Rdio – Streaming Music For Free With Great Tunes For Halloween!


There is music playing in our house almost constantly.  When the season’s turn to holiday’s to celebrate we like to get in the spirit by playing tunes that add to the occasion.  Now, since Halloween is literally – right around the corner! – we’re listening to what ever clever, catchy or creepy tunes fit our mood.  With Rdio you can listen – for free – to as many genre’s of music as you like.  Check out the vibes they have for Halloween!

Halloween Rdio

Kids Halloween Station:

Halloween Party Station:

Halloween Spooky Sounds Station:

There’s more to choose from and I’m sure you’ll find tunes that will fit the mood of your party, be it a big extravaganza, or a small gathering (just you, candy and a viewing of “Night Of The Living Dead” ;-> )

No trial, subscription, or payment necessary, Rdio’s free stations feature 15x more music and a wide variety of station types, including artist- and genre-based stations, human-curated stations to fit any mood or activity, personalized stations tuned to you, and stations based on tastemakers, like Blake Shelton, Ellie Goulding, Rolling Stone, and Fox’s Red Band Society.  Check out Rdio’s free Halloween stations below, from Halloween party favorites and creepy sounds to a kid-friendly tunes.  Whether you are having a Halloween party, looking for the perfect soundtrack to wait for your trick or treaters, or simply want to be filled with the spirit of the occasion, there are plenty of options to consider, so check out some of Rdio’s free stations below!  Enjoy!


(*Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I was asked to share this information and I’m all for sharing information about music!)

Beer & Wine: Surprising Facts and Interesting Trends

Here’s a quiz for you…

What’s good for the heart, reduces risk of diseases and prevents sunburn?

Ready for the answer?  It’s wine!  I’ve heard about a glass of red wine being helpful to your heart but I didn’t know about the benefits of sunburn prevention.  Flavanoids in red wine have been found to stop the skin’s chemical reaction to excessive sun exposure.  There are health benefits from drinking beer too.  It’s been discovered that beer boosts vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid.  And it contains silicone that helps increase bone density.  Lovely!

Check out these facts and many more in the following infographic.  Cheers!  (Let’s see if you’re as surprised as I was to learn where the oldest winery was discovered.)



(*This infographic was shared by permission from CompareCamp.com and FinancesOnline.com)

Enter To Win A Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit!

Win A SmileBrilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

Get your smile ready for  Holiday photo ops!

Going to the dentist to whiten your teeth can be a lot of work and it can also be very expensive! (I know from experience.)  Most over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are hard to use and don’t fit properly to your teeth. SmileBrilliant makes custom fitted teeth whitening trays – so they actually fit in your mouth and can whiten your teeth better! After several trips to the dentist you eventually have your trays and gel to whiten your teeth. Save yourself some time and money and whiten your teeth with SmileBrilliant! You will not have to make a single visit to the dentist!

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Hunter Douglas and DecorView Offer Great Deals For The Holidays


hunter douglas header

Ready to spruce up your home for the holidays?  Hunter Douglas now has their best deals of the year for custom window treatments. Wouldn’t new, lush curtains be nice?  Right now, customers can combine discounts on custom made Hunter Douglas products.   At 20% off MSRP on selected products, plus rebates of $100 – or more – from Hunter Douglas. When you combine their discount along with the Hunter Douglas rebate, you can have big savings to decorate your home for the coming entertaining season.

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Great Way To Shop – And It Won't Embarrass Your Teenage Daughter! Soma.com

Soma Intimates

I like shopping on-line.  I can search around, gather up as much information on the product as I can handle, then buy from the store with the best price.  There are certain items that I’ve found difficult to buy without trying on and one of these items is a bra.  I finally caved after seeing a commercial for a line by Soma.  Our area has two of these stores in malls but they are a bit of a drive for me so I decided to trust Soma’s fit & style expert Jessica Wells, their size guide and buy online.  (And I found a great online cash back site that added to my savings!  More on that in my next post! :-> )

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Brew A Cup Or A Carafe – Keurig 2.0 Brewer

Ann Again and again Reviews - Keurig 2.0 One Cup and Carafe Brewer

The holidays are coming.  Don’t shake your head!  Accept it and get prepared.  We host dinners and parties at our house with the holiday’s being the peak entertaining season.  Now Keurig has created a coffee maker that fits my individual coffee needs and the needs of my guests – the Keurig 2.0 – brew a cup or a carafe at the touch of a button.

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Under Eye Concealer That Truly Works!

I have found an under eye concealer that actually works!  You must try it.  It would definitely be in my “Stranded on a deserted island and you can only have 3 products with you” cosmetic bag (don’t we all have one?) – Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer from It Cosmetics. I can not believe how well this product works!

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Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media

Studies show that women are taking over social media. Women share information more than men, connect with brands more online and gather their news from social media.  What do you think of these findings?

Again and again (*ahem* slight blog name drop ;-> ) studies prove that women encourage more communication than men. So is it really that surprising that women are leading in the area of social media? Check the chart below for all the fun percentages and graphs:

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