Month: May 2012

Finding Our Way To A Healthier Life

It all began when I had our first child.  I became hyper aware of everything that was in our house and whether it was safe, or best, for our health.  Was the detergent I use safe for my child’s skin?  Did I provide enough healthy foods to help with brain development?  (Hers and ours ;->

Bloggers Sign Up For Free Event – New iPad Giveaway

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Carapelli Olive Oil – Review and Special Offer

With my healthier eating plan I’ve reduced some food items from my cooking arsenal. Butter is an item that I’ve cut down on big time and in it’s place I’ve found it very easy to use olive oil. Carapelli Olive Oil has many offerings in its product line. I’ve found Carapelli to be light, with

Sprucing Up In Spring

You can tell when my neighbors in the Pacific Northwest are happy that Spring is finally here.  We seem to come out of our rainy, grey cocoon and wave to each other from the front lawn again.  Every 5thof May we have a party and laugh about how long it’s been since we’ve “seen” each

Fill The Man Cave! – $600 Cash Giveaway!

  OK now,  talk about an amazing giveaway!  You have the chance to win $600 that could help you create an amazing Man Cave for Father’s Day.  There’s also a $100 Gift Card to use at the restaurant of your choice.  WOW! This year, voiceBoks, Good Steward Savers, Terri’s Little Haven, Cute-Ecakes, Giveaway Promote, and

Real Simple Pet Products – Now at Target

It comes as no surprise that your lovely children will leave their lovely toys around your lovely home.  It’s helped a bit to have fun containers to put the toys in, but somethings still get missed.  But the container is a step in the right direction to organization.  And for me it isn’t just my

$50 Gift Card

Who would like to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card?  Well YOU, of course!  You can find great gifts for Dad’s and Grad’s.  Summer is on it’s way, maybe you would like to peruse the many cool summertime toys available at   Let’s see, there’s also garden supplies, patio accessories, clothing.  Oh boy.  Enter

Skincare by Likewise – Mother’s Day Giveaways!

Since I entered my 40’s I have been searching for anti-aging products with a fervor.  I’m very lucky to have wonderful genes on my side – my mother’s skin is absolutely incredible as well as her energy level.  (I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to catch up with her in that area ;->