and can’t wait to eat some of the dinner meals. I do feel like I could do this from now on because of the selection and how good the recipes have been so far! Haven’t quite figured out how to substitute yet but I’ll get it soon I’m sure!

    • Since I’ve discovered making scrambled eggs using olive oil, adding a dash of cumin and cayenne – oh boy! There’s no other way to have them! (Well, there is but this way is healthier and tastier ;-> )

  29. My hubby and I are both doing this plan and today is day 5 for us-we are both surprised at how good we feel! Though I have to admit I am most definitely looking forward to the Pork and Pepper plate for dinner tonight instead of a shake :)
    Also, in regards to the above comments about the allergies, I am allergic to nuts, eggs, and shellfish and I have been able to work around everything without any problems.

  30. Hi – I have always followed weight watchers but I am up about 8lbs and cannot seem to get it off. I am very, very active but also a healthy food over-eater. I started the DD yesterday and so far, so good. Anyone have to lose just a bit of weight? I’m 5’3: and 126. Like to be back around 118. Anyone out there with less then 10 to go?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, how’d it go for you??? I’m on Day 3 and am 5’2″ and hoping to shake off about 9 or 10 pounds. I LOVE the banana/peanut butter shake. Couldn’t stomach the thickness of any of the shakes when I used avocado. Any helpful hints? Did you stick with it?

  31. In a nutshell this cookbook is for everyone. I believe a large majority of people are mislead and misinformed when it comes to nutrition and eating habits. In North America we live in one of the most overweight places in the world. And I think a book like this goes a long way in helping solve that problem.i am benefited by purchasing this book so I suggest you that if you want to learn cooking please collect this book from hear

  32. Anonymous says:

    So, glad I found this, I’m on day 3 and so far so good. When you make the orange shake what do you use as your fat choice – avocado, peanut butter, almond butter, tahini or seseme seed butter? I have tried banana, apple and berries, so far I like the banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder mix best. Thanks!

  33. I just found your blog and enjoy reading the comments. I just started the diet, and think it might just be what I was looking for. I want to lose about 10-15 pounds, but mostly I want to eat healthier. I don’t enjoy cooking, so finding all those things at the commissary (I live overseas) to make the food was a real challenge. I was surprised that we had so much of what I needed. I had to substitute roasted peppers in a jar for the ancho chile, but, boy, did the Mexican Chicken Soup turn out well. Yum…from a person who doesn’t like to cook. I just ordered the new cookbook and am hoping I can keep cooking up tasty meals that are really good for me. I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s okay to substitute plain, brewed iced tea for much of the water? I love drinking hot tea, but I like it with honey and lots of milk…so I’m trying to satisfy my tea craving and make up for my hatred of drinking water. Plain iced tea doesn’t seem too bad, right? Thanks for any advice.

    • Honey is something included in The Digest Diet. I don’t think it would hurt anything to add it to your tea. (Remember though, I’m not the author ;-> )

      Oh boy, I bet the Mexican Chicken Soup was good with ancho chile! I needed to add a bit more spice to it for my taste buds. So good!

  34. A great website ! thank you for information !

  35. Anonymous says:

    I am on Day 3 of the diet and it’s been good so far. The only problem I’ve encountered has been a dull headache, but I think that’s because I cut out my daily Starbucks run. I am looking forward to weighing and measuring this weekend and see how the first 4 days have gone. A couple of good pounds would definitely be the motivation I need to keep me away from my beloved sweets. I’m trying to lose 10# so hoping this will be a good post-holiday kick start.

    • I agree that the dull headache is from the lack of Starbucks.

      Please come back and let us know how day 4 did for you!

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a Tazo Chai Tea with just 1/4 tsp honey and guess what… headache went away. Today is Day 4 and I feel absolutely amazing. I woke up this morning with incredible energy! I measured (but didn’t yet weigh myself) last night and I’ve already lost 3 inches (!!!!). I’m 5’2″ so the 10 pounds I’m hoping to lose makes a NOTICEABLE difference. Can’t wait to weigh tomorrow. Thanks Ann. :0) Dawn

  36. So happy to hear about the chai tea remedy to relieve your headache!

    And… congratulations on losing 3 inches!

  37. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I would like to order the book and possibly the cookbook. I am wondering if diet soda is an approved beverage with the plan. What about coffee? Thank you.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am on day 1 with the shake that is listed in the Reader’s Digest magazine – it’s tolerable at best and the soup is some weird burgandy color! I have not bought the book because I thought I would try these first 4 days and then decide. Don’t think I can stomach 3 more days of this shake and/or soup. Are there other options? I see mentions of banana and I think that could help with the nasty sour tasting shake.

  39. “Weird burgandy color” huh? Well, I happen to like the color burgandy ;-> I’m not sure what’s going on with the color of your soup but how do you like the taste of it? If your talking about the Hearty Mexican Chicken Soup I liked to add a LOT of fresh lime juice and extra pumpkin seeds.

    With regard to the shake, you should try the banana/cocoa powder combo, that is my husband’s favorite. You mention a nasty, sour taste. Do you normally enjoy plain yogurt? Or, is this a new taste venture for you? Add another squeeze of honey and see how that goes. Let me know!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Day 2, tired and sluggish. Is this part of the detoxing process? Also, shake has a slight sour aftertaste. Will a few drops of Stevia sabotage the outcome?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Agree on tired and sluggish in day two but would add headache as well. Shakes remind me of baby spit up. Not that I’ve tasted spit up but the shakes have a sour milk taste and a weird gelatinous consistency. If the other recipes are anything like the mexican soup or the shakes don’t think I can do this diet.

  42. Hello to all, I’m new to the site, name is BeBe. I have purchased the book and am reading each day. Heading out to do the shopping. I am hearty eater, love to cook and try new recies. What I am NOT is a shake person. So, I am starting the 4 day jump start on Friday. I will end up on Monday and have the weekend to prepare for days 5-14 over the weekend. Otherwise, I will fail. I’m 60 plus with a bad back and really need to drop a bunch. I’m worried about the exercises but I will give them my best shot as well. I live on the West coast so Trader Joe’s, Mother’s Market and Whole Foods are a reasonable distance so I will change my shopping to those locals for this trek. I wish all of you the best of luck, I will try to come back with my success story (being positive as don’t wish to fail)!

  43. Hi. On Day 10 of this diet and am loving the way it is “retraining” me to eat healthier foods. The main reason I decided to give it a try was to make inroads into breaking my sugar cravings and it is going well so far. I love the shakes, and most recipes have been quite good so far. My hubby is not on the diet but has shared the main dishes and he likes them a lot. Main issue- things not “moving” very well. I just saw the comment from last week where you mention adding fiber powder to the shakes. I thought the flaxseed meal was fiber, but I looked it up and it may be mostly soluble fiber, and we need insoluble fiber to aid with “movement.” Ann, what type of “fiber powder” did you use? I’m not sure what you mean- a metamucil type of thing?

  44. Anonymous says:

    The recipes are great…the loss? Not so much. Im 62 and struggle with a “new” figure postmenopause. The first 4 days: 1lb! Holding firm for another 7 days…no loss. Tried going to the gym (i used to go 4 to 6 days/week) and just ended up hungry. I plan to see it through to mid May when I have 2 galas to attend but point is, given the deep reduction of calories i was hoping for better results.

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