Napa Valley Wine Train – Year Round Fun!

Napa Valley Wine Train - Year Round Fun! Ann Again and again Reviews
Photo courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Train

Recently Rob and I were able to visit one of our most favorite places in America, the Napa Valley in California.  10 years ago we discovered the glory of the Napa Valley and almost get giddy with each return trip.  It’s just so-o-o beautiful and... it’s such fun tasting delicious, well-crafted wines.  With this trip we were treated to a lovely 3-course dinner on the Napa Valley Wine Train, a staple of Napa Valley history and one of the Nation’s only active historical passenger railroads.

Napa Valley Wine Train pt 1




We began our 3 hour trip enjoying a glass of Grgigh Hills Chardonnay.  While waiting for our appetizers of bread and cheese, fruit and compote, our waiter gave us the OK to head to the tasting car.  This turned out to be a good arrangement due to the fact that we had the Wine Educator all to ourselves!  The very accommodating staff brought our appetizers to us and we nibbled, listened and learned more about wine.  (What I was describing as “sweet” is actually “fruit forward”.  Good to know ;-> )

Napa Valley Wine Train pt 2


Since this was November the sunset happened before we boarded the train however, it was a clear evening with an almost full moon.  So beautiful.  And though this time of year doesn’t lend itself to sunset dining on the Napa Valley Wine Train they do have special themed lunch and dinner rides year-round that should make every trip delightful.  Some packages include a winery tour along with your meal.  That’s a great package!  The Month of December hosts the Santa Train, a nice hour and a half ride with Santa and some of his friends, a perfect family friendly way to experience this beautiful train and Valley. Click here for full information.

Napa Valley Wine Train Santa
Photo courtesy of Napa Valley Wine Train

This is such an elegant way to experience the Napa Valley and I encourage you to include it in your itinerary to complete a lovely wine tasting visit.  To learn all about the Napa Valley Wine Train please visit:


(*Disclosure:  Our evening was provided by the Napa Valley Wine Train.  My words, opinions and smiles are completely my own.

Enter To Win Set of 3 Old Factory Candles! Made In The U.S.A.

Holiday Gift Giving Suggestion - Enter To Win Set of 3 Old Factory Candles! Made In The U.S.A. - Ann Again and again Reviews


Enter To Win Set of 3 Old Factory Candles! Made In The U.S.A. - Ann Again and again Reviews
Old Factory Candles – Find Them On Amazon



There are certain items that are perfect gifts to give because A.) it’s something everybody needs.  For instance – grocery store gift cards, because eating is a necessity. Or B.) it doesn’t require knowing someones size, such as candles.  I love giving and receiving candles as gifts and recently discovered a line of candles by Old Factory – Made in the USA and sold through Amazon.  One lucky winner from Ann Again and again Reviews will win a set of 3 Old Factory candles to enjoy for themselves or give to someone special.  Good luck!

Enter To Win Set of 3 Old Factory Candles! Made In The U.S.A. - Ann Again and again Reviews

Each candle is 2 ounces of scented soy wax that will burn for about 20 hours.  The wicks are made of cotton, so no worries of metal burning in your wick.  (Have you seen that in some candles?  If not, look closer the next time you purchase a candle.  Some companies actually have a thin piece of metal in the wicks – burning metal in your house?! Crazy.  Old Factory is clean burning cotton wicks :-> )

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Are you ready to get crafty for the holidays?  Do you have special Pinterest boards of inspiration and ideas that you’ve been waiting to get started on?  Now’s the time!  Craftsy is having a sale on just about all the materials you would need to complete your from-the-heart made-by-hand project.  Check them out!

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Enjoy Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates With Buy One Get One Free Code!

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I am so happy to share a delicious offer from Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies.  Buy 1 Get One Free of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s chocolates!  Perfect for the holiday season – or any time!  Find  your special savings code below.  Enjoy!

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Holiday Gift Giving Suggestion: SOL Republic Tracks Headphones

Holiday Gift Giving button

I’ve never been a fan of ear buds and my youngest feels the same about putting things in her ears.  We’re enjoying a headset that is gentle on the ears and provides a clear, rich quality sound – SOL Republic Tracks.  With the holidays upon us one gift that is sure to make those that love to listen to music/podcasts, watch YouTube or concentrate at a Google+ Hangout giddy would be the gift of SOL Republic Tracks headphones.

Headphones By Sol Republic  - Tracks.  Superior sound. Perfect for the kid always on the go. Holiday Gift Giving Suggestion from Ann Again and again Reviews.

When you first place these headphones on you notice the pliable headband which is made of Flex Tech.  This material is bendable and feels soft on the head, a great feature for those that have sensory issues of things being too tight.  I found the sound to be clear with a smooth bass quality.

My youngest can actually concentrate better if she listens to music while studying, or writing a paper.  These SOL Republic Tracks headphones make it so she can plugin to the laptop and do her homework anytime.  We have a little house, and voices and laughter can carry, so it’s great that our family’s conversations won’t get in the way of homework getting done.

You can find SOL Republic Tracks headphones at Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble.  To learn more about the features of SOL Republic Tracks headphones please visit their site through this link.

Happy Holidays from Ann at Ann Again and again Reviews!