Pure Matters Vitamin Supplements

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I’m pretty good at eating a balanced meal.  I love vegetables, have a bit of meat with some of my meals and generally make healthy choices.  But I know that getting older means I need more calcium and iron.  I’ve had the opportunity to try Pure Matters vitamins and they are helping me round out a healthier lifestyle.

Pure Matters Complete Biotic helps keep my digestive system right on track. Sometimes my system is more sentive to certain foods and I haven’t had to be as concerned since I started taking this supplement.  This is a perfect vitamin to take if you are recovering from being on antibiotics for it supports healthy bacteria.  Pure Matters® Complete Biotic is shelf-stable at room temperature and no refrigeration is required.

I’m surprised by this but I’m still having difficulty getting my girls to eat their vegetables.  Not all the time, but more often than not I’m saying ‘Eat you zucchini’ or ‘Sure you can have something sweet AFTER you finish your carrots.’

I do what I can to have them eat the right things but when that doesn’t happen I am so glad they don’t have any problem taking Pure Matters Multi-Vitamin Gummies.  These supplements are Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Vegan and my girls thought they tasted great.

Now, my girls could swallow a pill if they had to, but we all know that gummies give the impression of candy and that makes everything easier.

You can find these supplements, and more, when you visit www.purematters.com.  They also offer free shipping – every day- on all orders.

(*disclosure:  I was offered samples of Pure Matters for my review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

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