Brazil Butt Lift Review – 9 Week Update

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OK.  How have I done since my post “Brazil Butt Lift Review – Let’s Try This Again“?   I’m into the 9th week of the Brazil Butt Lift program and it’s working!  After years, and years, oh let me be honest and say decades of trying exercise programs for my back half without seeing any true results I am thrilled that Leandro Carvahalo and his cute little accent are working for me!

I’ve tightened up my thighs by 3″ and my “bum bum” (what Brazilian’s call the butt) is losing some cellulite and lifting up to where it hasn’t been since I was 16 (probably).  I can feel strength in my thighs when I climb the stairs and I feel much stronger just walking.

The programs I stick with are “High & Tight” and “Sculpt”.  I don’t tolerate cardio very well, I’m ready to lose my breakfast at any moment, but I push through the “Bum Bum Rapido” and a bonus track on my dvd “Bum Bum Live”.  The live program is really good. At the 8 week mark I wore out the exercise band that came with the pack and had to go by a replacement.  (I like to think of it as my thighs were so strong I pulled a “Hulk” and just ripped it apart! ;-> )

If you are looking for an exercise program that will get your butt in shape, Brazil Butt Lift will work.  I’m in my mid-forties and I can’t believe it’s taken this many years for me to find a program that works, but I finally have.  Yeah!!!

(*Disclosure:  I have purchase this program.  My experiences and thoughts are truthfully my own.*)


  1. Thanks so much for writing your experience with the Brazil Butt Lift. I have been TRYING to do the workouts for the past four days. My legs are so sore that it is seems impossible to continue exercising through the pain. Sometimes when I lunge I can’t get back up. I have not yet been able to do the entire basic workout–just up to 15 minutes. Please tell me what happened in the first week or so of your journey. I almost feel like returning the dvds because I can’t keep up.

    • No, no, no! Don’t return the dvds. Here’s what I had to do to continue, and enjoy, my Brazil Butt Lift exercises:

      I do the High & Tight, Sculpt, Bum Bum Rapido and the bonus session that doesn’t show up on the dvd label itself but, it shows on the menu screen of the “Basics, Bum Bum, Bum Bum Rapido” dvd — Bum Bum Live.

      The first couple of weeks I was frustrated because the dancing just wasn’t my thing and I don’t have an hour to an hour + to exercise 6 days a week. (Include shower time and “make-uping” it could be 2 hours). It DID hurt because, even though I have been exercising consistently, these exercises are hitting spots that haven’t been worked on my body before. So, the good thing is, they were working. The bad part was the entire program was too long and it was hard to walk and sit down for a couple of weeks. Ibuprofen was a part of my daily diet ;-> .

      My advice is to keep the dvds. I’m in my mid-40′s and had been trying for YEARS and YEARS to find a program that would help this big, cellulite “before picture” butt of mine and this program works!!! Do the programs that I mentioned above and see how you feel. Do them every other day until you feel stronger, or just keep it every other day. The strength that you feel walking up stairs due to the stronger muscles in your hamstrings is an amazing feeling. And, the fact that I can sit cross-legged and have NO CELLULITE show on the sides of my legs?!? Amazing!

      E-mail me at: and let me know how you’re doing, ok? :->

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that I found your website, I am in my early fifties, and I was always a size 4 until I turned 46 and now I am up to a size 8 (rapidly moving into a 10 — UGH) with a very large butt and stomach that I dislike everyday, I am going to try the Brazilian Butt workout and let you know.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Very happy to hear your good experience, thank you for that! Due to all good reviews like yours, I have purchased BBL today. I will receive it somewhere next week, so I am looking forward to it. You tips above will certainly help in getting started!

    I am 41 (and still getting used to it :)) and because I have an extremely busy job, I don’t manage to go to the gym regularly. So I am a bit concerned for this program… How did you mentally get yourself to stick to the program? It sounds like you don’t have much time either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just came across you post about BBL, mine has been sitting in the box for a year now, I used it a few time and found it so hard to do…(I am being very lazy lately) You have encouraged me to dust it off and start dancing off some unwanted winter pounds, Thank you!!

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