Headphones By SOL Republic – Tracks Giveaway!

Headphones By Sol Republic - Tracks Superior sound. Perfect for the kid always on the go. Holiday Gift Guide Suggestion from Ann Again and again Reviews.

Headphones By Sol Republic - Tracks Giveaway!

I’d like to share how much we (although my daughter Lily is hogging them ;-> )  are enjoying the new SOL Republic Tracks headphones.  And I have a giveaway for you to win a set for yourself!  Read on!

Now that the school year has started it’s time to get my daughter’s homework stations organized.  And this area isn’t like their Momma’s homework desk, that’s for sure!  All I needed (back in “the day”) was lined notebook paper tucked in my Pee-Chee, the class subject workbook, a pencil and light coming from a flickering candle made by hand.  (Yes, I exaggerate about the light source but if my girls read this I want them to know how lucky they are ;-> )  Now we have laptops, printers and music to help them get motivated.  Their choice of music is different so headphones are in order.  We’re trying a set, Tracks, from SOL Republic and everyone is enjoying the results!

I’ve never been a fan of ear buds and my youngest feels the same about putting things in her ears.  SOL Republic has a headset that is gentle on the ears and provides a clear, good quality sound – SOL Republic Tracks.  The headband is made of FlexTech which makes is pliable, bendable and feels softer on the head, a great feature for those that have sensory issues of things being too tight.  I found the sound to be clear with a slight rich bass quality.  My youngest is so happy with them they became a staple for our outings.  (‘Lily, will you take them off for the picture?’ I ask. “No, they’re comfortable” she says.  Ok then!)

Headphones By Sol Republic - Tracks Giveaway! Ann Again and again Reviews
We visited the beautiful blue Metolius River in Central Oregon. She needed her SOL Republic headphones.


Headphones By Sol Republic - Tracks Giveaway! Ann Again and again Reviews
We took our first walk over the Detroit Dam on our way back from Central Oregon. She needed her SOL Republic headphones. (Her sister waits her turn way in the background)


With regard to helping her focus on homework, she can actually concentrate better is she listens to music while studying, or writing a paper.  These SOL Republic Tracks headphones make it so she can plugin to the laptop and do her homework anywhere.  We have a little house so it’s great that our family’s conversations won’t get in the way of homework getting done.


Headphones By Sol Republic - Tracks Giveaway! Ann Again and again Reviews
This homework looks thrilling!


To learn more about the features of SOL Republic Tracks headphones please visit their site through this link.

And… do I have a great giveaway for one of my lucky Ann Again and again Reviews readers!  Enter today to win a set of SOL Republic Tracks headphones!  ($99.99 value).  Enter through Rafflecopter below.  Open to US and Canada.  Good luck!

(*Disclaimer: Yes I know, and SOL Republic knows, that there are lovely fans of this product.  However, if you have won a set in the last 6 months, PLEASE let someone else have a chance to win and discover how great these headphones are. You can only win once in a 6 month period.  Records of giveaway winners are kept by the company and PR firm. Alrighty?  Thanks!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*Disclosure:  I received a set of SOL Republic Tracks headphones to facilitate my review.  My opinions are my own.  I like ’em!)


11 thoughts on “Headphones By SOL Republic – Tracks Giveaway!”

  1. My daughter is two so she doesn’t have homework. However, my husband (who is kinda like my child! lol) does listen to music while he studies for college and these would be for him, 🙂

  2. Yes, my granddaughter does listen to music while doing homework. I think it’s ok as long as it doesn’t interfere with her focus on what’s she’s doing.

  3. My daughter doesn’t have homework yet. She’s only 4 but she loves listening to music and headphones don’t bother her at all!

    1. They were great on our car trips. We couldn’t hear residual noise from her choice of music. And they are so soft on the ears and head :->

    1. In the beginning I didn’t think that any homework would actually get done with their music playing in their ears but, over time, I saw that it actually helped them focus and the work did get done. (I need quiet when I’m concentrating though :-> )

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