Month: February 2015

$500 Cash Giveaway! Luck of the Irish Giveaway

Let’s see… what would I do if I won $500? I’m daydreaming here, not being sensible like “pay some bills”. First I would pick up a lovely tan leather Michael Kors purse I’ve had my eye on for some time. Maybe get a pair of those jeans that suck in your stomach. That would be

Belli – Beautiful Skin Care – Picky For A Purpose

My sensitive skin makes it tricky to find a cleanser that doesn’t irritate.  Unfortunately most soaps and body washes formulated for sensitive skin tend to cost quite a bit that’s why I get so excited when I find a lovely cleanser that not only works well but smells divine dah-ling and comes at a good

Using a Plant-Based Alternative Makes for Healthy Dinner Recipes

In order to make your traditional family recipes into healthy dinner recipes, you do not need to rewrite you entire cookbook. Instead, you can opt for the much easier solution of simply substituting the meat in each recipe with a meatless, plant-based alternative. This will allow you to keep a sense of order and continuity

Let's Make The Perfect Smoothie

A new year has begun and, perhaps, a healthier eating plan has started for you as well.  We know that smoothie’s are a great way to get your nutrition, necessary vitamins and antioxidants in one fell swoop but maybe your not sure what to put in it to get more bang for your buck.  Here’s