Month: July 2012

Alli Worthington – iPhone Photography: A Visual Guide

I’ve ordered mine! When I first received my iPhone my sister said, “Don’t you just love it!”  Um.  Well, I’m slow to catch on to electronic things so I kindly said, ‘Nope’.  She said “You will” and she’s right.  After having this phone for 3 months I’m finally catching on to the fun of having

Nature's Sleep Slipper Review and Giveaway!

Nature’s Sleep, the maker of memory foam mattresses and pillows, has included another form of luxury to their line, memory foam slippers. If I’m given the option of walking in slippers with cushy foam that will make each step feel like I’m walking on clouds, or bare feet that touch a cold floor, I choose

Party Planning Quick and Easy

When I get ready for a large party I do the obligatory making of  “The List” and reorganizing of furniture to fit a big group.  I see a design plan in my mind and feel I can transform my little house into cozy spaces and lounge areas like those in a Hotel lobby.  (I have

Shopping For Shape Wear

Time to talk about Girl Stuff.   You know those items of clothing that you don’t actually enjoy shopping for, but these items are an absolute must so you gather your strength and hit the mall.  I don’t know about you but shopping for bras really isn’t a highlight in my day however, it is something

Affiliate Advertising Through Blue Global Media

If you are a blogger perhaps you are interested in finding ways to earn money from your site. There are various sites that guide you toward ways to earn an income using your writing skills, and there are also ways to collect funds by providing affiliate advertising, either on the side bar of your blog

I’m not exactly sure what is going on with the increasing popularity of Self-Checkout stations at the large grocery stores in my area.  I’m not a fan, that part I’m sure of. In the first place, I feel like I’m taking a job away from someone. 

Keep The Party Going

When you live in the Pacific Northwest you quickly learn that the weather is not something you can count on – other than the fact that it can sprinkle on you at any moment.  Our outdoors are breathtakingly beautiful which lends our green surroundings as natural backdrops for events like Weddings, Birthday celebrations, and elegant

Tummy Tuck Belt Review

Honesty is the best policy, right? I was given the opportunity to try the Tummy Tuck Belt as a review and I’ve given it my best shot, I really have, but this just isn’t a good product for me.  (Check out the comments below for community questions and answers) This “miracle slimming system” takes 10

Name It and Win Cottonelle!

My husband has a knack for quick thinking and silly sayings. I think I can keep up with his humor but more often than not I’m left with a blank expression trying viciously to figure out his joke. (I get it eventually, with his help ;-> ). Are you talented and gifted in this way

Protect Your Computer From "Malware Monday"

Have you heard about the computer virus threat “Malware Monday”?   You can view a quick report on this subject by clicking this link.  You can protect your computer from this virus by visiting this site:  http://DNS-OK.US. Also, if you are conducting on-line business tomorrow be ready for some slower service.  And a good rule is…

Mrs. Meyers Laundry Soap Review & Giveaway!

Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent has the distinction of being the soap my daughter’s learned how to do laundry with.  This is due to two things:  1) I have recently discovered how wonderful this laundry soap is.  And 2.) I declared this season ‘The Summer of Learning How To Do Laundry’ when my 14 year old

Win an Eddie Bauer Fairview Baby Collection!

We proudly welcome you to the Eddie Bauer Baby Collection Giveaway Event hosted by the Iowa-Mom and Bay Area Mommy! Thank you to our lovely co-hosts Simply Frugal Living and Learning to Limit.   This collection from Eddie Bauer is so classically designed you will make your design mark while strolling down the street and/or fitting

iPad3 Giveaway! Open Worldwide

Mom to Bed by 8, the Iowa-Mom is proud to present the The New iPad Giveaway Event, sponsored by BeeSavy. Special thank you to our co-hosts VoiceBoks, Pardon My Poppet, What’s Up? – Contests, Freebies and Everything Nice and To Sew With Love. BeeSavy is the first website to combine comparison shopping with coupons, cash