Month: March 2014

Achieve Makeup Perfection When You Have the Right Tool

When it comes to getting makeup that is a work of art, nothing can compare to the precision provided by an airbrush makeup kit. Turn to the experts, like, to discover a revolutionary way to transform the face, enhancing a woman’s natural features with makeup that is artfully applied with the right kind of

Beautiful Prom Dress Selections At

Not only is Spring anticipated for it’s warmer weather and glorious blossoms it’s also a time where young girls dream of the perfect dress they are going to wear to Prom. When I was in high school I had friends who picked out their dress before they even had a date! That’s how excited they

Get Crafty! Online Video Classes 50% Off!

Are you ready to learn a new crafty skill? How about sewing, knitting, crochet, cake decorating, photography? Or maybe jewelry making or the art of creating delicious french pastries? I’ve recently discovered a site that is a one-stop-shop for education for these areas – and many, many more – It’s a terrific resource!

Estroven Weight Management – It's Time For Changing Ways

You know how you can feel a certain age in your mind but your body has different ideas? Yeah, that’s what’s going on with my body and it’s time for my mind to accept it. Menopause. It’s starting earlier than I thought it would but hey, when it comes to this situation, there is no

Why Women Rule US Social Media

Various studies show that women are taking over social media. Women connect with brands more online, women gather their news from social media and share information more than men. What do you think of these findings? Studies have shown again and again (*ahem* slight blog name drop ;-> ) that women encourage more communication than