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Too Hot Bags Giveaway

A great giveaway is happening soon right here on Ann Again… and again Reviews so mark these dates on your calendar to enter to win!  During this event, Too Hot Bags will be giving away 3 handbags of the winner’s choice or $300 PayPal Cash (winner’s choice) to one reader from participating giveaway hosts!

Too Hot Bags has been in the wholesale fashion handbag industry for many years. They have supplied major retail outlets like BCBG, Nine West, Bebe and more with high quality fashion handbags and designer purses.

Too Hot Bags is now offering their amazing products direct to customers worldwide through their online store. This means that you can now buy fashion handbags at factory direct wholesale prices and save lots of money! You can read more about Too Hot Bags here.

When this giveaway goes live I will have a Rafflecopter code for you to enter through.  See you then!


Hershey's Sweetens Our Easter Celebration

Easter is in the top two of my favorite holidays.  It represents a new beginning, freshness, hope.  And, if you are in a lucky climate, sunshine and warmth.  (In the Pacific Northwest we never know if the weather will bring the Easter Egg Hunt indoors, or if the sprinkles will hold off and we get to play outside.  Every hour is different ;-> ).  But one thing is for sure, there will be an egg hunt and there will be candy!  Hershey’s is helping us with a great selection of sweets this season and I can’t wait to find, er, I mean for our kids to find the sweet treats and, hopefully, share them with me.

Lovely Easter Basket from Hershey’s

Ann Again... and again Reviews

We can’t go wrong with Reese’s Mini Bunnies and York Peppermint Eggs.

(My mom needs to find a new hiding place for her stash of York patties, my girls “stumbled” upon Grandma’s secret corner in the kitchen.)

The Jolly Rancher Sours Bunnies are a new one to me.  Can’t wait to see what my girls think of this creation!

Ann Again... and again Reviews

My downfall? Hershey’s Kisses.  They’re just the perfect size to make me think that I won’t do much damage but, I sometimes get carried away and will find a rainbow of foil wrappers surrounding me.  (Egads!  Do lunges – Immediately!) But the exercise is totally worth it.

I know that the Cookies ‘n’ Creme eggs will be a hit, especially with my youngest who always chooses that flavor of ice cream.

I can’t wait to celebrate this Easter and I’m looking forward to Hershey’s sweetening the day.  Do you have a  Hershey’s favorite?  As I mentioned I do love Hershey’s Kisses, but those Reese’s Bunnies are calling my name!

(*Disclosure:  I was given a basket full of sweets from Hershey’s for my participation.)

Needing Help With A Move?

When a big move was needed for friends of the family they had the daunting task of deciding what items to take and which items were just too much for such a move. With this decision making process my husband and I became the proud owners of an upright piano. We had always wanted one and were happy to help our friends. One caveat, we had to find a piano mover, and find one quickly.

Although my husband and I have moved across the country, we never had to move such a big, heavy object and found ourselves doing a lot of research on this process. We came across a site that we thought was a great idea, You can find movers for any item, any size, for any price.

You provide information on what you need moved, where to and when you need it moved and then transportation businesses will compete for your job. You receive no sales calls, only e-mails every time a bid is placed on your request. You can check each companies feedback score and reputation from other users of this service. This is a free service which makes it even more appealing. This transportation business was a wonderful find.

Vitamins By Pure Matters

I’ve never had a problem eating a balanced meal.  When I pack my children’s lunches I make sure there are colorful veggies and/or fruits in their packs. (It comes home empty, so I’m assuming their eating it ;-> ) I love vegetables, have a bit of meat with some of my meals and generally make healthy choices.  But with age comes lack of calcium and iron in our bodies, among other things, so I need to take vitamins to keep things in balance.  I’ve had the opportunity to try Pure Matters vitamins and they’re helping me round out a healthier lifestyle.

Pure Matters Complete Biotic helps keep my digestive system on track. Sometimes my system is more sensitive to certain foods but I haven’t had to be as concerned since I started taking this supplement.  This is a perfect vitamin to take if you’re recovering from antibiotics for it supports healthy bacteria.  Pure Matters® Complete Biotic is stable at room temperature, no refrigeration required.

I’m surprised by this but I’m still having difficulty getting my 12 year old to eat her vegetables at dinner.  Not all the time, but more often than not I’m saying ‘Eat your zucchini’ or ‘Yes, can have something sweet AFTER you finish your carrots.’

I do what I can to have them eat the right things but, when that doesn’t happen, I’m so glad they don’t have any problem taking Pure Matters Multi-Vitamin Gummies.  These supplements are Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Vegan and my girls said they tasted great.

Now, my girls could swallow a pill if they had to, but we all know that gummies give the impression of candy and that makes it easier.

You can find these supplements, and more, when you visit  They also offer free shipping – every day- on all orders.

(*disclosure:  I was offered samples of Pure Matters for my review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

Chat Light – Webcam Lighting

If you are a blogger who does video posts, otherwise known as a Vlogger, I’m sure you’ve had your frustrations with trying to get your lighting just right for your viewers.  Some rooms are naturally bright which makes your image washed out or, you are recording in a darker room which requires the use of lamps which lends itself to creating shadows and uneven lighting.  If you are a Tutorial Vlogger, especially one who guides in make-up tips and tricks, uneven lighting is the worst.

I’ve found a product that will help create even, natural looking lighting for your laptop or you iPad, Chat Light.  This web cam light attaches to the sides of the monitor. The size of the monitor does not matter, as it can be used on small screens, large screens, medium screens, portable screen and ones that sit on the desktop all day long. The lights hook to the side of the screen and depending on its size, they will just be closer together or farther apart. The light intensity will not change because of your computer screen size.  The lights claim to stay cool so they will not endanger your monitor, or your hands if you touch them.

This product will be perfect for Tutorial Vloggers and for those that use Skype or other sites where your appearance is important.   No more shadows and glare!  And the listing price makes it affordable to everyone.  If you are in the market to create a pleasant on-line image, Chat Light is definitely worth looking into.

Planning For Summer Camp Fun

Summer will be here faster than you know it and, if you have a teenager like mine, you’ll be packing plenty of shorts and sunscreen for a much anticipated week at camp.  My daughter went away to her first camp when she was 11 and she was hooked.  When Spring rolls around I hear, “Have we booked any camps for me yet?”  I love that she looks forward to her time in the great outdoors.

This year she is wanting to visit a new camp, she’s ready for new discoveries.  I’ve found the online resource incredibly helpful.  You can look up various camps based on your child’s age or by camp interest.  Not all camps are directed at swimming and hiking, you can also be directed toward camps that specialize in learning a foreign language or community service opportunities.

When you visit you’ll find attention paid to your questions from a panel of personal advisors that are located in the area of the camp.  They help guide you toward finding an experience that’s just right for your child. You have many choices to help create a summer to remember and the helpful panel at will help make your planning a breeze.

You Could Win $150 From Country Outfitter!

Country Outfitter

Welcome to the Country Outfitter Giveaway

Every summer my sister and I head to Central Oregon with our mom to visit friends and revisit the land where most of my family grew up.  (By the time I came along we were in the “big city” of Portland, OR :-> )  The recommended attire for Central Oregon?  Well cowboy boots and Wranglers, thank you very much.  When I’m out there my walk slows and I breathe a little deeper. This year I’m looking into getting some new boots.  I’m happy to present you with this fun giveaway from a company that can help you “get along” as well!  This giveaway is for all those Boot Scootin’, Boot Lovin’ Cowpokes out there. Country Outfitter is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and they stand true to their tagline…“We Know Country”! They are THE go to place for all things country, not only boots but apparel, handbags and all types of country accessories.

$150 Country Outfitter Giveaway

One Winner will receive a $150 Gift Card to Country Outfitter. See form for Entry Details. Open to U.S. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. Ends 3/29

Loading Entry-Form…

Disclaimer: An email address is required to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. One person entering per household please. U.S. only. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on March 29, 2013. This event is sponsored by Country Outfitter and hosted by The Review Wire. Ann Again… and again Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I was not provided with product for this review. I was provided a link on the form in exchange for helping to promote.

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Lego Sets: Favorites This Year

Lego is a fun, creative game for all ages. Perhaps even more than on younger kids, it has a unique appeal on adults who grew up playing with these magic little bricks. Because of this, the enduring magic of Lego has to be associated with its history and the way it shaped the childhood of millions of people around the world. With more technological games out there, I think that Lego’s current approach goes in the best possible direction; by making the most of its unique features, Lego has teamed up with successful franchises which remind many young adults of all that was good back when they were kids.
With so much cooking in terms of new series and special editions, I have decided to do a round-up of the best new Lego games out there – after all, grown-up life can be pretty boring. It’s finally time to have some Lego fun!
There is surely one saga whose greatness children of the 80’s can all agree on. Star Wars is in fact one of the reasons why I love ‘the decade that style forgot’. Now, Lego Star Wars has been around for a while. But as part of this toy saga, the fantastic news now is that a limited-edition Red-Five X-Wing Starfighter, straight out of Episode IV, will go on sale from May for nothing less and nothing more than $200. With 1,558 pieces, the spaceship is rather bulky (26cm x 52cm x 46cm) and does justice to the original one – take a look at this video to have an idea of what this fabulous set is all about.
If you were born a bit later in the 80’s, chances are that the Teenage Ninja Turtles were the most exciting presence on your television screen. The cartoon became such a success that it soon inspired a film saga of three episodes between 1990 and 1993. Having since disappeared from most TV channels, Teenage Ninja Turtles remained in the hearts of fans ever since. That’s why Michael Bay (Transformers) is now working on a sequel which will also see Megan Fox starring in it. Expected for summer 2014, the film has already inspired Lego to release a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shellraiser set comprehensive of 620 pieces. Allowing you to build the ninja van and including all four mutants, the set also includes enemies of old such as the Foot Clan ninjas and Kraang. Cowabunga!
Finally, a special mention for all those who think Lego is a lot of fun, but times are moving on and there’s nothing quite like virtual reality to take your mind off more stressful matters. Expected to be one of 2013’s major gaming hits, Lego Marvel Super Heroes will be the first videogame to make all of Marvel’s legendary characters take life in a virtual Lego form. From Spiderman, to Wolverine and Hulk, if you’re a fan of the Marvel heroes you better look out for this videogame, which will be released in autumn for Xbox, PS3, Wii U and PC.

Giveaway – Sterling Silver Earrings $100 Value!

michelle chang jewelry
Hosted By: Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys

I’m happy that I get to participate in this charming giveaway that supports a very creative jewelry designer, Michelle Chang.  And you get the chance to win a pair of sterling silver earrings!  Read on, and enter below. Good luck!

A Little About Michelle Chang and her Jewelry!

michelle in the studio
 Michelle Chang Jewelry was launched in NYC, but Michelle then moved to Los Angeles, where she has continued to create and hand craft beautiful pieces of jewelry. At one point in time Michelle was an aspiring fine artist, an interior designer and an illustrator! She found enjoyment in doing all of those things, but nothing compared to her satisfaction she feels when making jewelry. 
Her jewelry can be described as organic, nature or geometry inspired. She mainly uses materials such as gold, sterling silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones in her jewelry. Every piece of Michelle Chang Jewelry is handmade and unique. Any noticeable imperfections it may have just adds to the uniqueness and provides assurance that it was indeed fabricated from start to finish by human hands!
Baby Skull Necklace in Sterling Silver w/Diamonds
I received the Baby Skull Necklace in Sterling Silver with Diamonds from Michelle Chang Jewelry. This skull pendant is miniature and tiny with diamond eyes and is on a fine chain. While it may be only about 1/4″ in height, I still love it and it beautiful! I love how you can tell it is uniquely handmade when looked at close up. The pendant comes on a 17″ chain. This pendant is also available with out diamonds as well as in 14k gold. I myself prefer sterling silver or white gold.
Size & Legitimate?

To the left is a photo of the baby skull pendant laying next to my tapestry measuring tape and the size is accurate with the listing for the pendant. 

I did take this to my jeweler who knew right away that the pendant was for sure sterling silver. He then tested the diamonds and confirmed they are REAL! Not that I don’t find Michelle Chang Jewelry to be legitimate or not trust worthy, but I wanted to make sure I was giving you (all of my readers), accurate information. I didn’t want to mislead any loyal readers. 

Beautiful, Unique & Handmade!

My only complaint about this beautiful work of art is that if the chain were to break I couldn’t replace it… The only way to do so would be to construct a new chain after already feeding it through the pendant. Unfortunately, I do not get to wear this as much as I would like as my 14 month old son loves to pull on my chains and already broke one Dan bought me.

My Absolute FAVORITE piece of Michelle Chang Jewelry?!

Baby Skull Band Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamonds UNISEX
Photo from Michelle Chang Jewelry on Etsy
This BEAUTIFUL hand crafted Baby Skull Band Ring in Sterling silver with Diamond Eyes, priced at $938!
Connect with Michelle Chang Jewelry
Visit Michelle Chang Jewelry on her website, Etsy Shop and Facebook!  Also sign-up for the Michelle Chang Newsletter

One lucky winner will have their choice of any Sterling Silver Earrings without Diamonds (up to $100 Value)!! Simply enter through the Rafflecopter Form below. Entries will be verified so please be honest and fulfill all of your claimed entries. 🙂 
Giveaway will run from March 14th through March 31st and is open WORLDWIDE!
Disclaimer: Sarh received the above product(s) in exchange for my honest review, I was not compensated in any other way. 

$100 Cash Giveaway!

Welcome to the $100 Cash Giveaway!

Ann Again... and again Reviews
Hosted by Giveaway Promote.

Enter to win $100 Cash!

I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. It’s always a good time to win some cash. What would you do with your winnings? One lucky winner will receive $100 Cash via PayPal. Complete the tasks below to earn entries into this giveaway.
Refer your friends using your unique link at the top of the Rafflecopter for even more chances to win. One winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries.
Open Worldwide. Ends at 11:59pm EST on March 24th, 2013.

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Stay Safe!

When we found our little bungalow we were so happy with the neighbors, the back yard and its quick access to stores. One thing that was a big drawback however, was that it’s on a slightly busy street, and even though there is a speed limit, not every driver obeys the limit. Within a two month time frame we witnessed one driver get pulled over for speeding (we were thrilled) and not one, but two cars end up in a neighbors front lawn because the driver was going too fast to make the turn! “Slow Down!” is a cry I’ve made too many times. Do they hear? Nope. As a neighborhood we came together to talk about ways to remind drivers that this is indeed a neighborhood, not just a through-way.

One neighbor works for a company that has a lot of heavy machinery and they are required to have a lot of signage around the factory to remind workers to be cautious of wires, or moving forklifts, so he suggested posting safety signs in our yards reminding driver to slow down. I was all for it!

Safety reminder signs worked well for our neighborhood. Over time our signs started to branch out to parking signs, namely signs that we thought were humorous. The favorite of the neighborhood was when we found out a new couple was starting a family and we gifted a parking sign for expectant

mothers. That sign now appears as a way for neighbors to announce to our little world when another is about to join our group. Who knew that our way of reminding drivers that they were in a neighborhood, and to slow down, would become a bonding experience for us all.

Do you use safety signs? If so, how have they worked for you?

Olay Total Effects CC Cream Review

Ann Again... and again Reviews
When it comes to reviews for make-up I have prefaced in past posts that I like to use as few products as possible to get the most results.  Yes, I think make-up can be fun, but on a daily basis I don’t want to spend a lot of time “creating the canvas” when I could be doing so many other things.  I have been very fortunate to try Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC cream and, let me tell you, this product is not only a time saver, but it provides true skin improvement.
First off, there just isn’t a cooler looking product then the swirl of Olay Total Effects.  (Am I someone who is easily amused?  Most often times, yes.  But come on, it’s cool!)  In this bottle you have a moisturizer, a tone corrector and a sunscreen. (SPF 15) The real you will shine through with a subtle enhancement of Olay Total Effects sheer tint which creates an even skin tone and made my face look more awake, and that’s a definite bonus.
Although this product does claim to be a moisturizer, I still used my favorite moisturizer as a base, then applied one, pea-sized amount to my fingers tips and smoothed that over my face. I have used this product for 7 days and have found no reactions to my sensitive skin, just a lovely, natural looking glow once it’s applied and easy removal at the end of the day.
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to try Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC cream.  I’ve found it to be the quickest, and best, skin coverage.  This product is my latest find and I’m glad I was able to share my results with you.  Have you tried Olay Total Effects yet?  If so, what did you think?  And if not, give it a try and come back and share your experience.
(*Disclosure:  I received product from Olay.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

The Search For Retirement Communities Has Begun

When I was much, much younger I thought that by a “certain age” your zest for life was over and all that was needed in your day was a t.v. playing loudly and a rousing game of Pinochle for excitement.   As I’ve grown I am reminded daily that age is truly just a number.  And, even though your numbers may be higher than some, that doesn’t mean that you want to sit quietly and watch the world go by, you want to take part in the world and have fun!

Our family has been going through the adjustment of finding a community for my father to live in, and it has really opened my eyes to how amazing living facilities have become.  I mean, I’m ready to make my reservation right now!  A fantastic location for plenty of Senior Communities is Florida.  Warmth, sun and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities year round.  Lovely dining rooms and chefs to create something that is pleasing to your palate.  Health and wellness centers to guide you toward strong days and relaxing nights.  Support is available when you need it, but you have the choice to enjoy your privacy in your own home any time.

Looking for living communities has definitely opened my eyes and given me peace-of-mind that living a positive, healthy life is at the top of the list, no matter what age.

Ready For The Meatless Monday Challenge?

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with my exercising (3 weeks in now – yay me!) I’m looking for other ways to be inspired in the health area.  My family’s diet is pretty good, but I would like to veer away from meat and get more veggies involved.  Morning Star Farms has a “Meatless Monday” challenge going on and I’m ready to participate.  Not only do they provide great recipes, you have the opportunity to win wonderful prizes! (Find out more at their website:  Check out some of their recipes and maybe you’d like to take part as well:

Southwest Skillet

1/2 cup uncooked orzo pasta
1 can (15 oz.) black beans, rinsed and drained
1 cup frozen whole kernel corn
1 cup thick and chunky salsa
2 1/2 cups water
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
1 package MorningStar Farms® Chik Patties® Original
2 tablespoons chopped cilantro


1. Combine all ingredients except MorningStar Farms® Chik Patties® Original and cilantro in 12-inch frypan. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until mixture starts to boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer 20 minutes or until pasta is tender. 

2. Stir in MorningStar Farms® Chik Patties® Original and cilantro. Continue heating 5 minutes longer or until patties are hot. Serve hot.

(*Disclosure:  I’m a BzzAgent and have received coupons to review MorningStar Farms product.  These opinions are truthfully my own.)

Diamond Earring Giveaway From Union Diamond!

About Union Diamond

Founded in 2001, Union Diamond offers the highest quality certified diamonds and impeccable customer service, a vast selection of settings and competitive prices. They can even take your vision for a piece of jewelry and make it into a beautiful piece that you will treasure forever!

You’ll find gorgeous pieces like these:
princess cut diamond earringsNow onto your chance to win these beautiful princess cut diamond earrings from Union Diamond, valued at $899!

(*Disclaimer: Ann Again… and again Reviews was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment.)