Skincare by Simone France Review and Giveaway!

I have found my favorite skin care.

After years (and years ;-> ) of looking for products that give my skin just what it needs, I have found it. Simone France Skincare. With over 50 years of classic French skin care research, you receive pure cleansers and moisturizers from this company. Simone France uses the fewest possible ingredients to provide you with the most thorough skin care regime, at a cost that is half the price of other luxury brands. And, first time customers receive 20% off their order! (Use code: FIRST at checkout).

Over the years my skin was becoming on the red side. I was concerned that it was rosacea, and thought my only remedy was something along the medicinal lines from a Dermatologist. However, after I was given the opportunity to try the Simone France skincare line, I discovered it wasn’t a medical condition that was happening, it was my ever changing skin (due to age, of course) that was becoming hyper-sensitive to skin care ingredients and I was doing more damage with the “sensitive skin” cleansers that I had been using. I was completely shocked at the change in my skin’s condition after the first full days use of Simone France skin care.

Ann Again... and again Reviews Simone France Skincare

When you visit the site you are guided toward choosing the line that is correct for your skin type. If you are unsure they provide a “Skin Diagnosis” that is incredibly helpful. (I highly recommend using this service.) I use a Clarisonic brush to help cleanse my face and the Simone France regime works perfectly with it. I give this product line the highest praise and am thankful for the review opportunity. AND… not only am I happy that I was able to try and review these products for you, I am absolutely thrilled that the lovely people at Simone France are sharing these fantastic products with one lucky reader from Ann Again… and again Reviews! Enter for your chance to win a skin care kit like the one pictured above. ($250.00 Value)


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