Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer – Worth It!

A cosmetic product that I absolutely love – an I’m-on-a-deserted-island-what-3-items-would-I-want-with-me – is Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer from It Cosmetics. I can not believe how well this product works!

Favorite Cosmetic - Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer - Ann Again and again Reviews

My background in concealer usage goes back over 30 years. When I began wearing make-up I chose to wear lipgloss and concealer. The need was to cover skin breakouts and, over time, the desire to cover darkness under the eyes. Also, I have prominent redness on my the sides of my nose that just needs to fade away. Finding lipgloss/lipstick in flattering shades is fun to play with but honestly, the frustration in trying to find a concealer that didn’t look cakey, or flakey, or the correct shade, was so annoying. The money I have spent these past 30 years, in trying to find a product that looked just right, oh! I don’t even want to think about it.

While preparing your face for make-up you need to have as much of an even skin tone as possible for your chosen colors to benefit your face. Bye Bye Undereye concealer blends so smoothly, so softly on your skin it gives me the feeling that I’m applying delicate lotion, not this incredibly effective concealer. I highly recommend purchasing this product with the available brush. The dual-end brush is fantastic. The two together are $29.00. Now, I don’t spend money easily, I am naturally very frugal however, the quality and effectiveness of this product is completely worth the price. And you use such a small amount to get the desired coverage, you definitely get your money’s worth.

I had my sister try Bye Bye Undereye Concealer and she went on-line and bought it right then and there. Give it a try. If you like it, let me know. And, if it doesn’t quite fit the bill for you, let me know as well.

What are your favorite cosmetics?


(*Disclaimer:  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  This is my personal experience.)

How to Finance a New Home

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A very happy change is coming to a member of my family.  The purchase of a new home!  Not only will there be a new year to welcome, a new address and neighborhood is coming into the mix.  Have you been looking for a new place to call your own?  If you are considering buying a new home, you have several different options for getting a home loan. With a little research you can find the perfect loan for you. Some of the most common home loans are:

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan

The FHA will insure certain home loans in the event that the borrower cannot repay it. For this type of loan, you’ll give a lower down payment than for a traditional bank mortgage. Your down payment may be only 3.5 percent, which is great compared to the usual 20 percent. Along with this benefit, it is also easier to qualify for an FHA loan than for another type of loan. You can also use an FHA loan for refinancing even if you don’t have a stellar credit rating.

Conventional Home Loans

There are two types of conventional mortgages including the fixed-rate and the variable-rate. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, and a loan advisor can tell you which the best is for you.

A fixed-rate loan has a fixed rate of interest that does not change even if interest rates for other loans change. This means, if the interest rate goes up, you still pay your lower fixed-rate. You have a predictable payment every month. This is the best option if the loan can be secured at a low interest rate and if you plan to keep your home for more than five years. It is also possible to get refinancing to change a variable-rate loan to a fixed-rate loan if interest rates are lower than when you secured your fixed-rate loan.

The interest rate for a variable-rate loan will go up and down as interest rates change. Also called adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM), they usually start at a low interest rate, often lower than a fixed-rate loan. As the interest rates chance, your monthly payment will also change. This may be a good option of you plan to sell your house within the next five years or expect interest rates to significantly drop.

Loans for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gives home loans to veterans with no down payment. They are easy to qualify for and are usually quickly approved. They can also be fixed-rate or ARM loans.

There are several options that make buying a home easier than ever. You can discuss your financial situation with an expert on loans and find the right one for you.  And soon you could hear – Welcome Home! :->

5 New Money Saving Tips For The New Year

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The New Year is quickly approaching.  This is a perfect time to look for new ways to trim monthly budgets after the added expenses of the holiday season. (Your gift-giving might have been very generous and cutting costs is more of a necessity.  ;-> )  While it may seem hard to decide which monthly expenses to cut back, examining more affordable and convenient options on the market can make the financial decision easier.

From changing light bulbs to switching to a no-contract cell phone provider, here are 5 easy ways to cut costs in 2015:

  1. Choose a No-Contract Cell Phone Plan: While having a cell phone is a part of everyday life, GIV Mobile turns cell phone service into a “tool for good” with their affordable no-contract plans that donate 8% of every customer’s bill to charities of their choice. They offer a variety of devices, even allowing customers to bring in their own unlocked phones to use with their five “Unlimited” plans that start at $20/month all on T-Mobile’s reliable network.
  2. Ditch the Cable Company: Canceling cable can save hundreds of dollars a year, thankfully there are alternatives such as Hulu Plus and Netflix that are both only $8/month. Google Chromecast makes it even simpler by wirelessly streaming whatever is playing on your computer or cell phone screen onto your television.
  3. Save but Still Shop: Everyone likes a good deal, but browsing through countless coupon sites can be exhausting. is the Expedia of savings websites, it combines and compares deals from Groupon, Living Social and Goldstar to give the best bargain in the area.
  4. Switch out your Bulbs: Installing CFL (compact fluorescent lights) or LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs can help reduce monthly bills. Energy Star offers a guide to help choose between all of their different bulbs, helping the consumer to pick which would be best suited to their needs. Not only do these bulbs last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs, they also cost less to operate which saves money over the lifespan of the bulb.
  5. Nix the Gym Membership: Avoid the overcrowded gyms this January by bringing the exercise routine home. Gather some inspiration and try a new fitness regimen without being attached to those hefty membership fees. There are plenty of free apps out there like 7 Minute Workout which offers quick cardio and weight exercises that help people stay on track and keep in shape.

If you have some money saving tips I’d love to hear them!

(*Disclaimer:  This information was provided by GIV Mobile.  I felt it was worthy information to share with my lovely readers.  No compensation was received.)

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

You know.  You just know that something is happening.  You can sense something’s… different.  When my husband and I were ready to start a family it was an incredible realization when that “little voice”, my intuition was right.  I was pregnant.  Did you experience this as well?

When you and your partner are trying to conceive for the longest time, what joy it is when you confirm you’re already pregnant. There are several signs that you can check when you think you’re pregnant, according to

1. Missed Period – This is given, most women who missed their period, especially when they have a regular cycle are most probably pregnant.

2. Morning Sickness – Dizziness and nausea are always associated with early pregnancy morning sickness. This is one of the most common signs that a woman is pregnant.

3. Breast Tenderness – Some women can feel their breasts get tender and some women may notice that their areola or the small circular around their nipple is getting darker and darker each day.

4. Implantation Bleeding – Around the time your period should start, you may experience some light spotting. If not accompanied by a heavy, lasting flow, and with the other signs up above, it could be implantation bleeding which is when the fertilized egg implants itself into your womb and could mean successful conception.
There are more ways to check for early signs of pregnancy, as these are just the most common. Be sure to check out Pregnancy Tips for more of the top early pregnancy signs.

Holiday Gift For Our Military Families & A Cash Giveaway!

A great thing about the holiday season is the reminder to be grateful for what we have and to do what we can to help those in need.  ‘Tis the season of giving!  And in this theme, I am happy to participate in a giveaway that is not only giving to a very lucky participant, it is giving to men and women in uniform, who are serving our country and protecting our freedom around the world, deployed away from their little ones for long periods of time.

Holiday-Gift military families

Baby’s Brilliant wants to give those military parents an opportunity to connect with their babies and toddlers with their new series READ ALONG BOOKS.  Through this book series you can record your voice reading the book and your child will hear the story read to them by one of the most important people in their lives.  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for access to their site
  • Their first book will be available to choose from and a script of the story will be sent.
  • Parent will record their voice using the script and the memo feature on their phone (a short video intro and good-bye are also great to include).
  • Email them the recorded script.
  • Baby’s Brilliant will edit reader’s voice into the story and post it on a dedicated page on Baby’s Brilliant.

Once this is all completed, the child will be able to read the story and hear it narrated by their mom or dad who is far away, serving our country.

This will be done at absolutely NO CHARGE to military parents.

This is a way for all at Baby’s Brilliant to express their gratitude to all those serving our country.

Baby’s Brilliant is also happy to announce that they will be donating 10% of all their revenues for the month of December to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In honor of this new Read Along Series, Baby’s Brilliant is giving away $500 to one lucky winner just before Christmas!

Please remember to login to your Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts to participate below!

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How Did The Instyler Tulip Do? My Review


I’ve loved playing with lotions and potions for the face and body, make-up and hair products since I was oh-let’s-see, maybe since I was 13 and started wearing Maybelline roller ball lip gloss and giving my friends facials at sleepovers.   Now that I’m in the blogging world I’m happy to share with my lovely readers products that will help us spruce up our looks.  Today I’m sharing a hair styling tool from Instyler called The Tulip.  Let’s see how it does, shall we?

First observation, this is a sizable handheld hair styling tool:

Ann Instyler image

It comes with clear instructions and advises you to watch a YouTube tutorial if you’re not comfortable with the written instructions that come with pictures.  Next thing I notice were how many options the machine had.  You can vary your curl from Beachy Waves all the way to Tight, Striking Curls.  Each curl has a different heat setting and time according to hair length.  You also choose which direction you would like the curl to go.  Nice.  On we go to curl!

Ann Instyler Before
Scary! Just washed and air-dried. Only product added was anti-frizz cream.

I have layered hair that is naturally wavy.  (I’m also growing out my bangs so we’ll see how this curling session goes.)  The Instyler Tulip is quite a machine!  Once you place your hair in the curling chamber you click the button and your hair twirls for the selected time frame.  The timer gives notice with 3 beeps and you release your curl.  To be honest, once a small portion of my hair tangled BUT it stopped automatically and my hair removed easily.  Nice.

Ann Instyler Curling
My giant hand!

Although the chamber of the Instyler Tulip looks daunting I’m showing this picture to prove that both hands aren’t tied up while using it.  I’m right handed and was curling the left side of my hair while taking a photo with my iPhone in my left hand.   (It can be done!)  It does take some getting used to to place your hair properly in the chamber but honestly, after a couple of curls, I had the process down.

Ann Instyler During


At this age I feel like my hair is thinning but I actually have more hair than I thought!  Yes, one half of my hair took me around 12 minutes, but most of that time was in the beginning figuring out the technique of properly placing my hair in the curl chamber.  I was much faster as the process went on.

Ann Instyler After


Here I am.  All curled!  As I said earlier, you have choices in the curl type you want and I chose medium body curls.  (I should have fluffed it out more, but, oh well.)  To note, this machine beeps throughout your use.  About every 2 seconds you’ll hear a *beep* until your chosen curl setting is finished then you hear 3 quick beeps to note it’s time to take your hair out and go to the next section.

The Instyler Tulip gives you so much guidance with proper use that you shouldn’t feel intimidated at all.  The User Manual included with the tool is very clear, with lots of directions and pictures and they also advise checking out their video, tips and tricks at  This product is good.  I like it!!!

The Instyler Tulip retails between $79.99 to $99.99. You can find the Instyler Tulip at Target, Ulta, Walmart and online at  

They offer other fun hair styling tools that I’m sure will be a perfect fit for you, or someone you love this holiday season.  Check out their MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron.  This machine looks like a combo rotating curling iron and hairbrush.  Your thick or curly hair can become smooth and polished while it glides through the bristles.

Instyler MAX
color choices: purple or black

Or how about the Ionic Styler Pro.  This is a round hot brush while closed and a flat iron when opened.  Cool!  This tool creates volume at the roots and creates curl or beachy waves, depending on your hair length.

Instyler Ionic


If you’ve used one of these Instyler tools, tell me how they worked for you.


(*Disclaimer:  I received product to facilitate my review through my membership with  My opinions are truthfully my own.  I’ve used this product 3 times now and really enjoy it!)


4 Surprising Ways Retailers Manipulate Your Shopping Senses

I’m sure you know the style of music playing in a store isn’t a mistake.  Classical makes you move slower, browse longer.  When it comes to colors chosen for a restaurant studies show that red makes you hungry, therefore you possibly order more.  Read on to find other ways retailers do their best to manipulate our shopping senses.  (The Ebay one was a surprise to me.  And have you noticed the fragrance of certain departments in stores? And Apple?! Curious.  Read on!)

4 Ways Retailers Manipulate your Senses_infographic

(*Disclosure:  This information was shared with permission by  Aren’t these findings something?!)