Brazil Butt Lift Review – Let’s Try This Again

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(*I bought this months ago but didn’t keep up.  I’m back at it and here’s my progress.)

I’ve tried various exercises for the ol’ gluteus maximus over the years and nothing has given the results that I feel should be there after the time and effort I’ve put into them.  I’m lifting, I’m lunging, I’m squatting.  I’m frustrated! I’m in my mid-forties and I know that my cellulite tush isn’t going to get smaller on its own.  I’m willing to put in the work but I’m tired of no real results.  So, on I go to try Leandro Carvahalo’s “Brazil Butt Lift”.  

With this program you receive 3 DVDs that include 6 exercise routines and a booklet to help guide you toward which routines will work best for your body type and your desired results.  In the beginning I was diligent in sticking with the routines but honestly, it was too long.  My program would last almost an hour and a half and that’s just too long most days.  (My plan begins with dancing/cardio then targeted exercises.) 

I’m not much of a dancy-aerobic gal.  I mean, I don’t mind moving around, waving my arms and strutting from here to there but honestly, I just want standing, or floor, exercises that will tone my body.  Brazil Butt Lift has plenty of dancing/cardio options – “Bum Bum” and “Cardio Axe” -  if you are in the mood to burn some calories that way.  However, where his exercises truly work are with the targeted moves on “High & Tight” and “Sculpt”.

I’m 2 weeks into actually sticking to the sculpting exercises and I’m am incredibly surprised at the results!  The upper body workouts are amazing and, the whole reason I’m here, the derriere moves are great!  I mean, there are more muscles in this rather large area of my body than I realized.  And Leandro’s exercises are helping me get results.

I’ll keep you posted.

*Next Post:  Brazil Butt Lift – 9 Week Update


  1. you go girl!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Brazil Butt Lift! My legs and butt have changed so much, but after almost 3 mos I was getting board with same routine and didn’t see much change in weight. So I added Tubbo Jam in the mix and lost 10 lbs in the first 2 wks. The two together is a great full body workout. I’ve even got my husband to join in and our oldest son uses it to keep in shape for baseball.

    • Ooooh, Turbo Jam sounds good! (I know that you meant ‘Turbo Jam’ even though you typed “Tubbo Jam” – that is a hysterical Freudian typo!)

      I need to check out Turbo Jam. Thanks :->

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