Shemar Moore's Project With Indiegogo – The Bounce Back

Ann Again and again Reviews The Bounce Back

Do I have your attention? ;->

My husband is an actor and I have seen the joy that he experiences through creating a story and sharing it with an audience. One of the liveliest parties you’ll ever attend is an Opening Night party after the first performance is over. The cast and crew gather and share stories of the process, how they felt about their performances and laugh (or complain) about any mistakes in the show. I love talking with actors about “how they remember all those lines” ;-> and to see if what they imagined had turned out the way they wanted it to. I just love it! I enjoy the creative process and support it whenever I can. (And yes, rehearsals have happened in my basement.)

Recently I was asked to take part in a project that has every intention of growing through word, and funding, from the exact people that are the intended audience. Doesn’t that make all the sense in the world? Instead of a movie being made with money from people who could care less about the story, and care more about the financial bottom line, we have a chance to fund a movie that is about something we want to see! Love it!

The talented, and almost-too-good-looking-that-I-can’t-even-look-at-him, Shemar Moore of the Young And The Restless and Criminal Minds is creating a movie project called The Bounce Back and he wants us to help fund his project and… enjoy some fantastic perks too! If you like romantic comedies why not help create a movie that you’ll want to go see? Makes sense, right?

About the Movie

“The Bounce Back” is a heartfelt romantic comedy about finding the courage to love after love has let you down.

When I read “The Bounce Back” – that very same issue was at the core of the script and the character, Matthew Taylor. I saw a lot of myself in Matthew, although I’ve never written a book (but I’m thinking about it now, hint, hint). I felt a kindred spirit to what Matthew was going through and my own life. Matthew loses his wife, his first love and after a short recovery creates a best selling book and a system of survival in order to shield himself from the pain. He throws himself into a year long speaking tour.

That system of survival; his book and speaking tour, keeps him from falling in love again when he meets the perfect girl, the beautiful and zany Kristin Moreland. Matthew realizes that he has to renounce his book and the world he has created around it in order to take the big unknown plunge of letting himself fall in love again.

I think there is a wonderful poetry to that, the idea of risking it all for love. And I feel, in my heart, that is why we’re here on this planet. To love. After I put down the screenplay, “The Bounce Back,” I knew I had to make this movie simply because I believe in love all the way down to the fabric of my being.

Check out this sneak peek. Enjoy!

I am now a fan of Nadine Velasquez. So cute! So funny!

So, what do you think? Ready to get on board? Sure you are! Here’s what you do: Follow Shemar Moore and The Bounce Back film campaign on Twitter and/or Facebook (use the hashtag #TheBounceBack when sharing – even on Facebook) and spread the word to your family and friends! Once you’ve posted your support copy the graphic below and place it on your social media sites!

Ann Again and again Reviews The Bounce Back


Share this fun and exciting opportunity with your social networks and with your family and friends. Help create a movie that you want to go see! With a $15 contribution you can receive fun perks and with each level of financial contribution the perks just get better and better!

Donate to The Bounce Back project HERE

So, what would YOU ask Shemar? The questions chosen will be answered by Shemar personally on a video that will be shown on my blog – Ann Again and again Reviews. There’s more to come regarding this project and I’ll be sure to share with you at every turn. So exciting!

(*Disclaimer: I was asked to participate in this campaign by the Bounce Back Film Campaign as part of a first-of-its-kind blogger initiative. I will cover the making of the movie from fundraising to premiere throughout the next year. I am being provided promotional material, giveaways and exclusive interviews but this is not a paid post. As always, my opinions are my own. )

Have You Had Your Sprinkle Today? Shower to Shower Body Powder

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Ann Again and again Reviews Shower to Shower Body Powder


Ann Again and again Reviews Shower to Shower Body PowderWith the warmer weather upon us I’m looking for ways to enjoy the season but to stay as dry as possible. I hate sweating. Hate it! My sister laughs at me but when I exercise I want to have a fan blowing right on me. Silly, I know, but sweating just isn’t my thing. Recently I was reminded of a product that not only can help me feel lighter in the warmer months, but adds a lovely, soft scent through out the day. How could I have forgotten about this? Shower to Shower Body Powder.

When thinking of powder I’m reminded of using this kind of product on my young babies, but body powder isn’t just for babies! Shower to Shower Absorbent Body Powder can make Moms feel comfortable and cool no matter how warm it gets outdoors. In fact, when running around town with baby gear, strollers and bottles, body powder becomes a downright necessity, helping to prevent chafing and keeping you smelling great all day long with fragrances that are soft, lively and just perfect for Summer time.

Ann Again and again Reviews Shower To Shower Body Powder
Breeze Fresh


Its silky-soft powder pampers the skin, while its unique absorption formula keeps you feeling drier longer – and the best part is, body powder only takes a few seconds to apply. Love that!

You can use Shower to Shower to freshen your shoes – in my case, my children’s shoes! Add to your deodorant routine to keep stains at bay. Sprinkle some Shower to Shower on after putting on lotion to take the stickiness away so you can get dressed faster. Sprinkle a bit on your sheets for a soft, more luxurious feel to help you drift off to sleep.

Many uses to help you create a fresher day! Remember the jingle – “Have you had your sprinkle today?” :->






(Disclosure: I received Shower to Shower Body Powder for my review. My opinions are truthfully my own.)

Start Your Summer With Firmoo Free Eyeglasses In June

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Ann Again and again Reviews Firmoo Eye Wear

Ann Again and again Reviews Firmoo Eye Wear

Summer is the season I wait for all year.  The pace slows and more of my family’s time is spent outdoors.  This year we have badminton and a little Archery set in our backyard.  We are so grateful that the sun shines however, if we want to “hit the birdie” and actually win a game of badminton, we need sunglasses.  My youngest daughter sees that some of her friends have eye wear that transitions from clear to sunglass tint and she wants that too.  It’s a great idea –  so let’s find some deals!  An easy remedy, stop by   New customers can pick-up a free pair of glasses.  With this deal she won’t miss a moment of the sunshine this summer. How about you?  New customers are part of the First-Pair-Free-Program. Now get yours for FREE!

+ Looking for Retro Style Glasses?

Retro glass style frames offer a quirky look. This eyewear with bold color and fashionable design will lighten up your Summers. The rectangular lenses are surrounded by thin and sleek rims, extending out to metal stems. Spring hinges add extra comfort to wear. Find your own and unique style.

firmoo summer

+ Looking for Oversized Glasses?

Find your own way to express yourself! This eyewear style, with a big conspicuous frame, is so unique and attractive, they’ll let you stand out from the crowd. Oversized glasses are your best choice for showing star quality with fashion trends.

Ann Again and again Review Firmoo July

+ Looking for Fashion Tinted Sunglasses?

These two pairs of retro-style sunglasses are somewhat different from traditional wraparound sunglasses I’ve seen before. It’s of traditional frame shape with sunglass lenses, which make you look more fashionable and elegant in the hot Summer season.

firmoo summer 4


Would you like more ideas on how to style your pairs? Check out a few ladies modeling their favorite Firmoo eyewear.

firmoo summer 6

firmoo summer 5
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply clicking “LUCKY DRAW” on this page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping free.)

About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World’s Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Partying With Red Baron – And A Giveaway!

Ann Again and again Reviews Red Baron Pizza

When it comes to planning a party my girls always make sure pizza is on the list. My husband Rob is a terrific cook and loves to make home made pizza however, he wasn’t available for the girls End-Of-School year party so I needed to come up with something else. Red Baron has added delicious pizzas to their line-up – Classic Crust Hawaiian, Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni and various tastes in their Deep Dish Singles. There was a flavor for everyone and the kids had a blast. Here’s a little peek at their party –

The Spicy Pepperoni was on a fire baked crust and the girls really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too spicy and had a nice amount of pepperoni. The Classic Crust Hawaiian had a nice blend of chewy dough with a very thin crispy layer. The combination of sweet pineapple and tender ham was a hit. That pizza went fast. You can find Red Baron pizzas in the frozen food aisle.

Time For A Giveaway!

Are you planning a summer party? Perhaps you’d like to add some Red Baron pizza to the table? If so, I have 2 coupons for Red Baron Pizzas – flavors the choice of the lucky winner. Enter below! :->

a Rafflecopter giveaway




How Does A Free Pair Of Slippers Sound?

Ann Again and again Reviews Natures Sleep Free Slippers

Is there anything that symbolizes “I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!” more than a soft pillow and a good pair of slippers?  (Some days my family also needs to see me in my sleep mask that says “Don’t wake me – We’ll all be happier that way” – that gets the message across.)

Nature’s Sleep memory foam pillows offer the ultimate comfort for your head and neck. Imagine resting your head in the cloud of luxury a nature’s sleep memory foam pillow provides, while giving your feet a treat with our memory foam slippers. Right now when you buy a Nature’s Sleep pillow at full price, you will get a pair of our slippers FREE . They will ship your purchase for free too!

Use coupon code FREESLIP and it will add a pair of slippers to your order. Then just email with your order number to get your free pair! This sale runs from June 23 to June 29, and is offered for the U.S. Only.

Order here.

Filippo Berio Olive Oil – Tasty Alternative To Butter

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Ann Again and again Reviews Filippo Berio Olive Oil

Ann Again and again Reviews Filippo Berio Olive Oil

With the help of being a BzzAgent I was able to try Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil recently and love the tasty results.  Butter is out!  (Sorry dear Husband ;-> ) and the healthier, tastier alternative is in – Filippo Berio Olive Oil.

I tried my hand at making a Fritatta.  It seemed like a dish that was good for those nights when you need to “use what you have on hand” and last night was one of those.  So here I go:

Fritatta w/ Bacon, Pepper, Mushrooms & Green Onions

6 Eggs

6 slices of Bacon

1 1/2 cups sliced Mushrooms

4 Green Onions

1 Sweet Yellow Pepper

6 oz. Shredded Cheese

1/4 c. non-fat Milk


Cook your bacon.  (Microwave or stove top.  Which ever.)

Saute Mushrooms in Filippo Berio E.V. Olive Oil over medium heat.

Fritatta Recipe Featuring Filippo Berio Olive Oil - Ann Again and again Reviews

Once the mushrooms have a golden brown edge add chopped Green Onions and Pepper.  Chop your cooked Bacon and add that as well.  A dab of more Olive Oil is good here:

Fritatta Recipe Featuring Filippo Berio Olive Oil - Ann Again and again Reviews

Mix your Eggs with milk and gently pour over your mixture in the skillet.   Once the egg mixture appears to almost be cooked, add your cheese.

OK now, here comes the fun part.  (argh).  Flip over your Fritatta and let it cook for a bit on the other side.  Now – there should be a picture here showing you the finished product.  But, you know what?!  My flipping didn’t turn out so well and it was a slight mess.  Delicious mess, but not appealing for a picture :->

I wish you much more luck with your Fritatta!  (Also, if you have an oven ready skillet, cook your Fritatta in the oven on 400 for about 8 to 10 min.)

(*I am a BzzAgent and am happy to have been able to share my experience with you.  Product received for review.)

Getting Ready For Summer Camp Fun



Summer is here! If you have a teenager like mine, you’ll be packing plenty of shorts and sunscreen for a much anticipated week at camp. My daughter went away to her first camp when she was 11 and she was hooked. When Spring rolls around I hear, “Have we booked any camps for me yet?” I love that she looks forward to her time in the great outdoors.

This year she is wanting to visit a new camp, she’s ready for new discoveries. I’ve found the online resource at incredibly helpful. You can look up various camps based on your child’s age or by camp interest. Not all camps are directed at swimming and hiking, you can also be directed toward camps that specialize in learning a foreign language or community service opportunities.

When you visit you’ll find attention paid to your questions from a panel of personal advisors that are located in the area of the camp. They help guide you toward finding an experience that’s just right for your child. You have many choices to help create a summer to remember and the helpful panel at will help make your planning a breeze.

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Cream – Quick Smooth Results


When it comes to make-up I’ve prefaced in past posts that I like to use as few products as possible to get the most results.  Yes, I think makeup can be fun, but on a daily basis, I don’t want to spend a lot of time “creating the canvas” when I could be doing so many other things.  I have been very fortunate to try Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC cream and, let me tell you, this product is not only a time saver, but it provides true skin improvement.

First off, there just isn’t a cooler looking product then the swirl of Olay Total Effects.  (Am I someone who is easily amused?  Most often times, yes.  But come on, it’s cool!)  In this bottle, you have a moisturizer, a tone corrector, and a sunscreen. (SPF 15) The real you will shine through with a subtle enhancement of Olay Total Effects sheer tint which creates an even skin tone and made my face look more awake, and that’s a definite bonus.

Although this product does claim to be a moisturizer, I still used my favorite moisturizer as a base, then applied one, pea-sized amount to my fingers tips and smoothed that over my face. I have used this product for 7 days and have found no reactions to my sensitive skin, just a lovely, natural looking glow once it’s applied and easy removal at the end of the day.

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to try Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC cream.  I’ve found it to be the quickest, and best, skin coverage.  This product is my latest find and I’m glad I was able to share my results with you.  Have you tried Olay Total Effects yet?  If so, what did you think?  And if not, give it a try and come back and share your experience.

(*Disclosure:  I received product from Olay.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

4 Week Blogging Class FREE Until June 30th – Sign Up Now!

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{FREE} 4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class
Sign Up For The Free 4-Week Online Blogging Class!
Heads Up: This offer ends June 30th!
Blogelina is once again offering her very popular 4-week blogging class — for FREE! This online class will be held in July 2013.  Even if you are not completely new to blogging, information is always a good thing and you can’t beat the price.  It’s FREE!
If you sign up for this free class, here’s what you’ll get:
  • A class manual – packed with 60 pages of information that will help take the overwhelming out of starting your own blog
  • 4 weekly online class sessions where you can ask your questions and get personalized feedback
  • A FREE year of web hosting.
  • Blueprints, step-by-step tutorials, networking with other bloggers – Everything you need to grow your blog.
Save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money – learn from my own experiences what to do and not to do.

Ways To Have A Healthier Lifestyle – At Any Age

Eating a balanced meal hasn’t been a problem for me.  I love vegetables, have a bit of meat with some of my meals and generally make healthy choices.  I’m doing what I can to have my children eat the “colors of the rainbow”. When I pack their school lunches I make sure there are colorful veggies and/or fruits in their packs. (It comes home empty, so I’m assuming they’re eating it ;-> ) However, with age comes lack of calcium and iron in our bodies, among other things, so I need to take vitamins to keep things in balance.  I’ve had the opportunity to try Pure Matters vitamins and they’re helping me round out a healthier lifestyle.

Pure Matters Complete Biotic helps keep my digestive system on track. Sometimes my system is more sensitive to certain foods but I haven’t had to be as concerned since I started taking this supplement.  This is a perfect vitamin to take if you’re recovering from antibiotics for it supports healthy bacteria.  Pure Matters® Complete Biotic is stable at room temperature, no refrigeration required.

I’m surprised by this but I’m still having difficulty getting my 12 year old to eat her vegetables at dinner.  Not all the time, but more often than not I’m saying ‘Eat your zucchini’ or ‘Yes, can have something sweet AFTER you finish your carrots.’

Pure Matter kidsI do what I can to have them eat the right things but, when that doesn’t happen, I’m so glad they don’t have any problem taking Pure Matters Multi-Vitamin Gummies.  These supplements are Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Vegan and my girls said they tasted great.

Now, my girls could swallow a pill if they had to, but we all know that gummies give the impression of candy and that makes it easier.


You can find these supplements, and more, when you visit  They also offer free shipping – every day- on all orders.

(*disclosure:  I was offered samples of Pure Matters for my review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.*)

Create A Photo Book With Blurb – Discount Code!

Ann Again... and again Reviews Blurb Create Your Photo Album Today!
Make A Beautiful Photo Book Today!

Blurb has created the opportunity to put your photographed memories into beautiful personally made books. I have a promo code for you to get 15% off your next purchase: BOOKSFORSUMMER.
(Use this code when you checkout to receive the discount.)

Ann Again... and again Reviews Blurb Create Your Photo Album Today!

If you are planning a summer trip during June, you can still create a book at the end of the month, because the code doesn’t expire until 6/30/13! You can even start your project now and come back in a few weeks after you have taken more photos to finish the project.

Let me know what you think of Blurb!

Offer Details:  This offer is good for 15% off your product total up to a max discount of $150 USD, CAD & AUD. Each code may only be used once per user and on books made by you. Offer expires at 11.59pm (local time) on June 30th, 2013. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offers, volume discounts or retroactively applied to any previous orders. 

Ready For A Wine Party? Join The Mommy Juice Pool Party!

MommyJuice Wines
I hope you’ll join me for a Twitter party to help support the latest release from Mommy Juice WinesMommy Juice Pool Party Pink


Pool Party Hosted by MommyJuice Wines: Party Details

Ready to kick off summer in a way that doesn’t include hearing the phrase “Mom, I’m bored already”? Let’s have a pool party! But for this one you don’t need to be concerned how you look in a swimsuit. We will be chatting about all things fun and summer, while celebrating the release of MommyJuice’s first dry Rosé. We hope you’ll join us. (Bathing suits totally optional.)

  • Who: You, your friends, your friends’ friends
  • What: The MommyJuice Wines “Pool Party” on Twitter
  • When: Wednesday, June 12 at noon PDT
  • Where: On Twitter!
  • Follow: @Clever_Network, @MommyJuiceWines
  • Hashtag: #WinePoolParty
  • Prizes: Pool Party Gift Packs
  • RSVP here:

You could win a Pool Party Gift Pack like the one pictured here:

The Pool Party Pink is a light Rose and my taste buds pick up light not-too-sweet hints of raspberry, cherry and a bit of grapefruit. I’m not drawn to sweet wines and was very happy to discover the finish to be dry. This wine would be a great addition to a BBQ party. And check out the Mommy Juice To-Go cup! What a great design! My signature cup of the Summer!
I hope you join me for the Mommy Juice Twitter party. And I re-e-e-eally hope you win a prize pack!!!
(*I was selected by Clever Girls Collective to help promote the MommyJuice Wines Twitter Party. The tasty

opinions are truthfully my own).

Marriott Discount Offer For Family Vacation Fun!

Are you planning a family vacation to a tropical location?  Some place full of sunshine, sandy beaches and drinks with umbrellas on the side?  Well let me say first off – Lucky You! And second I want to share a wonderful deal from Marriott Caribbean & Latin America Resorts.  Their current promotion, Breakfast at the Beach, is offering my readers 20 to 30 percent off Stay for Breakfast rates at a choice of nine tropical resorts across the Caribbean and Latin America. With the kids out of school, this is a great option for your family travel plans this summer.

Now through June 30, travelers can book great rates starting from as low as $83-$209 per room, per night, for travel from June 15 through October 31, 2013 with a minimum two-night stay.

The Breakfast at the Beach event includes overnight accommodations and daily breakfast for two adults (children 12 and under eat free). The following resorts are participating in the promotion at the noted discount:

Hotel properties offering 30 percent off include:

·         St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino

·         CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

·         Los Suenos Marriott Resort

·         JW Marriott Panama Resort

Hotel properties offering 25 percent off include:

·         Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort

Hotel properties offering 20 percent off include:

·         CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort

·         Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino

·         Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

·         JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

For more information,  or to book a stay, visit  To receive the discount use promotion code 3CL.

New Arrivals From Firmoo Eye Glass Collection For June -Free for New Customers!

Ann Again... and again Reviews Firmoo Eyeglasses
Hi guys! If you’re an eye glass wearer stay trendy this summer with Firmoo! Since June brings things sunny, bright and we want to look good while staying cool ;-> let’s see first what Firmoo June collection will give us? They just updated their new arrivals for June, and right now, they are available for Firmoo First-Pair-Free-Program. Now you may have the chance to get yours for FREE!

+ Looking for the “Geek” style of Glasses?

If you care about fashion, you could never be unknown to the geek elements blended in many designs. Geek glasses are a must-have for you who want to look intelligent and unique.

+ Looking for Chic Tortoise Glasses?

This tortoise glasses collection features an intriguing collision between retro glasses styles and modern fashion. Luxury feels yet low-profile design, break limits and lines.

+ If you’re looking for something more subtle, you can go for a simple but always fashionable rectangular frame.

Rectangle glasses with small-sized frame of serious and scripted design add sharp angles to the soft curves of your face, making you look mature and attractive.
Still not convinced that eyewear can be fashionable? Then check out how some of these fashionistas style them:
(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served! (Simply clicking “LUCKY DRAW” on this page, you may even get a totally free pair including shipping free.)
About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World’s Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

How To Clean Up After Kids During Summer Time Fun

Ann Again... and again Reviews How To Clean Up After Kids

With the return of Summer comes more chances for kids to create more messes in the home.  Try these kid-friendly cleaning tips from The Maids to help clean up messes such as bubble gum, crayon marks, dirt and grime and lipstick stains.  (Did you leave your make-up out in the open around your toddler?  Do it once, and you won’t make that mistake again ;-> ).  This gum cleaning tip came in handy when I forgot to check pockets before washing clothes.  ARGH!

  • Chewing Gum:  Whether it’s stuck on the bottom of your shoe or in a pocket, leave item in the freezer over night, then chip away.  For stubborn gum, use a small amount of paint thinner.
  • Crayon on the Walls:  As ingenious as your child’s art work may be, the best way to remove it from walls is to scrub it with a small amount of paint thinner and wipe away with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Playdough in the Carpet:  Place a large amount of dry cleaning solvent on a clean, white towel.  Leave the towel on the effected area for one minute, lift and gently rub the playdough away, moving towel in one direction.
  • Lipstick on your Wall (or collar ;-> ):  Little ones love to play with color where ever they find it, and if they’ve gotten into your purse, or make-up drawer, try this tip.  Scrape excess wax away with a spatula.  Pre-treat clothing with a small amount of dish washing liquid and rinse.  Mix a 1/3 part white vinegar to 2/3 parts water to gently blot stain away or wipe surfaces clean.
  • Dirt and Dust:  It’s everywhere!  Ask children to remove shoes before coming into the house to keep as many allergens outside as possible.  Vacuum entry ways often to remove allergy and asthma contaminants.
Shared with permission from The Maids

Great Summer Fun Giveaway! Enter Today!

What a terrific giveaway to get your child/children ready for outdoor fun and create wonderful memories. Do you remember your first bike? How about being pulled around in a wagon for a Fourth of July Parade? Enter to win this giveaway and you just might be a lucky winner. Good luck!
Hosted by:
Come and join us on this great giveaway – “Getting ready for Summer”

We will have 3 winners, all prizes will be ordered and shipped from
Prize #1 — Any bike up to $150 (kids or adult/Safety accessories not included)

Prize #2 — Step2-Touring-Wagon-Functions Value $119 (if not available winner can pick another wagon up to $119)

Prize # 3 — Scooter up to $80 (Safety accessories not included)
U.S. Only. June 1 to June 30. All entries are optional. Enter through Rafflecopter below:
* Disclosure: Ann Again… and again Reviews is not responsible for prize. If you have any questions about this giveaway please send an email to All entries are optional, if you do any of the tasks with the 10 extra entries, even if you do one entry you can get the extra 10 entries but if the winner tasks is a tasks you did not complete, a second winner will be chosen. If the winner tasks is the one you did you will be the winner.
NYSavingSpecials is responsible for prize.