Month: March 2013

Get Ready To Enter For Too Hot Bags!

A great giveaway is happening soon right here on Ann Again… and again Reviews so mark these dates on your calendar to enter to win!  During this event, Too Hot Bags will be giving away 3 handbags of the winner’s choice or $300 PayPal Cash (winner’s choice) to one reader from participating giveaway hosts! Too Hot Bags has been

Hershey's Sweetens Our Easter Celebration

Easter is in the top two of my favorite holidays.  It represents a new beginning, freshness, hope.  And, if you are in a lucky climate, sunshine and warmth.  (In the Pacific Northwest we never know if the weather will bring the Easter Egg Hunt indoors, or if the sprinkles will hold off and we get

Needing Help With A Move?

When a big move was needed for friends of the family they had the daunting task of deciding what items to take and which items were just too much for such a move. With this decision making process my husband and I became the proud owners of an upright piano. We had always wanted one

Vitamins By Pure Matters

I’ve never had a problem eating a balanced meal.  When I pack my children’s lunches I make sure there are colorful veggies and/or fruits in their packs. (It comes home empty, so I’m assuming their eating it ;-> ) I love vegetables, have a bit of meat with some of my meals and generally make

Chat Light – Webcam Lighting

If you are a blogger who does video posts, otherwise known as a Vlogger, I’m sure you’ve had your frustrations with trying to get your lighting just right for your viewers.  Some rooms are naturally bright which makes your image washed out or, you are recording in a darker room which requires the use of

Planning For Summer Camp Fun

Summer will be here faster than you know it and, if you have a teenager like mine, you’ll be packing plenty of shorts and sunscreen for a much anticipated week at camp.  My daughter went away to her first camp when she was 11 and she was hooked.  When Spring rolls around I hear, “Have

You Could Win $150 From Country Outfitter!

Welcome to the Country Outfitter Giveaway Every summer my sister and I head to Central Oregon with our mom to visit friends and revisit the land where most of my family grew up.  (By the time I came along we were in the “big city” of Portland, OR :-> )  The recommended attire for Central

Lego Sets: Favorites This Year

Lego is a fun, creative game for all ages. Perhaps even more than on younger kids, it has a unique appeal on adults who grew up playing with these magic little bricks. Because of this, the enduring magic of Lego has to be associated with its history and the way it shaped the childhood of

Giveaway – Sterling Silver Earrings $100 Value!

Hosted By: Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys I’m happy that I get to participate in this charming giveaway that supports a very creative jewelry designer, Michelle Chang.  And you get the chance to win a pair of sterling silver earrings!  Read on, and enter below. Good luck! A Little About Michelle Chang and her Jewelry!  Michelle

$100 Cash Giveaway!

Welcome to the $100 Cash Giveaway! Hosted by Giveaway Promote. Enter to win $100 Cash! I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. It’s always a good time to win some cash. What would you do with your winnings? One lucky winner will receive $100 Cash via PayPal.

Stay Safe!

When we found our little bungalow we were so happy with the neighbors, the back yard and its quick access to stores. One thing that was a big drawback however, was that it’s on a slightly busy street, and even though there is a speed limit, not every driver obeys the limit. Within a two

Olay Total Effects CC Cream Review

When it comes to reviews for make-up I have prefaced in past posts that I like to use as few products as possible to get the most results.  Yes, I think make-up can be fun, but on a daily basis I don’t want to spend a lot of time “creating the canvas” when I could

The Search For Retirement Communities Has Begun

When I was much, much younger I thought that by a “certain age” your zest for life was over and all that was needed in your day was a t.v. playing loudly and a rousing game of Pinochle for excitement.   As I’ve grown I am reminded daily that age is truly just a number.  And, even

Ready For The Meatless Monday Challenge?

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with my exercising (3 weeks in now – yay me!) I’m looking for other ways to be inspired in the health area.  My family’s diet is pretty good, but I would like to veer away from meat and get more veggies involved.  Morning Star Farms has

Diamond Earring Giveaway From Union Diamond!

About Union Diamond Founded in 2001, Union Diamond offers the highest quality certified diamonds and impeccable customer service, a vast selection of settings and competitive prices. They can even take your vision for a piece of jewelry and make it into a beautiful piece that you will treasure forever! You’ll find gorgeous pieces like these: