A Perfect Treat To Please A Crowd – Gelato!

The logistics of putting together a fun and interesting party can be a challenge for any parent playing host or hostess. Hosts need to decide when’s the best time for everyone to gather, where shall people meet, what should you do for fun and what food will you serve your guests.

A Perfect Way To Please A Crowd - Gelato! AnnAgainAndAgainReviews.com
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Planning fun food offerings that children and adults both will both enjoy brings its challenges. Gelato is a food that is yummy, safe and simple to prepare sure to please a mixed crowd’s palate and can be offered as dessert after a meal or on its own as a snack.

A Perfect Way To Please A Crowd - Gelato!  AnnAgainandagainReviews.com
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Gelato products can be offered to guests in a buffet of flavors to sample. It can be served singly, as an accompaniment to pastries, or as a buffet of sweet offerings to entice people to mix and match multiple flavors for a fun experience bursting with taste.

Imagine a counter, running board or temporary table set up and decorated for the party. Laid out in a long line of simple or decorated bowls nested in larger bowls of ice can become a gorgeous display of gelato colors and flavors. Since gelato comes in a variety of types, easily customized for tastes and special needs, the display of treats can even match the decorations of the party planner’s ideal.

A Perfect Way To Please A Crowd - Gelato! AnnAgainAndAgainReviews.com
photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

For people pressed for time or expense, gelato can even be set out in the tubs it came in on ice rather than scooping all the food out into nested bowls. The start of a buffet can include tasting spoons, napkins and bowls. The end of the buffet can offer toppings such as whipped cream, peanuts, sprinkles, fruit and various syrups. A gelato party can be like having a frozen yogurt saloon in your own home but personalized. And the portion size of the gelato can be controlled by the size of the bowls offered.

Children and parents can both enjoy a cold creamy treat when partying or gathering at a home that offers a gelato buffet. It offers a quick, easy way to give guests a choice of yummy food variety and can be easily cleaned up by placing trash receptacles in handy spots. Lay down some plastic or decorative table cloths for quick clean up of the table or place picnic style on the floor for the children and the party’s a go with minimal mess!

Amy Schumer Shares How To Be Amazing With Michael Ian Black

Amy Schumer shares How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black


When it comes to humor I’m more on the safe side. I’ve seen a few bits from Amy Schumer and they were enough for me to get the “I’m too old for this” vibe.  I was feeling like a huge prude and wanted to grab my pearls and walk away in disgust.  But she’s a truth teller, in very honest, basic words and it is what it is.  And, for the most part, it’s hilarious!  Recently my husband and I saw Trainwreck (walk! don’t run! so good!) and I’m appreciating Amy’s talents and glad I pushed through my prudishness – is that a word? – to see this movie.

Michael Ian Black, actor/comedian who I first saw on the MTV show “The State” back in the early ’90’s, is adding to his repertoire by including Interviewer on his list of accomplishments.  He currently has an audioshow “How To Be Amazing”. In this episode, Michael sits down with his friend and fellow comedian Amy Schumer to discuss her years as a stand-up, her hit Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, and her new movie Trainwreck, her film with Judd Apatow.

Check out the brief clip below:


In this in-depth interview show, Black takes listeners into the minds of some of today’s most fascinating celebrities and newsmakers to discuss the process of how they became, well, amazing. Black’s trademark wit and natural inquisitiveness offers a behind-the-scenes viewpoint, along with laugh-out-loud humor and valuable advice from guests who are at the top of their game. Looking through the list of interviews I really want to check out Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) and Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love fame).

So, what do you think of Amy Schumer’s humor?  Is she your cup of tea? Have you seen the movie Trainwreck?  If so, what did you think?  This isn’t your momma’s rom-com!


©2015 How to Be Amazing (P)2015 How to Be Amazing.  Shared with permission from Audible, and Amazon company.

5 Ways To Use Puritan's Pride Essential Oils

Puritans Pride

Scent is a big part of my life.  Daily I’m looking for the right candle to burn to set the mood for our home, the lightly scented lotion to use after a shower, or afternoon pick-me-up, and just the right oil to dab behind my ears to help me find calmness or to help energize.  I seem to be driven by fragrance!  How are you with scent?  Are you sensitive and prefer light, natural aromas?  Or, are you bold and go for something that reminds people you are in the room?  Enter my giveaway (below) for your chance to win a Mothers Day gift pack of 5 Essential Oils from Puritan’s Pride!

With so many ways to add fragrance to your life I’ve always been drawn to essential oils.  Recently I was introduced to Puritan’s Pride Essential Oils.  Made with 100% essential oils Puritan’s Pride comes in 33 scents that can help you enhance the feelings of tranquility, create feelings of comfort, relaxation, rejuvenation and energy.  Mix the oils to find just the right aroma that makes your heart happy and brings a smile to your face.  Purchase now and you can save 50% when you buy 3 bottles!  Click – Puritan.com

5 Ways To Use Puritan’s Pride Essential Oils:

  1. Add To Water In Pan:  The easiest way to use essential oils in your home is to add drops of oil into a small saucepan* full of water.   Have the temperature bring a light steam from the water and waft through the house. – (*To be safe, this saucepan should be forever dubbed “For Essential Oil Use Only”.  Do Not Ingest essential oils. Also, this technique has concerns.  Perhaps you’ll forget you have a pan going on the stove and leave without turning off the burner.  Put a timer on to help remind you to turn off the pan.)
  2. With A Diffuser:  I use oils so often that I’ve purchased a small diffuser and place it right at my feet.  If I’m stuffy from allergies I add drops of Eucalyptus and my breathing becomes clearer.  A bit stressed?  Adding Rose or Lavender adds an essence of calm.  (It seems that my husband has discovered how great a diffuser is and has moved it to his home office space.  Hurr-umph.  Time to get another diffuser!)
  3. Add To Unscented Lotion:  When you’re ready to moisturize place your lotion in your hand along with 2 to 3 drops of essential oil.  You have now turned your unscented lotion into any fragrance that suites your fancy that day!  Rosewood to soothe, Tangerine to Uplift or Clary Sage to Refresh.  (We’re all familiar with the classic scents of Lavender, Vanilla and Rose.  I’m highlighting unusual fragrances.) With over 33 individual scents to choose from imagine creating your own combos for your personal scent of the day!
  4. Put on a damp cloth to relief sinus/allergy pain:  The lovely blossoms of Spring and Summer can bring unpleasant allergy annoyances that might have you turning to medicine for relief.  A natural way to relieve sinus pain and pressure is by adding drops of Eucalyptus oil to a damp washcloth or a warmed flax seed heating pad and placing it over your eyes and nose.  Breathe deep.  Ahhhh, much better.
  5. Droplets on porous room decor:  If you have “decorative spheres” made of rattan or rope, or other porous bowl fillers placed around your rooms for a decorative touch add drops of essential oil to these items and let the fragrance waft through out your home.

Do you have a favorite way to scent your home using essential oils?  Please share!  And remember, you can now save 50% when you purchase 3 bottles of Puritan’s essential oils at:  Puritan.com .  Enjoy!



Easy Ways To Get Fit!

You can make excuses all you like but honestly, there’s no denying it, when you exercise – get the blood flowing and your heart pumping – your mood lifts and your day feels better. I put off exercise for about 3 months, and my mood really took a hit. I’ve stayed committed for 5 months now, and I hope to never return to how I felt, emotionally and physically, when I didn’t get some exercise in my day.  I call exercise my “natural mood elevator”.  I’m sure the following easy and efficient ways to get fit will help you.

A big excuse to not exercise is that there just isn’t enough time in your day. I completely understand. It isn’t just the time given to the actual exercise, it’s the shower after and then putting yourself together to head back to work, where ever that may be. But the thing is you can do a few moves now and a few moves later on and they will all come together to make you stronger and feel better at the end of the day. Check out these quick and easy ways to add fitness in your day:

Easy and Time Efficient Ways To Get Fit - Ann Again and again Reviews

(*Disclosure:  This infograph shared with permission.)

Let's Stay Healthy At The Beach! Water, Sunscreen and Proper Cover

Beach Health - Ann Again and again Reviews
The Harrison Clan enjoys the Oregon Coast


Every summer, millions of people will make their way to the beach. There is no denying the fact that the beach is one of the country’s favorite vacation destinations. However, it is important to take the necessary precautions while enjoying the warm water and abundance of sunshine. Here are some tips for staying healthy at the beach.

Drink plenty of water.
Some people tend to forget the importance of staying properly hydrated. The hot environment of the beach can cause a person to expel a substantial amount of moisture. In order to prevent dehydration, the body needs to have a steady supply of fresh water. If a person’s urine exhibits a darkened appearance, this is a tell-tale sign that they are experiencing mild dehydration.

Wear sunscreen.
Before heading out for the day, be sure to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen. Contrary to popular belief, individuals with darker skin tones still need to use sunscreen. An SPF of at least 15 will be suitable for most people. However, the people who have very fair skin may need to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 40.


Ann beach hat
Of course I have my hat! Channeling ’50’s Glamor



Wear comfortable clothing.
Most beach-goers tend to do a lot of walking. This means that it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing at all times. Both adults and children need to select beachwear that does not restrict their movement.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cold alcoholic beverage. However, avoid consuming entirely too much alcohol, especially in extreme hot weather.  Not only does being intoxicated impact a person’s judgment, but it could also lead to becoming ill.


What ways do you keep yourself healthy while enjoying the surf and sand?


See How Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media

Studies show that women are taking over social media. Women share information more than men, connect with brands more online and gather their news from social media.  What do you think of these findings?

Again and again (*ahem* slight blog name drop ;-> ) studies prove that women encourage more communication than men. So is it really that surprising that women are leading in the area of social media? Check the chart below for all the fun percentages and graphs:

social media sites

What does this information mean to our current world? Do you feel it will increase respect for women’s voices and choices?  It should.  It’s a very serious issue in our world and it boggles my mind that, in this day and age, women are still fighting for equal pay for equal work.  When will some men stop being so afraid of women?

Our voice is growing stronger.

(*Disclosure: This information shared with permission by Financeonline.com)

Have You Checked Out Pharmaca? Great Natural Health & Wellness Store!

pharmaca logo

I am a lotions and potions girl. When I was a teenager I subjected my friends to the latest skin care routine I read about in Seventeen magazine. When my husband and I go into Home Depot I’m looking for the Beauty aisle. (It’s not there yet but I don’t see why there can’t be a spa section right by the Bathroom remodel aisle.) I enjoy seeking out good, quality skin care and makeup and sometimes my favorites are in more than one location. My eye cream is at the mall, some make-up items are at a store across town and my cleanser and lotion is on-line. Recently I was introduced to a store that has all of these products under one roof along with items to help keep your house clean and chemical free along with a full-service pharmacy, Pharmaca.

Ann Again and again Reviews

Pharmaca began in Boulder, CO in the year 2000. From one small store Pharmaca is now located in 5 states (for locations click here) and has a full store on-line. Their certified practitioners will help guide customers through their selection of over-the-counter medications, alternative remedies, and natural cosmetics and body care products for a stress-free shopping experience. I felt a sense of calm when I walked in the store and was greeted with pleasant music and a cheerful “let me know if I can help you”.


Ann Again and again Reviews Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy


After perusing the offerings in the vitamin and personal health care area I was drawn to, what else, the skin care and cosmetics section. They have a Natural Beauty Bar that provides the services of Brow & Facial Waxing. You can also have a full make-up application and/or lash application. These services are walk-in available but can also be made by appointment.


Ann Again and again Reviews Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy

One my favorite skin care products is the Dr. Haruschka line. The Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Wash is so good!







Ann Again and again Reviews Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy

Before,during and after you test your products you can rinse off in the wash basin perfectly placed by a sampling of the make-up testers. You’ll definitely want to try the Dr. Hauschka Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Wash.

Ann Again and again Reviews Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy





Within Pharmaca you will find health supplements easily identified in symptom categories. If you can’t find what you are looking for trained staff is on hand – and one even noticed my raised eyebrows and chimed in with “Can I help you find something?” Now, if only my kids were that clued in to my expressions!


I’ve had lovely shopping experiences at Pharmaca and was so pleased with the customer service. The Pharmacy was well staffed and the waiting area had hot and iced tea for their waiting clients. If you choose to move your prescriptions to Pharmaca you will receive a $30 gift card, which will be spent well at this store, for sure! There are various monthly events that are focused on the health and well-being of everyone in your family. For August they are featuring the Healthy Mom & Baby event with lots of fun offerings. (Check your local Pharmaca for event dates/times.)


(*Disclosure: I was provided compensation for my review of Pharmaca. My opinions are truthfully my own and I choose to shop here now. Great store!)

Hilary Swank Joins Duracell And USO To Honor Children Of U.S. Military Families

Hilary Swank, Mackenzie Nilson and the "star" of the movie The Teddy Bear
Hilary Swank, Mackenzie Nilson and the “star” of the movie The Teddy Bear

In honor of Independence Day, Duracell has launched a new short film to shine a light on the children of military families and announced a partnership with the United Service Organization (USO). The film, The Teddy Bear, inspired by a real military family, tells the story of a young girl and her beloved battery-powered teddy bear that has the ability to record voices. Her teddy bear is her way of staying always connected to her father during his deployment through the comfort of hearing his voice. Two-time Academy Award-winner, Hilary Swank, shared her support of the program as the daughter of a service member herself; her father is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant.

Hilary Swank, left. Navy Air Traffic Controller First Class Robert Nilson, wife Denise, daughter Mackenzie, 3, and their son. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Duracell/AP Images)
Hilary Swank, left. Navy Air Traffic Controller First Class Robert Nilson, wife Denise, daughter Mackenzie, 3, and their son.
(Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Duracell/AP Images)

You can view the very touching short movie, The Teddy Bear here:

Since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001, more than 2 million American children have had a deployed parent, according to the “Military Children and Families” report conducted by Princeton University/Brookings (Fall 2013). Many of them have seen multiple deployments, 3, 4, or even 5 family separations, making the USO’s “Comfort Crew for Military Kids” program important and something Duracell is proud to support.

For those that serve, and for their families that await their return – Thank You!  Happy Independence Day!


(*Disclosure:  Video/Images shared with permission by CitizensRelations.com)