My Blog Forward Challenge – Won't You Join Me?

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The Blog Forward Challenge - Ann Again and again Reviews

The Blog Forward Challenge - Ann Again and again Reviews

Now that I’ve finally become used to writing the year 2014 (instead of 2013)  I’m ready to accept that it’s a new day and with that I am setting goals for myself to accomplish in this new year.  I’m participating in The Blog Forward Challenge and this is just the encouragement I need to start off on the right foot.  My first set of goals are as follows:

  1. Be more active to help my body slow down this “lovely” effect of peri-menopause midsection weight gain.  When I’m physically active I’m also a lot happier in my day, so it’s a great natural mood elevator.
  2. Paint the living room.  I have been wanting our little living room painted for years and I feel this is the year to get it done.
  3. Learn how to play a song on the piano that is in our little living room that will be newly painted.


I’m exciting about choosing a color for our living room and our girls are old enough to grab some paint brushes and help.  With regard to the piano I’ve picked out a dvd that’s going to help guide my fingers to the correct keys.  And along with my exercise I’m getting some tasty help from sponsors of The Blog Forward Challenge – ZonePerfect bars.  These bars should help me feel fuller longer and also take care of my occasional desire for something sweet.

In the past I have been so good with my physical activity.  I had a set time that was my exercise time.  I workout at home and even if family was home, they knew that I needed my space at 10 am.  No excuses.  That hasn’t been the case lately. I’m not really sure what’s happened to my energy level but I’ve got to get back on track.  Let’s see if this helps me:

*Letter to my future self*


Dear Ann of the Future,


Hey, how’s it going?  I am so proud of you for getting back to your exercise routine.  Remember how you were always tired?  Remember how you couldn’t find anything flattering to wear in your closet for mom’s special birthday party?  I bet every dress would look perfect on you now!  And I’m sure you’re a lot happier too.  Don’t let us fall back in a slump again.  Keep up the good work!


Love you!!!


Are you like me?  Have you lost your motivation?  Well, if you are, how about we start getting ourselves back on track together.   Here are some tips that will get us on our way:

Blog Forward Nutrition Tips


I’ll let you know how I’m doing with my challenge in about a month – maybe month and a half.  Why don’t you start this with me? Let me know if you do! :->


(*Disclosure:  Although I have entered this program and received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.   I’ll be honest!)

Prom Season Is Around The Corner – Find Your Dress at JenJenHouse

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Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews

My 16 year old daughter really surprises me.  Just when I think I have her pegged as a “tom-boy” she’ll get excited about a pretty sweater she sees while we’re strolling in the mall.  She keeps telling me she hates to go clothes shopping however… there are those moments when a particular article of clothing catches her eye and I don’t know who is more surprised, her or me?

Now that my little tom-boy is a Sophomore in high school she’s seeing that some people put effort into their appearance, not as a way to show off but as a way to connect with how they feel inside.  A special scarf, interesting earrings, a cool bracelet.  Instead of her viewing these items as “girly” she’s seeing them as self-expressions.  That’s what fashion should be.  Now that Spring is around the corner that means Prom season will be coming soon.  Being in high school of course your focus is on academics and sports but, when it’s Spring, focus also gets directed toward Prom. prom night

What will you wear?!  Will you go as a group of friends, or as a couple?  Now, I can’t help with who you’re going to go to the dance with but I can share some pretty spectacular dresses that will inspire you and hopefully, help you find the perfect Prom dress for you.

Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews

Looking through the website there are so many gorgeous, age appropriate, dresses it’s sure to make your shopping easy – and yet, hard – there are so many beautiful gowns!  (These have all been “Katie and Mom Approved” ;-> )

Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews


Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews


Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews

Select for your Prom Dress - Ann Again and again Reviews

Who wouldn’t want to twirl in these fantastic gowns?!

Ah, I remember that transformative feeling – from wearing my jeans to changing into my prom dress.  I felt so different, a bit grown-up, and actually thought ‘hey, I feel pretty’.  All girls should feel that way!  

The Prom dresses at have a price range from $96.99 – $299.99.  The gowns shown above range in price $139.79 to $162.99.  Through February 27th you can save 70% on shipping! When you’re in the market for a Prom dress you should visit and look through their lovely selections.  What are some of your fun Prom memories?

Happy Shopping!

Why We Bought A Keurig

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Why We Use A Keurig - Ann Again and again Reviews

Why We Bought A Keurig - Ann Again and again Reviews

When it comes to making any kind of purchase my inner voice says “Don’t”. I am not someone that spends money easily and if the dollar amount is over $20 I have a tiny panic attack and ask ‘Do we really need this?’ My husband and I both drink coffee and tea so, of course, we have a coffee maker in our home, along with a tea kettle. Our Mr. Coffee is working just fine, so why spend hundreds of dollars on a bright and shiny Keurig I’ve been hearing so much about? The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that this purchase would save us money.

I take care of our home and I work from home as well. I know how many cups of coffee I drink a day so in preparation for our morning routine I’d scoop the proper amount of coffee into the filter the night before, set the timer and my coffee is waiting for me in all its glory when I wake-up. But, some mornings it turns out that my husband will be working from home. We make more, but most likely we find that there are at least 1 to 2 cups of coffee still sitting in the pot at the end of the day. Wasted money. We also host gatherings at our house and would find half a pot, or more, of coffee sitting in the carafe at the end of the night. The amount of coffee being poured down the drain was ridiculous, coffee is not cheap, and the waste needed to stop.

Why We Bought A Keurig - Ann Again and again Reviews


Sure, I’ve made coffee ice cubes.

And I’ve stored coffee in a thermos to pour over vanilla ice cream.



But honestly, the old, cold coffee is not used and gets tossed out. How much coffee do you pour down the drain? How much money do you waste? Since we’ve brought the Keurig into our home we haven’t brewed more coffee than what we want to drink. This is the model we purchased:

Why We Bought A Keurig - Ann Again and again Reviews

One point that concerned me about this system were the cups – all that plastic filling my recycle bin and the garbage dump. Too much waste! To fix this issue we bought My K-Cup, a reusable filter that you add your own coffee too. With this tool we buy our coffee from what ever source we please and don’t end up with massive little plastic cups filling our recycling bin.

Our Keurig has also replaced our tea kettle. Just push the “brew” button and *ta-da* hot water. This machine is also an energy saver due to not needing to leave our stove on to heat the kettle. Have you ever forgotten about having your tea kettle on only to find the water completely dissipated and the kettle burnt? “Someone” has done that in our home. Hmmm, I can’t remember who. Oh, it’s not important.


Since we’ve had this Keurig we haven’t been throwing our money down the drain. We’re really happy with it. (And I love the blue light showing through the water reservoir. So pretty!)

Do you have a Keurig? How’s it working out for you? Or, have you been thinking of buying one? If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer :->


(*Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. We bought our Keurig and I have received no compensation for this post.)


Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Dog Treats – Interpreted Review From Our Dog

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Fromm Four-Star Natural Dog Treats - Ann Again and again Reviews

Fromm Four-Star Natural Dog Treats - Ann Again and again Reviews  (well Benny does actually)

Getting the most nutrition from the foods we offer our dear Chocolate Lab Benny is a priority.  He would eat all day if he could but that’s not a healthy option now is it?  (Benny will never understand.)  It could seem that he would eat just about anything but that’s not actually true.  There are some foods that he takes a strong dislike to and will back away as fast as his sore hips will carry him!    From the pet lovers at I can always find healthy, beneficial foods and treats for Benny that he’s eager to try and happy to eat.  This month Benny tried  Four-Star All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA and all of our products are made in the USA. Grain-Free Chicken with Carrots & Peas Recipe Dog Treats by Fromm.

Fromm Four-Star Natural Dog Treats - Ann Again and again Reviews
Are these for me?

Fromm is family owned and has been operating since 1904.   All of their ingredients are sourced in the USA and all of their products are made in the USA.

Key Benefits of Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals

  • Contains free-range chicken
  • Made without grains, a common allergy trigger for dogs
  • Made with USDA-inspected ingredients delivered fresh daily
  • Perfect size for training


Fresh Chicken, Pea Flour, Potato Flour, Tapioca, Whole Peas, Chicken Fat, Tomato Pomace, Fresh Cranberries, Fresh Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Apples, Fresh Split Peas, Fresh Green Beans, Fresh Green Bell Peppers, Fresh Celery, Fresh Beets, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Lettuce, Fresh Watercress, Fresh Spinach.  Did you notice that you can pronounce all of the ingredients?

Fromm Four-Star Natural Dog Treats - Ann Again and again Reviews  (well Benny does actually)
Is there any more?

Benny looked forward to his Fromm treats and they settled well with his system.  There are times when different treats will leave a lingering… um… scent from Benny, but the treats by Fromm gave no discomfort to anyone in our household.  Benny’s happy, we’re happy.  Fromm dog treats are a winner!

You can find Fromm products, along with other healthy, beneficial pet foods, at


(*Product was provided for review.  Benny’s tastebud and intestinal reactions are completely his own.)

Enter to win $50 Amazon Gift Card – California Pizza Kitchen Pin It To Win It Contest

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Enter To Win a $50 Amazon GC - California Pizza Kitchen Pinterest Contest

Enter To Win a $50 Amazon GC - California Pizza Kitchen Pinterest Contest


Have a favorite California Pizza Kitchen flavor? Enjoy sharing things on Pinterest? Then this contest is for you!

Pin It To Win It!

California Pizza Kitchen is giving away 6 – $50.00 Amazon Gift Cards to lucky winners of their Pin It to Win It contest.

To Enter:

  • Follow California Pizza Kitchen’s Pinterest Board and RePin the images you like OR pin your own inspiration with the hashtag #findyourflavor.
  • When you click the widget above you will be taken to the entry form where you will submit your e-mail, your Pin URL and then enter for your chance to win a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card.

I’m a Veggie Pizza girl most often however, a really good sausage has been known to lure me. What about you? Do you have a favorite CPK topping?

Let’s see… if I won $50 from Amazon what would I spend it on? We treated ourselves to a Keurig for Christmas so I’d probably load up on K-cups. What will you buy with your winnings?

Good luck!

SMIRNOFF Launches the Guiltless Pleasures Pinterest Contest – Enter Today!

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SMIRNOFF Guiltless Pleasures Pinterest Contest - Ann Again and again Reviews

SMIRNOFF Guiltless Pleasures Pinterest Contest - Ann Again and again Reviews

I do enjoy a delightful cocktail.  What I don’t enjoy are the calories in my cocktail.  My taste doesn’t usually go toward the sweet, fruity drinks so it was with trepidation that I tried the latest in the line from SMIRNOFF – Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut.  I will say that this was indeed a light taste, not syrupy at all, and tasted refreshing blended with seltzer and a splash of orange juice.  Straight to the point, it’s good!  I like it!  :->  And their current contest could not be better timed with a post I just wrote on my blog Ann Again and again:  4 Positive Places To Visit Online.  SMIRNOFF is hosting a contest and Pinterest plays a big part.  So let’s get pinning and winning!

SMIRNOFF Guiltless Pleasures Pinterest Contest - Ann Again and again Reviews

Women everywhere – rejoice! SMIRNOFF® Vodka, the leader in innovation and creator of SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light, a line of delicious, reduced-calorie vodka specialties, is here to help women of legal drinking age remove compromise from their cocktails and celebrate their guiltless pleasures, responsibly, with a unique Pinterest contest. From now until March 26th, 2014, through the Guiltless Pleasures Pinterest Contest and in conjunction with the launch of SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut, the ultimate guilt-free treat that creates delicious light cocktails, three lucky females will have the opportunity to make their Pinterest aspirations a reality simply by pinning the things they love, and earning $5,000!

Beginning today, SMIRNOFF encourages female consumers of legal drinking age to visit, fill out a brief entry form and submit a pin that confesses their guiltless pleasures for the entire world to see. After all, there is no shame in doing the things you love. Whether it’s hosting a ladies night to watch the hottest reality television show complete with tasty light cocktails, exercising your right to shop with a girls-day-out or rewarding yourself with a spa day with the ladies to celebrate an accomplishment, SMIRNOFF is searching for the best pins inspired by life’s guiltless pleasures and will bring dreams off the computer screen to make them a reality. Each pin should be accompanied by brief description of 140 characters or less and include #smirnoffsorbet. Following the conclusion of the seven-week contest on March 26, 2014  SMIRNOFF will select three lucky winners and reward them with $5,000 each to help bring their pin to life.

Visit for contest rules and Terms and Conditions.

Also, check out  for pin-spiration throughout the contests.

SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut is infused with the all-natural flavorings of fresh, juicy pineapple combined with the luscious, sweet taste of coconut and is now available for consumers of legal drinking age at liquor and grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $15.99 for a 750mL bottle.

The SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light line includes four varietals – Raspberry Pomegranate, Lemon, Mango Passion Fruit and now, Pineapple Coconut. Breaking the mold of traditional flavored vodkas, SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light offers an incredibly tasty reduced-calorie spirit, 78 calories per 1.5 fl. oz., which is 25% fewer calories than the leading dessert-inspired flavored vodkas. SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light also contains 1.3 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat or protein per 1.5 fl. oz.  delivering refreshing flavors and lighter tasting cocktails that don’t taste like they are a sacrifice. When mixing up cocktails and all things social with SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light, always remember to do so responsibly.

For more information on SMIRNOFF Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut visit, and become a fan of the “Most Liked” vodka brand at


(*Disclosure:  This information is shared by permission.  I received product to facilitate my tasty review.  My opinions about Smirnoff Sorbet Light Pineapple Coconut are truthfully my own.  Cheers!)