5 Ways To Scrub Down Your Spending

5 Ways To Scrub Down Your Spending


There’s something about Spring that makes you want to start fresh.  Clear the clutter from your home, your mind and prepare for a shiny season.  That’s me, anyway.  What about you?  When I start looking over all of the things I’ve purchased – and hardly used – I see dollar signs floating out the window.  What a waste!!!  Here is a list of 5 ways to scrub down your spending so hopefully we can all think twice about our purchases and be wiser.

1. Polish Your Budget

As a rule, you should be reviewing your budget frequently. Spring is a great time to take a comprehensive look at where your money is going and make changes to meet your goals. You might find a recurring membership or subscription is no longer necessary, or that you’re spending way more than you realize on dining out or retail therapy. Ultimately, digital tools like Mint will help you quickly identify areas for improvement.

2. Eliminate Impulse Buys
Making unnecessary purchases represents a huge leak in your budget and must be plugged immediately! Recognize when you’re most likely to make an impulse buy, and on what; do you always grab a treat at checkout, or find yourself at the department store after a stressful day at work? If so, eat something before running errands and call a friend or go for a long walk to blow off some steam (without blowing up your bank account!).

3. Scour for Savings
By now, most consumers realize paying full price for anything is pretty foolish. Eventually, everything goes on sale, whether it’s a car, big appliance or the latest fashion trend. Before you buy anything, always look for a coupon or discount to reduce the cost. This can be as easy as finding a coupon code through sites like CouponSherpa.com, or holding off for a big sale weekend or end-of-season clearance to make your purchase.

4. Uncover New Strategies
In addition to coupons and sales, there are several ways to save money on purchases, and now is a great time to add them to your arsenal. While shopping online, you can use Ebates to earn cash on items you already plan to buy. Discount gift cards represent a great way to enhance savings, especially when you shop for the deepest discount through sites like GiftCardGranny.com.

5. Soak Up Rewards
Many of us use credit cards on everyday expenses to rack up reward points and offset travel plans or earn gift cards. This is a great strategy (as long as you pay off those balances!) but it’s hard to know which credit card will give you the most rewards for specific purchases. Enter Wallaby, a digital tool that analyzes your credit cards and recommends the best card to use to optimize rewards.


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Andrea Woroch is a consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. From smart spending tips to personal finance advice, Andrea transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers. As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes and many more. For more information, visit AndreaWoroch.com or follow her on Twitter for daily savings advice and tips.

Homewares for Your Home That you Can't Afford to Miss

When you’re decorating your home and trying to pull the final look together, you discover that homewares are just the finishing touches that you need. Small nick-knacks and accessories are every bit as important as large decor details like appliances and paint choices. Of course the question is, how do you make sure you select the right ones? The available selection of homewares can become so extensive that you feel overwhelmed. But with patience, you’ll soon find the perfect homewares for your Sydney homes make themselves apparent to you. Check out the following list of homewares that can add the comfort and cosiness that you seek for your home.

1. Pretty lighting. To begin your homewares search, start by checking out some great lights. The benefits of great home lighting are many. To get the best ones, you first need to ensure that the aesthetic and design of the lights will suit your home and decor scheme. As an example, determine whether you want something upscale and modern or more natural and laid back. There are lots of options from tripod floor lamps to chandeliers, to everything in between.

The second part is to consider the light themselves. The right light can make magic, as any photographer or filmmaker will gladly tell you. Getting the right lamp or chandelier can not only provide the needed lighting to your home, but can also add atmosphere and sparkle that transform it into an artistic masterpiece.

2. Candles. Candles serve your home in multiple ways. They provide a pleasant smell that is homey, inviting and unique – a must for creating a great overall atmosphere. Also, the right candle can do double duty as decor. In Australia, there’s a company called Palm Beach Candles Australia knows for being one of the best candle makers in the area. Coconut and lime, lemongrass and daisy are just a few of their tantalizing scents. Each one of their candle creations comes wrapped and in an attractive jar that will look great in any room in your home.

3. Rugs. Not only do rugs keep your feet warm in cold weather, but they also add visual interest to your home by breaking up floor space. They are a great alternative to carpets because they are much easier to care for and will not hide the beauty of your flooring. Rugs are a quick and simple way to add comfort, cosiness, warmth and colour to your Sydney house.

Although you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the wealth of housewares to choose from in Sydney, fear not. Elisium’s online store can provide the help you’ve been looking for. It’s got outstanding housewares and a user-friendly website. Visit it now at http://www.elisium.com.au/.

Quiz! The Best Uses For Coconut Oil

If there’s an item on the dessert menu featuring coconut then that’s the dish for me!  However, there are many other ways to enjoy coconut – and it won’t add to your waistline.  Recently I started Oil Pulling using coconut oil. It’s helped whiten my teeth and is helping to relieve my sinus pain due to allergies.  (Do you have seasonal allergies?  If so, give Oil Pulling a try.  Google it! :-> )

Coconut oil has a tons of uses in your beauty regimen.  As a makeup remover, cuticle helper, body scrub, body moisturizer, lip balm, highlighter, hair treatment and more.  Take this quiz to learn how to use it the right way.

Shop the article:

Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo

Palmer's - Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, 13.5 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)


Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

Tropicana Oil - Tropicana Oil : Virgin Coconut Oil Soap 0.36 Oz. (Pack of 2) Apple Odor Made in Thai


Coconut Oil Body Wash

Yes To - Coconut Oil Body Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce

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Yes To – Coconut Oil Body Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce – $17.99, 5.48 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon


Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food

SKINFOOD - Elemental Herbs All Good Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food Coconut -- 7.5 fl oz


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My Best Kept Secret For Stress Relief

If there’s a health issue affecting my family I prefer to go the natural, holistic route first and see where we are. With regard to things that factor into our days I do my best to keep us organized as to avoid stress however, as the saying goes “The best-laid plans of mice and men all go awry” and *boom* the heart is pumping, the mind is flustered and a bit of anger might creep in. Years ago I found a product that has not only helped me in times of stress but helped my teenage daughter’s with anxiety – Dr. Bach’s original flower RESCUE Remedy. (See coupon offer at bottom of post.)

Made in Switzerland, created by Dr. Edward Bach, RESCUE Remedy contains Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum, specifically blended to help you face daily stresses or emergency situations in a better frame of mind. My purse usually has a supply of RESCUE Remedy gum – orange flavored with an elderflower liquid center – that contains the 5 Bach flower stress relieving ingredients. It’s a light, delicious taste that helps relieve tension – and the chewing helps me too!

Yes, this is what I consider “organized”



For my daughters, having gum isn’t always a good idea say, while they’re in class where it isn’t allowed. Since this situation brings most of their anxiety and stress – giving speeches or taking an important test – my teens use RESCUE Remedy Pastilles.


RESCUE-Pastilles-A texture blend of hard candy and a gummy bear, these black currant flavored pastilles hold the same 5 Bach flower stress relieving ingredients that help them to calm their mind and focus at the task at hand. No side effects and not habit forming. Stress is a part of life, finding a positive way to handle this feeling will only benefit you and those around you. How do you handle stress?

I have been using the Bach remedies for years and recommend you try them for yourself. They are available in a variety of formulas; gum, lozenges, liquid tincture and sprays. You can purchase them at Walgreen’s, CVS, Whole Foods or Sprouts. They will be in the Sleep Aid section or the Whole Body section of these stores. The prices range from $5.95 to $9.99.


Check out RESCUE Remedy products by using this lovely discount coupon offer


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Do You Know What You Should Wear For An Hourglass Body?

With Spring arriving you might be looking at your wardrobe and thinking ‘Time for something new!’  It’s clear that certain styles create a more flattering look for each body type and today I’ll focus on items that work well for an hourglass-shape body.  There are some great prices now, so you might want to do a little online shopping too :->

Scoop Neckline Tie Waist Top

New Directions® - New Directions Plus Size Scoop Neckline Tie Waist Top

New Directions® – New Directions Plus Size Scoop Neckline Tie Waist Top – $24.00, 9.50 shipping – Available at Belk.com

If you are a jeans and t-shirt girl (that’s pretty much me) the flair of the tie waist will give a little oomph to your look.  Relaxed and a touch of ‘Yeah, I’m sassing it up today’.


Wrap Cardigan Sweater

Rafaella - Women's Multi Wrap Cardigan Sweater, Charcoal Tweed Heather, Large

Rafaella – Women’s Multi Wrap Cardigan Sweater, Charcoal Tweed Heather, Large – $30.79, 5.48 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

Along with my typical jeans and t-shirt look you’ll most likely see me in a cardigan.  With warmer weather approaching something light weight is in order.  I need (a.k.a.want wink) to get this!  Add a belt to really show off your waist.


Mid Rise Skinny Denim Jeans

Levi's - Mid Rise Skinny Denim Jeans For Women Night Fall 16

Levi’s – Mid Rise Skinny Denim Jeans For Women Night Fall 16 – $35.88, 8.95 shipping – Available at Cabelas

Levi’s.  Ah yes, the classic denim.  And thank you for this Mid Rise! (That low rise?! Ugh, don’t get me started.)


Fitted Blazer

Joie - Women's Neville French Terry Fitted Blazer - Soft Joie - Dark heather gray (LARGE)

Joie – Women’s Neville French Terry Fitted Blazer – Soft Joie – Dark heather gray (LARGE) – $178.00, 13.50 shipping – Available at Neiman Marcus

Hourglass shapes should have the top article of clothing come in at the waist to avoid a boxy look. And you can’t go wrong adding a blazer to your wardrobe.  Use it as your lightweight jacket, pair it with a scarf.  This look goes great with jeans or a long, floral skirt.


Mid Rise Skinny Jean

7 for All Mankind - Women's Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Cranberry - 7 For All Mankind - Cranberry (26)


Fitted Jacket With Buttoned Cuffs

La Redoute - Womens Pure Linen Slightly Fitted Jacket With Buttoned Cuffs

La Redoute – Womens Pure Linen Slightly Fitted Jacket With Buttoned Cuffs – $46.79, 4.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Spring and Summer is the time to wear linen.  Definitely brings denim shorts up a couple of notches.


V Neck Mini Dress

Amoin - Amoin Women V Neck Multilayer Stripe Splicing Bodycon Pencil Mini Dress [A6030],Blue,XX-Larg

Amoin – Amoin Women V Neck Multilayer Stripe Splicing Bodycon Pencil Mini Dress [A6030],Blue,XX-Large – $10.70, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

There will be no guessing about your figure in this hourglass flattering design!


Long Wrap cardigan

Soma Intimates - Melange Button Front Long Wrap

Soma Intimates – Melange Button Front Long Wrap – $44.99, 5.95 shipping – Available at Soma Intimates

This wrap has a nice benefit of having a button closure, draping nicely.


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Easy Returns With ReturnSaver And $150 American Express Gift Card Giveaway!

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Honestly, I would much rather shop online than go shopping at a mall.  I like to do online research, see what reviews the item’s received then have it conveniently shipped to me.  Trying things on is definitely more pleasant in the comfort of my own home.  Do you like to shop online? Or do you prefer to venture out? Do you find drawbacks of shopping online?

Shopping online is so easy and it can save you so much time and money. You don’t have to drive around to several stores wasting your gas, you can find extra coupons to save some money, and with a larger selection of sizes and colors, you’re sure to find your perfect pick!

But what happens when your perfect find arrives and it doesn’t fit right or it doesn’t look like it did online? Warning: Most of the time, the retailer makes you pay the return shipping. So you have three options: pay the shipping charges to send the order back; return it to the store (if that’s even an option); or keep it and lose money. Return shipping costs can rack up and take away from the good deal you had in the first place!

Let’s face it — none of those sound like great options. Any way you slice it, you lose. If you love to shop online but hate the hassle of the return process, here’s your solution: Meet ReturnSaver.com. Get the wrong shoe size, or maybe your child’s toy wasn’t quite right? No problem! With Return Saver, all your returns are now stress-free. All Return Saver members need to do is follow the store’s return policy and ship it back, via FedEx Ground®, for free! No need to be scared to buy something because of the pain of returning it. Return Saver members can return an unlimited number of their online purchases every year — to any online retailer!

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Members benefit from the world-class service and reliability of FedEx Ground®, the exclusive shipping carrier for Return Saver, meaning they can track their packages and relax knowing their returns are in good hands.

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How It Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Create – Log in to ReturnSaver.com and fill out a simple return label form in under a minute.
  2. Print – Attach the prepaid return shipping label to the package.
  3. Ship – Go to any FedEx location to return your purchase.

Sounds easy — because it is! With ReturnSaver.com, you never have to worry about return shipping costs while shopping online ever again. If something does not meet your expectation, you can easily return it!

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