How To Clean Up After Kids During Summer Time Fun

Ann Again... and again Reviews How To Clean Up After Kids

With the return of Summer comes more chances for kids to create more messes in the home.  Try these kid-friendly cleaning tips from The Maids to help clean up messes such as bubble gum, crayon marks, dirt and grime and lipstick stains.  (Did you leave your make-up out in the open around your toddler?  Do it once, and you won’t make that mistake again ;-> ).  This gum cleaning tip came in handy when I forgot to check pockets before washing clothes.  ARGH!

  • Chewing Gum:  Whether it’s stuck on the bottom of your shoe or in a pocket, leave item in the freezer over night, then chip away.  For stubborn gum, use a small amount of paint thinner.
  • Crayon on the Walls:  As ingenious as your child’s art work may be, the best way to remove it from walls is to scrub it with a small amount of paint thinner and wipe away with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Playdough in the Carpet:  Place a large amount of dry cleaning solvent on a clean, white towel.  Leave the towel on the effected area for one minute, lift and gently rub the playdough away, moving towel in one direction.
  • Lipstick on your Wall (or collar ;-> ):  Little ones love to play with color where ever they find it, and if they’ve gotten into your purse, or make-up drawer, try this tip.  Scrape excess wax away with a spatula.  Pre-treat clothing with a small amount of dish washing liquid and rinse.  Mix a 1/3 part white vinegar to 2/3 parts water to gently blot stain away or wipe surfaces clean.
  • Dirt and Dust:  It’s everywhere!  Ask children to remove shoes before coming into the house to keep as many allergens outside as possible.  Vacuum entry ways often to remove allergy and asthma contaminants.
Shared with permission from The Maids

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