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I’m getting a little overwhelmed with the amount of pics I have stored on my laptop.  I need to get them into a book so we can all enjoy the memories!  Not just me during my computers screen saver down time.  Recently I discovered AdoramaPix and I’d like to share their quality, along with a 25% discount offering, with you!  (See below)

AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their custom photo books display your captured memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Thick, durable, professional grade photo paper resists fading and ensures that your photos will be just as colorful for future generations. The binding is lay-flat, so even panoramic images can splash across two pages without any separation. Your memories deserve to live in a stylish, archival home with AdoramaPix photo books.


Are you organized with all of your lovely family photos in books to share with friends?  If so, good on you!  I need to get myself together and put our photos in books.  If you can have your photos look like a gorgeous photo, what a bonus!  Perhaps family far away would love a photo book to connect across the miles.  Use the promo code below to save 25% off your order through September 2015!


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(*Disclaimer:  As a member of US Family Guide I am receiving a photo book in exchange for sharing this great deal with my lovely readers.)


Benefits Of Improving Employee Health

Benefits Of Improving Employee Health - Ann Again and again Reviews
photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net



It goes without saying that if you do not have a staff of employees that are healthy and working at their peak efficiency, the productivity of your business will suffer as a result. You could create the greatest business plan in the history of the corporate world, and offer some outstanding products. However, if you are constantly missing key members of your staff due to illness, you will be in big trouble. This is why employee health should be your top priority. Amazingly, many business leaders stay focused on their business dealings, without paying attention to the health of the people who work for them. Here are some of the benefits of improving employee health.

1. Less visits to the doctor

An astronomical amount of money is spent every year by businesses on employee healthcare. The reality is that many of these doctor visits could have been avoided if the employers of these people had been more concerned about the health of their employees. Had they chosen to begin a corporate wellness program, run by a company such as Wellness Corporate Solutions, there is a very good chance that these employees would have been taught a healthy lifestyle. Many people think that eating healthy and exercising is common sense. However, there are people who grow up in environments where no importance is placed on eating the right foods or working out. Therefore, these behaviors need to be taught, just like riding a bike. Learning to ride a bike can be hard at first, but once you learn how, it stays with you. The same principle applies to living a healthy lifestyle. Teaching your employees this can save you a small fortune.

2. Employee energy will increase

Eating right and exercising have a host of other benefits other than avoiding illness. It also makes you stronger and provides you with an increased amount of energy. Obviously, a workforce that has more energy will be able to be more productive, having a positive impact on your bottom line.

3. Improved concentration

Better health and increased energy also mean that your employees will be able to have superior concentration. For many jobs, such as any jobs that require driving or operating heavy machinery, being able to concentrate better will reduce the chances of a serious accident. Therefore, trucking and taxi companies should definitely look into starting their own corporate wellness program for their drivers.

Do You Know The Benefits & Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil?

Photo: WellBeingSecrets.com
Photo: WellBeingSecrets.com

(*Updated 11/2016)

When I started researching the health benefits of Oil Pulling (using coconut oil as a mouth rinse to detox your body) I became more aware of the benefits Coconut oil has in our surface beauty regimen as well.  Coconut oil is a great makeup remover, cuticle helper, body scrub, body moisturizer, lip balm, highlighter, hair treatment product and more. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of coconut oil and find great deals on products containing coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids -Linoleic acid, Oleic acid and Gallic acid to name a few, that help in dealing with viruses and bacteria. The compounds in coconut oil are similar to Mineral Oil however there’s no chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin from the application of coconut oil. I’m one of the many that is “blessed” with sensitive skin and products containing coconut oil have always worked well for me.

A beauty multitasker that you can use to hydrate your skin, fight frizz, and reduce premature signs of aging. Along with the many health benefits that come from ingesting coconut oil, which include help with weight loss (read more here – HealthAmbition.com) I feel you’re on a good path when incorporating this oil into your daily routine.

Do you use coconut oil products? If so, what are your favorites?

Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo

Shop the article:

Coconut Oil Body Wash

Yes To - Coconut Oil Body Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce

Yes To – Coconut Oil Body Wash, 8 Fluid Ounce – $17.99, 5.48 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon


Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food

SKINFOOD - Elemental Herbs All Good Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food Coconut -- 7.5 fl oz

I’ve recently found a helpful resource at NutriInspector.com in understanding the weight loss benefits of Coconut Oil. To learn more please visit:   Coconut Oil For Weight Loss and Many Health Benefits

(*Disclosure: Some information acquired from OrganicFacts.com and Health.com . This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.)

Special Dining Experience On The Mount Hood Railroad

Mt Hood Railroad 2015

What a fun night!  My Mother, sister Kathi and I joined guests on the Mount Hood Railroad for a special dining experience being filmed for The Cooking Channel.  Our chef was a surprise so that added to the fun of the evening.  Mt. Hood is an hour drive from my town of Portland and it’s one of the most beautiful drives around.  Following the Columbia River Gorge, which separates the states of Oregon and Washington, you arrive in the Wind Surfing Capital of the World, Hood River.  This is one of my families favorite places to visit on a day trip.  And today’s visit was very special.  Can’t wait to see what happens!

There’s a lot of activity on the train.  Our friendly wait staff is making due with camera crews being added to the mix.  Train aisles are only so wide!  Everyone seems to be excited and ready for anything so a little bump and bobbing around is fine.  (I really don’t know how the wait staff and camera crew did it.  I can barely walk on the train while it’s still!)

Mt Hood Railroad kathi and cameraman


With each course we were greeted with all local ingredients hand-picked by our Chef.  The Hot Citrus Mussels were my favorite!  Along with the Mt. Hood Winery Pinot Gris this was a great pairing ~

Mt Hood Railroad Muscles and pinot gris


You can’t beat the view on this railroad!  With every mile you get closer and closer to our spectacular Mount Hood.


Mt Hood Railroad Moms Reflection
Can you see it Mom?


Between the delicious food courses and the ever changing scenery dining on the Mt. Hood Railroad is definitely an experience.

Mt Hood Railroad stream


And who’s been cooking for us this evening?


Mt Hood Railroad Kathi and Chuck Hughes


My lucky sister!  Chuck was very charming and visited each dining car to introduce himself and describe his local food choices, some make shift cooking supplies (grocery cart as ‘smoker’?  Yep, that happened) and the challenges of cooking on a moving train.  I can only imagine! The delicious food was the focus of the night but at the end of the rail line we see the true star:

Mt Hood Railroad Mt Hood 2015


Ahhh.  What a beauty!

To experience dining on the Mount Hood Railroad please visit their website: https://www.mthoodrr.com/dine/






Inspire Your Cooking Using Mary's Secret Ingredients!

Inspire Your Cooking with Mary's Secret Ingredient! Ann Again and again Reviews

I’m the kind of cook that needs a recipe, some kind of guidance in the food creation area.  I love trying new foods, or a different take on something “tried and true”, but my mind doesn’t come up with those ideas.  I admire those that can look in the fridge and whip up a fun dish.  For those with the gift of cooking creativity, I salute you!

Recently I was introduced to a lovely company – Mary’s Secret Ingredients.  When you join the community (as members are delightfully referred) you receive a box each season with exciting, natural food finds that will perk up your cooking with new products and flavors.  Here’s the Spring 2015 box:

Inspire Your Cooking with Mary's Secret Ingredient! Ann Again and again Reviews

To guide you through your seasonal delivery full of yummy ingredients you’ll find The Little Book of Ingredients, this booklet provides a bit of background on each item along with ideas of what to do with your “Shiratake Harvest Noodles” or your “Delta Bread Cheese Straws”.  But the inspiration doesn’t stop there!  Each week you’ll receive e-mails from Mary with recipes featuring items from your secret ingredient box.  That’s just what I need!

The Spring 2015 box included veggie Pho (pronounced ‘Fuh) Liquid Broth.  Here’s a completed Pho creation:

Inspire Your Cooking with Mary's Secret Ingredient! Ann Again and again Reviews
photo courtesy of Mary’s Love The Secret Ingredient


Mary is a lifelong food lover. For three years she has authored the internationally recognized food blog: LOVE-the secret ingredient. Every week she shares her love of great food and her passion for creating delicious and healthy recipes to give you inspiration in answering the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?”  Mary is on a mission. Two, actually: To deliver her favorite ingredients packed in seasonally themed sets to your front door, and to help hungry children across the country.  When you are a part of the “Secret Ingredients” community each seasonal box you purchase helps support Feed The Children, an organization that was created 35 years ago with a mission that no child goes to bed hungry.

To become a part of Mary’s Secret Ingredients please visit:  https://maryssecretingredients.com/.  Each seasonal box is $25.95 and is packed with ingredients that are sure to inspire delicious meals.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!


(*Disclaimer:  I was provided with the Spring Seasonal box to facilitate my review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)


Great Savings! Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus – 40% Off!



I’m always looking for deals worthy of sharing with my lovely readers and this one fits the bill!

Now until June 13th, you can purchase Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus at Target at 40% Off using the following savings recipe.  The 1000ml bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is currently $1.00 off in Target stores.  If you have the Target savings app Cartwheel, you’ll receive an additional 10% off.  Partner these savings with the $1.00 off coupon found on the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus website.  The savings aren’t done!  If you have a Target Red Card you can save an additional 5% off for a total savings of 40%.  What a great deal!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is like an iron. Just spray it on clothes, bed sheets, curtains, whatever is creased, after spraying tug the fabric to jumpstart the wrinkle removal, smooth it and let it dry.  I love this stuff because A.) I don’t enjoy ironing and B.) It makes things look crisper – sharper – nicer.

Click on the image below to start you on your way to great savings!




(*Disclosure:  This deal shared with permission.  No compensation has been received.)