Free Eye Glass Offer From Firmoo

I am so excited to share the amazing news that Firmoo is giving out FREE glasses to you!
My husband is ready for a new style of glasses. Something along the lines of professional yet fun. And my 12 year old daughter is actually excited that she has received notice from the eye doctor that she, in fact, needs to wear glasses. She’s an accessory girl, what can I say? Are you bored with your overused & old style glasses? Now’s the time for you to replace those tired and/or outdated glasses and trade them in for glasses that are up-to-date, fashionable and perfect for you!
It’s a fact that we should have our eyes checked and glasses prescription updated once a year to reduce the risk of eyesight deteriorating from using old prescription eyeglasses. Lucky for you Firmoo is giving out a free pair. They are offering FREE glasses (Frames + Lenses + Shipping = $0!) as well as discount coupons, so that any one of you can take an advantage of them! Don’t miss out on the Firmoo free offer at .
Furthermore, if you are a first time customer at Firmoo, you can also get your first pair for free . Only pay a minimum $6.95 shipping fee.
But for those who missed the free pair, you still don’t have to be discouraged because they have another limited time offer which will save you 20% off on frames + total shipping fee.
What a great deal! Take your time perusing their site and enjoy your good luck at
(*Disclaimer: This giveaway is held by Firmoo. Ann again… and again Reviews is not responsible for prize placement.)

The Beginning Of My Fysiko Eye Experience

Today begins my trial of Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum. I’m in my mid-40’s and have been noticing my lashes thinning as well as my eyebrows. (Where are my eyes going?) I was very happy to be given the opportunity to try this serum that’s telling me it will encourage my lashes to #1 – Grow and #2 – Be thicker. Yes, please!?!

I’m well aware of my age, I see my reflection in the mirror every day. But it really hit me the other day when I was shown a picture of myself from 20 years ago. I had eyes. I mean you could see lashes, eyebrows – eyes! At first I was very depressed but then I got over myself and thought hey, it’s only natural. However, let’s see what I can do to make this natural process not so bad. Time for product!

Ann Again... and again Reviews Fysiko
Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this picture. I mean, what the heck is happening with my eyelids?! There’s some crazy puffiness I’ve never seen before. But it’s me, so there.


Fysiko EyeLash Growth Serum is made with all natural ingredients and doesn’t require a prescription, unlike another eyelash serum available (Latisse). Fysiko retails for $135.00. (.27 oz.) Time will tell if it’s worth the price. (I’ll check back here 6 weeks into my 16 week trial). If I receive results then yes, of course! It’s like this, the cost of my co-pay to the doctor is $25 and the research I’ve found on-line of the cost of the competitor is from $100 to $125. For this price I come out about even, without a drive to the doctor. I’ve used Fysiko for two days and have not experienced any irritation.

The first five ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Panthenol (Vitamin B5) Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract. It includes natural lash enhancers: Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Thyme, Biotin and Soy Protein.

Above is my “Before” picture. I’ll update in 16 weeks.

To read more about Fysiko EyeLash Growth Serum, see complete listing of ingredients, and FAQ, please visit:

(*Disclosure: I was given product to review. Photos have not been retouched. My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

Bloggers Sign Up For Summer Giveaway

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Get Paid While Cleaning Your Kids' Closet With KinderMint

Ann Again... and again Reviews
This sounds like a fun program to take part in!
1. Order a free MINT PACK from KinderMint

2. Stuff the MINT PACK full of kids clothes you wish to sell

3. Drop the Pre-Paid MINT PACK in the mail (UPS or USPS)

4. Cash in! Your choice of check or deposit to your PayPal account.

If you would like to see how this program can benefit you, (and make the transition to the next size profitable :-> ) click – KinderMint for full information.
Ann Again... and again

Curves Complete Program – Begin Your Healthier Life Today

If you’ve made the decision that the time has come for you to get your body moving and begin a healthier lifestyle Curves could be just the gym experience you’ve been looking for!

With their new plan, Curves Complete, you receive a well rounded plan that will guide you through proper exercise, meal planning and support from a Curves coach.  At only $12.95 a week this could turn out to be what you needed, a program that’s focused on your health, your well-being, something that is just for you.

Do something that will benefit your life every single day.  Make your appointment today – visit this link: to book your FREE No Obligation Consultation.

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Happy Mother's Day Giveaway!

Welcome to The Mother’s Day Event Giveaway! It’s hosted by Jyla’s Three Of Us Giveaway.  Thanks to the sponsors for providing awesome products for this prize package giveaway.  This event begins April 15th and will close on April 30, at 11:59 PM EST Time.  Good luck!  

Awesome companies that Jyla’s Three Of Us Giveaway has been working with to sponsor prizes for this event:

Black & Decker has offered a 12-Cup Rice Cooker to one lucky entrant.  
This is the Black & Decker 12-Cup Rice Cooker.  No more rice sticking to the bottom of your pans!   And this is also an excellent vegetable steamer.  To view the review post and information about the 12-Cup Rice Cooker visit here.   

Black & Decker has also offered to giveaway an InfraRed Quarter Heater to one lucky giveaway entrant.
This is the Black & Decker InfraRed Quartz Heater.  (Retail price $98.99)  To view the review post and information about the InfraRed Quartz Heater visit here.   
This is the JJ Cole Collecton Broadway Stroller.  To view the review post and information about the Broadway Stroller visit here.   

JJ Cole Collecton has offered to give the lucky winner a Broadway stroller! 

Lovely offering from Genie.  This is the Milana Bra and Slim & Tone Legging by Genie.  To view the review post and information about the Milana Bra and Slim & Tone Legging by Genie visit here.   

Genie has offered to give a reader the option to pick one as the prize giveaway.  The option is a Milana Bra or Slim & Tone Legging by Genie.  

Good luck to you at the “Happy Mother’s Day Giveaway”!

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Disclaimer:  Jyla’s Three Of Us Giveaway was not compensated for this post. Jyla’s Three Of Us Giveaway received products from the  sponsors to review and giveaway. They have sponsored The Mother’s Day Event Giveaway. An honest opinion was given on the products reviewed.  Ann Again… and again Reviews is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Thank you to the sponsors for sponsoring this event.

K9-GH Supplements Bring Relief For Our Labrador

Ann Again... and again Reviews

Benny is the first dog I’ve ever had.  He joined our family when he was 4 months old and now that he’s turned 7 we’re learning about certain traits attributed to Labradors as they age.  Labradors have issues with their hips as they get older, a condition called Dysplasia and, true to their disposition of being eager to please, they don’t show the pain they’re experiencing, they just want everyone to be happy.  I’ve learned they benefit from supplements that help alleviate the discomfort.  The brand K9-GH, a development leader in anti-aging for canines, offers relief for your dog and more.

Ann Again... and again Reviews

Our boy Benny is a very large, long chocolate lab and we started noticing that it was difficult for him to get up after sitting and he seemed to struggle to jump into our family van.  For the past 3 months we’ve given Benny his daily vitamins and have found him to be walking a little easier and leaping into the van with less struggle.

The dosage is 4 pills a day, and the fact that they’re beef flavor I’m sure adds to the excited look he gets when we reach for the bottle.  You can purchase by clicking this link:  K9-GH.  They offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.  I am so happy that we found these supplements.  It’s worth it to see a big, brown happy boy in our life.

(*Disclaimer:  I was given K9-GH Anti-Aging Supplement for review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

COOLA Skincare Giveaway – $146 Value!


Have a fresh face this summer!  If you’re finding your skin isn’t behaving the way you like, why not try skincare from organic skincare line – COOLA.  You’ll find your skin shielded from the sun while it’s being nourished and restored.  What better way to try this product line than by being a lucky COOLA product winner?  Welcome to the COOLA Organic Skincare Giveaway!  Two winners will each receive the COOLA ER+ Line a Retail Value of $146! You can read The Review Wire’s full review on COOLA: Environmental Repair Plus Line. The Clam Glow Eye Gel soothes delicate skin with a protective barrier that reduces redness and inflammation while shielding skin from damaging irritants. The Fresh Relief Face Serum is a lightweight serum is your stealthy defense against aging. And the Clear Recovery Foam Wash is a protective foaming face wash that will cool and tone skin, reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of age spots.  


2 Winner’s will each receive the COOLA ER+ Line that includes: Clear Recovery Foam Wash ($24), Fresh Relief Face Serum ($68) and Calm Glow Eye Gel ($56). See form for Entry Details. Open to U.S. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. Ends 4.23.13.

(*Disclaimer: The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. One person entering per household please. U.S. only. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on April 29, 2013. )

This event is sponsored by COOLA and hosted by The Review Wire. Ann Again… and again Reviews was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Companies and bloggers, if you would like to participate in group giveaway events like this one, sign up to be emailed about future events hosted by The Review Wire.

Dr. Daniel Amen – Unleash The Power of the Female Brain – Review and Giveaway!

Ann Again... and again Reviews
I’m in my mid-Forties and with this lovely age group I’ve entered I have found the metamorphosis of mid-life changes I’ve read and heard about to be true. Brain fogginess? Check. Fatigue? Check. Slower metabolism? Belly fat? Check and check! I know that I can get myself on a better, more focused, track and with the things I’m learning from Dr. Amen’s book “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain“, I feel confident I’m on my way to healthier, happier days. A highlight for me are his words to help soothe anxiety, depression and worry. This is something I struggle with daily and, with the guidance of Dr. Amen’s fantastic book, I’m comfortable I’ll set myself at ease soon.
If you think the brain is the almighty when it comes to your body that’s not quite right, the brain is run by your hormones. So, let’s get our hormones in line so we can get on with a healthier life, shall we? Inside “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” you’ll find the tools you need to increase your brain’s health. I chose to begin my journey with the guide that helps determine what brain type you have. I found this incredibly reassuring and helpful. What I’ve been thinking and feeling isn’t just happening to me. (I’m “normal” for lack of a better word :-> ) There are guides to foods that will set you on a good path, and brain exercises that will get you there for sure. If you have an iPhone there are bonus features for you in this book. Use your TAG app and you will receive additional guides and videos from Dr. Amen. Fun!
I was introduced to Dr. Daniel Amen through a PBS program on brain health that quickly became a buzz in my family. Dr. Amen has been discussed at our gatherings quite a bit so you can understand why I was thrilled to be asked to participate in a review for Dr. Amen’s latest book “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain“. This book is changing my world and I’m so thankful for this opportunity. There is so much more in this book that I could write for days, but I’ll stop now so that I can share with you a terrific giveaway opportunity!
One lucky winner will win –
One month membership to The Amen Solution Website ($29.95 value)

Here are the details:
Everything Your Brain Needs To Transform Your Life

Would you like to improve your focus? How about solve problems faster? Improve your memory? Maybe even get your body in better shape? The Amen Solution @ Home can help you with all of this and provide much, much more.

The Amen Solution is an interactive brain health website that provides personalized brain enhancement programs based on your specific brain type. The steps are simple:
Ø Know Your Brain – Learn how YOUR brain works
Ø Boost Your Brain – Over 30 different brain games and apps
Ø Boost Your Body – Custom workout routines and brain healthy recipes
Ø Connect – Share your success and get motivation and inspiration from others

Enter through Rafflecopter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway(*Disclaimer: I was given a copy of “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” for review. My opinions are truthfully my own.)

It's Time for The Ultimate Blog Party 2013!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I am over joyed to be joining Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes For Mom for my 4th year in THE Ultimate Blog Party!  I am so happy to share a great giveaway from my FAVORITE skincare company Simone France Skincare (My giveaway offering is listed at the official Ultimate Blog Party site at 5 Minutes For Mom :-> )

I am so happy that you have chosen to click my link and have joined me here.  To learn a bit more about me please click this link that just happens to be titled “About Me“. :->  Since everyday creates something new, I will update my U.B.P post often so we’re all in the loop.

I can’t wait to meet you!!!  Happy U.B.P! :->  So happy you’re here!

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Slippers at 75% Off! Code Expires Soon!

75 off slippers

It’s Spring!  Time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  How about a lovely pair of slippers in soft, Spring-like colors… at 75% off!  

Nature’s Sleep has an incredible deal on their Memory Foam slippers when you use a special coupon code.

Use code: SLIP75 when you click the image below! :->

 75 off slippers

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Blogger Opportunity For Coach Giveaway

Blogger Opportunity.

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