Time To Plan For Summer Camp

Summer is coming.  Even though there’s snow on the ground in places and cold rain and wind in others, we need to remind ourselves that summer is coming, we just need to hang in there!  Summer means different things to people, for me it means not having to get up early to prepare my children for school days.  For my girls, it signifies the time to start packing for another chance to meet up with their friends at camp!  It’s never too early to book your summer session and we’ve found a wonderful connection with http://www.chateaugay.com

Our oldest daughter started her summer camp experience 3 years ago and it is the highlight of her year.  She loves being in the outdoors, making new friends and reconnecting with those from summers past.  The joy on her face is incomparable to any other experience she deems “fun”.  Summer camp is the best thing for her and she has plans to be a camp counselor when she grows up.

When she’s home it’s difficult to get her to walk the dog but, when she’s at camp, she can’t wait to participate in the activities; horseback riding, canoeing, archery, lacrosse.  Those are just a few of the dozens of activities that are ready for her and her friends on a daily basis.  I can understand why she loves it so much!  Summer is coming.  It’s time to start planning.

Freshen The Fragrance of Your Home With Glade Expressions

I have been notified that there is a glitch in my system.  If you were directed here to find a post regarding asbestos please click:     Asbestos In The Home: Protect Your Family“.  I apologize for this confusion.

I love a scented home and I’m always looking for just the right scent of the day.  It does have something to do with the fact that our little house contains two teenagers (well, one is al-l-lmost there) however, we also have a cat, a parakeet and one huge chocolate lab whose fragrance I would like to mask.  Some days I wish to believe I’m in a field of lavender  some days I want to have the house smell as clean and fresh as possible, and then there are days when I think that the scent of sugar cookies will be enough so I don’t actually bake some and eat the whole batch!
I’ve found a product that is now included in my arsenal of scented wax and candles, Glade Expressions.  The   modern design of leaves on the oil diffuser incorporates into just about any room. I’ve tried the Lavender and Juniper Berry scent and found it to be a nice scent of lavender with a little surprise accent.  My husband said, “Is that lavender?  No, wait.  What is this scent?”  The fact that he noticed is a big deal and he even enjoys it.  I really like the fact that this product requires no plug-in or batteries.  I have the diffuser on a small shelf right by the front door so we can enjoy the fragrance coming and going.
Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist is in a sleekly designed container that wouldn’t be alarming to find tucked behind a couch or bookcase.  Keep it right where you want to add a nice burst of fresh fragrance that will last, from my experience, for about 30 minutes.  I’ve enjoyed Cotton and Italian Mandarin for a surprising mix of fresh and warm scents in my Family Room.
I can handle just about any fragrance, my family is the judge if the scents are tolerable, and they have given a thumbs up to the Glade Expressions Collection.  You can find Glade Expressions at Kroger stores and WalMart.  You can also order conveniently on-line at www.glade.com.
(*Disclosure:  I am a BzzAgent and have received product for review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

Record Store At My Finger Tips!

Since our girls have been young music has played a big part in our household. My husband Rob is a very talented guitar player (I am biased) and music of various styles is heard in our home, and car, on a daily basis. As our girls get older their personal music tastes are starting to form and it’s a bit surprising the different paths they’re taking. Our oldest is into the Linkin Park, Paramore style while our youngest just wants to hear dance music. Me? I could listen to both of those music styles.

I like just about every type of music (just about ;->). It depends on my mood what will come from my speakers. It also depends on my music library, which I’ve found is missing some requests, so luckily I’ve found the site iOldies.com.

This site offers either single or album downloads, CDs, ringtones, even original vinyl albums – if available. While at their site you choose music by era, music category, or artist. You click on what you’re interested in, and it gets added to your cart. You have your own record store right at your finger tips! A feature that I enjoy is that this is also a community of music lovers who want to talk about music, perhaps recommend other artists that you might like as well. So fun!

So glad I found it.

Last Freebie Of The Week – Shutterfly Mousepad!

End the week with one last freebie from Shutterfly!  Free photo mousepad with promo code FREEPAD.  Today Only! 

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Shutterfly's Great Deal – 5 Free Cards – Today Only!

What a great deal Shutterfly is offering today – and today only!  Five free 5×7 flat or folded stationery cards with promo code 5FREECARDS .  Easter’s coming. So is Mother’s Day. And Grads and Dads.  These cards would be wonderful to receive!

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Shutterfly Photo Mug Deal Of The Day – Over 60% Off!

Ann Again... and again

Wednesday 2/20:  $4.99 for a white, 11oz ceramic mug with promo code MUGSALE from Shutterfly.com Offer valid 2/20 ONLY.   That’s almost 65% off normal prices!

Years ago I made a photo mug of a summer trip to Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.  It’s one of our favorite places to go and every time I see, or use, that mug I’m reminded of great times with my family.  More great memories have been made and I can’t wait to create a few other photo mugs to cheer up my mornings cup of coffee.  What mug theme will you create?

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Shutterfly Deal of the Day – Special Savings

Shutterfly is providing special deals for us all week long to celebrate President’s Day. If you enjoy taking pictures why not show them off with an item from Shutterfly? Today’s Deal: 25% Off Your Entire Order. (While everybody else is saving 20%, you get to save 25% with the special code: 25OFF)

25% off your entire order with promo code 25OFF from Shutterfly.com Offer valid 2/19 ONLY

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Deal Of The Day – Free Address Labels From Shutterfly

In honor of President’s Day Shutterfly is going beyond a sale for just one day and offering great deals all week long!  Today’s Deal Of The Week – free Address Labels when you use the promo code: FREELABELS .

Address labels are a wonderful customer service tool if you have a direct sales business (Ex:  I’m a Scentsy Consultant :->).  While you’re preparing an order for delivery attach your address label to each product and that will make it easier for your customer when it comes time to re-order.  With your address labels you can place them inside books that you generously loan and containers that are full of your delicious contribution to a potluck.  There are so many uses.  Where are you going to use your Free Address Labels?

Free address labels with promo code FREELABELS   from Shutterfly.com Offer valid 2/18

(*Disclaimer:  Free Address Labels – Offer expires 02/18/2013 (11:59 P.M. PST). Offer is good for one free order of address labels at shutterfly.com. Offer valid for one-time redemption per billing address. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. For more details, please click here. )

IHOP Brings Back The Red Velvet Pancake

IHop listened to their customers craving and brought back the Red Velvet Pancake!
Ann Again... and again Reviews
Red Velvet Pancakes were introduced as one of IHop’s signature pancakes featured for a limited time during the summer of 2012, and they quickly created a legion of passionate fans.  When these special pancakes left the menu in September to make room for other signature pancake offerings, guests still craving the delicious combination of rich chocolate and savory cream cheese icing made their feelings known through postings on Facebook® and other social media sites.  

Make this Valentine’s Day a little more fun and visit IHop to enjoy their Red Velvet Pancakes this Thursday.  Along with Red Velvet IHop has added Banana Caramel Pancakes once again,  available for a limited time, now through April 14, 2013 at participating restaurants.

For more information, or to find an IHOP restaurant near you, please visit www.ihop.com.  Follow IHOP on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ihop.

(*Information shared by permission)

Carbs Why Do You Tempt Me So?

I am so much more disciplined with my eating habits when the warm weather is upon us. But, once the air turns a bit chilly, and in my case wet from Pacific Northwest “liquid sunshine”, my cravings for salads seem to subside and all I want is pasta and bread.

Oh, and cookies. Oh, and chips and dip. Oh, well, you know. These foods don’t do well for your body, if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, so I’m looking for alternatives.

I make a lot of sandwiches in the week for my girl’s school lunches so I’m going in a different direction from the typical sandwich and giving wraps a try. I’ve found a great resource for low carb foods online at The Low Carb Grocery. It offers a full selection of foods low in carb count, which would otherwise be on the heavy side. So far the wraps are a hit with my girl’s, and that makes my shopping that much easier.

I can not believe the difference in my body shape when I cut out high carb foods. And my energy level is higher as well. Now, I won’t be one to pass up fresh baked bread, but I am getting myself back on track and keeping my carb intake low.

How about you? Do you have a love-and-pass-me-the-butter fondness? Or, do you try to avoid carbohydrates?

5 Valentine's Ideas – Full Of Heart Light In Cost

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, trying to decide on the perfect gift may be a daunting task. If you’re tired of giving the same flowers and candy every year, consider these refreshingly simple ideas that put the heart back into Valentine’s Day. And if you really want to impress your Valentine, combine all of these ideas into a day full of sentimental bliss. It’s sure to be a Valentine’s Day your loved one will never forget.
1. Rekindle the flame: There’s nothing that puts a spark back in your relationship like an old fashion candlelit dinner. You may think this is too cliche, but try adding a creative twist like arranging it in a room you don’t usually eat in or outside on a patio or porch. Floating candles is another way to update this age-old tradition. Can’t cook? Order your Valentine’s favorite take out and arrange it nicely on plates to give it that special touch :->

2. Write a letter to your Valentine. There’s nothing like a heartfelt letter or poem that expresses your appreciation to another person. Reminiscence about the day you met or make a list and label it “all the things I love about you.” Pick some flower petals and sprinkle them into the letter and seal it with a kiss. Tape it on the bathroom mirror, the car steering wheel or anywhere else your Valentine is sure to see it.

3. Create a digital photo album. If you have an iPad apps like Whip (www.whiptheapp.com), by ArcSoft, can help you create a photo album in minutes with up to 24 photos complete with a customized background, captions and music. Afterwards you can share via Whipstream, Facebook or email it to your Valentine. This is a great way to preserve the memories for years to come. Here’s some inspiration to create your Valentine’s day Whip: http://share.whiptheapp.com/s-6AMkMX0u.

4. Take a walk on the beach. Even in cooler weather a relaxing walk on the beach, hand-in-hand, can be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pack a blanket, and a picnic basket with some treats from home. If you have some wine laying around the house, bring that as well with some of your best wine glasses. Find a good spot and the rest is as easy as opening the picnic basket.
5. Make your bathroom into a spa. There’s nothing more relaxing then a trip to the spa. How about recreating the spa experience at home? Draw a warm bubble bath, turn the lights off and light some candles. If you don’t have bubble bath, try some rosemary or lavender essential oil for a delightful scent. Add a classic touch, by using flowers petals either in the water and leading up to the bath. This is a perfect way to start or end your Valentine’s Day.

Hilton Garden Inns Has Natural Form Beds For You!

Hilton Garden Inns across the United States are featuring the Natural Form® Sleep System with Self-Adjusting Technology® . I was given the opportunity to try this bed and have discovered how wonderful and cozy bed this is!

I always get anxious when staying in a hotel. ‘What if the mattress feels like a hide-away bed?’ It is so difficult to have a productive, pleasant day after sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Just think of everything you’ve done to prepare yourself to look fabulous for that family event, or friends wedding, only to look exhausted and have no energy from a horrible nights sleep. It feels like the punched was spiked and you just want to take a nap… at home! When traveling you have your choice of hotels to stay in, why not choose the one that will help you get the best night’s sleep?

The Natural Form Sleep System at Hilton Garden Inns has comfort control dial’s on either side of the bed that let you adjust the firmness or softness automatically to eliminate pressure points and properly support the spine. My husband and I prefer different levels of comfort with our mattress and the Natural Form Sleep System worked really well for both of us. If you change sleeping positions during the night, the bed automatically senses the new position and silently readjusts the sleeping surface to ensure the back is properly supported and pressure points are again eliminated—a first in the mattress industry. There is no noisy pump, motor, or remote control.

Natural Form mattresses are covered with 100% all natural virgin Australian and New Zealand Wool. Natural Form’s wool is 100% hygienic and 100% hypoallergenic. The natural wicking properties of the wool pull moisture away from your skin so you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Selected by Hilton Garden Inns as their beds of choice. You can learn more at NaturalForm.com.

(**Disclaimer: I was offered a one-night stay at Hilton Garden Inn in exchange for this review. The opinions are truthfully my own**)

YumEarth Candy Valentine Giveaway! One Year Supply!

Welcome to the YumEarth Candy Valentine’s Event


Have your candy and it eat it too with Yum Earth Organic Candy!

Yummy earth MPM button

Sponsored by YumEarth the #1 organic candy company in the United States!

Hosted by: Mom Powered Media

A big thank you to Mom Powered Media partners for organizing this event: Mom to Bed by 8, Powered by Mom, Real Mom Reviews and Baby Costcutters

Special thanks to our co-host: The Biz Mommy

About YumEarth CandyNo more artificial colors or flavors, no major allergens (ie: gluten, nuts and dairy) AND NO high-fructose corn syrup! You won’t find any of these in YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears and Lollipops as they are made with real fruit juice and other planet-friendly and natural ingredients. Better yet each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C and has less than 70 calories! YumEarth has 22 flavors along with other yummy candies such as Sour Worms, Candy Drops & Sour Beans. Now you can definitely have your candy and eat it too without the guilt and worry about what’s going into your, and your kids, bodies!


YumEarth Candy is also very reasonably priced with shipping for only $2.99 or FREE shipping when your order is over $39! A great way to combine orders with friends and when you or the kids have a sweet craving you can enjoy some with YumEarth good for us, good for Mother Earth.

My girls have a sweet tooth that I struggle to curb, so this product sounds like the perfect way to soothe that sugar monster and have them stay healthy. No mom guilt!

The Prize! One lucky winner will receive a ONE YEAR supply of organic and all-natural candy. They will receive 12 bags (one for each month) of family packs of YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears and Lollipops! What a treat! Giveaway ends Feb 14th at 11:59pm EST, open to US residents ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.
(*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. Ann Again… and again Reviews is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact Powered by Mom with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!)

$200 Visa Card Giveaway!



One lucky winner will win a:
$200 Gift Card Visa.

The winner will have the option to get the $200 via Paypal (Worldwide) or to receive a $200 Visa Gift card (US Only) by mail

Feb. 7 to Feb. 19

18 years or older to participate

All entries are optional. The more tasks you do, the more opportunities you will have to be the winner.
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Disclosure: Ann Again… and again Reviews is not responsible for prize. If you have any questions, or difficulties, regarding this giveaway please send an email to nysavingspecials@gmail.com