I’m Finding An Easy Way To Get My Energy Back With MitoQ!

Now that I’m in my late 40’s my lagging energy level was becoming more and more noticeable every day. All of the things I had been reading about and hearing from women at this stage of their life was now happening to me and I don’t like it. I’m tired more often than not and my memory isn’t as sharp. (Running into acquaintances has my brain struggling to remember a name!) I’ve been looking for ways to increase my energy level naturally so I was very happy to be given the opportunity to try a supplement with over a decade of independent research behind it, MitoQ.

I'm Finding An Easy Way To Get My Energy Back With MitoQ!  Ann Again and again Reviews

When it comes to products that contain any kind of stimulant I’m apprehensive because I’m very sensitive to caffeine and things of that nature. I can’t have more than 2 cups of coffee in a day or I don’t sleep well, tossing and turning all night. The active ingredient in MitoQ is Mitoquinol Mesylate, an antioxidant that protects mitochondria, our ‘cellular batteries’, the organelles inside our cells that power our energy. (I’m learning lots of new words with this review!) Please see trial results here: https://goo.gl/U4l0a0

MitoQ was discovered at New Zealand’s University of Otago and was tested at the London Dermatology clinic. You can see the results here: https://youtu.be/PtnXUsnxC9c These researchers are the first to create a product that delivers antioxidants to mitochondria, therefore helping to restore our antioxidant capacity to more youthful levels. I’m all for that! In all honesty, on my 3rd day of taking MitoQ I was feeling pleasantly energized. I didn’t get my 2 o’clock slump and my usual desire for a nap. I had no jitters, no anxiety, just a natural feeling of being awake, energetic and ready for the day. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this good.

MitoQ shares that it has many benefits in rejuvenating collagen and elastin production which will, in turn, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. All of these things I will gladly get rid of, thank you very much! After using MitoQ for almost 30 days I’m very happy with my experience. And I’m very glad I was given the chance to try this product and share information about MitoQ with you.

To learn more about this product and where you can purchase MitoQ please visit: www.mitoq.com

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MitoQ. The opinions and text are all mine.

10 Great Discount Offers Celebrating National Coffee Day!

10 Discount Offers Celebrating National Coffee Day - Ann Again and again Reviews

Hello fellow coffee drinkers!  It’s National Coffee Day (September 29th) and that means free coffee from some of your favorite restaurants. While most of us know to go to Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts and other popular coffee providers today for a cup of free coffee, there are other places offering deals that share your craving for coffee. Check out this list of top coffee offers and head to CouponSherpa.com to find the coupons to keep you buzzing beyond today’s event.

1. Cafe Britt
Save $10 on your purchase of $50 or more through Oct. 4 with code NCD10.

2. Carl’s Jr.
Enjoy an iced coffee for just $1 (plus tax) through Oct. 31 with printable coupon.

3. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Get a free tumbler with your order of $25 or more through Oct. 31 (while supplies last) with coupon code TUMBLER.

4. Gevalia Kaffe
Get $1.50 off any Gevalia, Maxwell House or McCafe Keurig cup pack with printable coupon.

5. Green Mountain Coffee
Save $1 on any 10 oz. or 12 oz. Bag of Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee with grocery coupon.

6. Keurig
Save up to $8 off your K-Cup box purchase through Oct. 25 with code OCTSAVE.

7. Kohl’s
Save 10% on coffee and espresso makers through Oct. 5 with promo code COFFEE10.

8. Starbucks
Buy one get one free Colombia Narñio Espresso Verismo Pods through Oct. 14 (while supplies last) with code B1G1COLUMBIA.

9. Steak ‘n Shake
Get a free regular coffee with any breakfast purchase through Oct. 25 with printable coupon.

10. World Market
Get 10% off your total purchase through Oct. 22 with promo code SAVEBIG10.

(*Disclosure:  This information/offers shared with permission from Coupon Sherpa.)

Morris The Cat Shares An Easy Way To Help The ASPCA!

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews

I’m taking “Guest Posting” to a whole new level now.  Move over, Dear Abby… 9Lives’ Morris the Cat is here to reveal advice on the issues you really care about, like yarn unspooling, feather chasing, and more!

A bona fide celebricat since he began doing commercials in the 1970s, America’s favorite ‘charmingly choosy’ feline has launched a “Dear Morris” column to help cats and humans alike make the most out of playtime. What’s more, Morris is also giving Ann Again and again Reviews readers the chance to win a one-of-a-kind, customized 9Lives bean bag toss game at his Live Well & Prospurr website.  Also, to help felines waiting to be adopted at your local ASPCA, if you tweet #MorrisFeeds, Morris will donate a bowl of delicious 9Lives cat food to a hungry kitty at the ASPCA!  How great is that?!

From Morris’ Mailbox:

Dear Morris,

I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m a playful guy. I like yarn, stuffed mice, boxes… you name it. But my human is never in the mood. Something about ‘work’ or ‘being tired,’ blah, blah, blah… meow, meow, meow. I try to tell her that a piece of string doesn’t wiggle itself! Alas, since my human will not play with me, I’ve taken to reading Proust… and trying to catch my own tail.

Furry and Frustrated

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Dear Furry and Frustrated,

I’ve seen your case all too many times. Humans are often tempted to blame their unplayful attitude on ‘being too busy,’ but that’s rarely true. (Even the president plays golf!) What many humans don’t realize is that we cats don’t require a long, drawn-out play period. We like small bouts of play interspersed with two of our other favorite activities, resting and napping. So gently remind your human with a head-boop or a soft meow that you’re ready for some action—she can start off slow with Level 1 of my “Official Guide to Amusement, Entertainment, Playtime & More”(http://prospurr.9lives.com/). Also, tell your human to be on the lookout for when your tail is in an inverted “U” shape (like in the photo below). That’s a tell-tail sign (get it?!) that she should bring out the toys. Remember, fun is contagious… once your human sees what a blast you’re having, she’ll likely take some more time to enjoy herself as well.

Yours truly,
Morris the Cat

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Dear Morris,

I recently went to the pet store and came back with tons of new toys for my cat, Marvin. I was so excited to share some quality playtime with him that I could hardly wait for him to eat dinner! After he finished his 9Lives Plus Care (he’s a huge fan, by the way), I started waving his new toys around, but he just stared at me blankly—I got zip, zero, zilch! Morris, where did I go wrong? Does Marvin not like playing… or worse, does he not like me??

Thank you,
Confused in the Catskills

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews
Dear Confused in the Catskills,

You’ve got nothing to worry about. I’m sure Marvin loves playing and I know he loves you. This was merely an instance of poor timing. You see, cats are often reluctant to play after mealtime. No one wants to jump around on a full stomach… even if you’re eating healthy with 9Lives Plus Care! The best time to play with Marvin is after he’s had a nice, long nap, and if he loves napping as much as I do, you’ll have many opportunities! And remember to make time for fun human games as well, like checkers, cards—or my personal favorite—cat’s cradle. The two of you will have mastered Level 5 of my “Official Guide” in no time.

Yours truly,
Morris the Cat

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Dear Morris,

I’ve always considered myself a “cat’s cat.” I’m a champion napper, an expert invisible bug chaser, and my hairballs? I can cough one so big you could use it as a toupee. That’s why I’m so distressed by what I’m about to tell you: I’ve never once caught that feather that dangles on the end of a stick. I see it, I lunge for it, and just when I think it’s within paw’s reach, it darts away again. It frankly has me questioning my cathood. What should I do?

Purr-plexed and Paw-ndering

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews

Dear Purr-plexed and Paw-ndering,

It’s not your fault you haven’t caught the feather. What I’m about to say may come as a shock… there is a human on the other end of that feather, manipulating it like a marionette. It’s a conspiracy of gigantic proportions. You’ve never caught the feather because your human has never let you. If any of you humans out there are reading, please let your four-legged friends ‘win’ some of the time. It’s great to have a competitive streak playing a board game or on the ball court, but let us felines experience the sweet taste of victory (it actually tastes a lot like 9Lives). Besides, catching the feather, ball, or string will get your cat one step closer to their ultimate goal: world domination.

Yours truly,
Morris the Cat

Morris The Cat Shares An EASY Way To Help The ASPCA! - Ann Again and again Reviews
For more Morris tips, including his “Official Guide to Amusement, Entertainment, Playtime & More,” go to http://prospurr.9lives.com/.  Enter to win a one-of-a-kind, customized 9Lives bean bag toss game there as well! (Contest ends 9/30/2015And, if you tweet #MorrisFeeds, Morris will donate a bowl of delicious 9Lives cat food to a hungry kitty at the ASPCA.

(*Disclaimer:  I have received product in exchange for this post.  The adorable cat that adopted us 2 months ago, Sammy, is very, VERY happy with his 9Lives.)

9 Great Fall Sweaters Under $50

 9 Great Fall Sweaters Under $50 - Ann Again and again Reviews

First day of Fall brings crisp morning air and cooler nights.  Curl up in these great sweater styles at great prices! (I did choose one sweater that’s $1 over my $50 goal *wink*)  I am loving the look of the hooded sweater with the neck trimmed in faux fur.  Pair it with your favorite jeans and seasonally perfect boots and you’re good to go enjoy the leaves and your neighborhoods Fall festivals.

Do you have a favorite Fall look?

Lambswool Sweater Vest ($32)

Woolovers - Women's Lambswool Sweater Vest Charcoal Small


Batwing Sleeve Knitted Cardigan ($34)

Babyhclub - Women Batwing Sleeve Knitted Cardigan Loose Casual Sweater Lady Jacket Coat


Rosie Cardigan Sweater ($35)

Aventura - Aventura Women's Rosie Cardigan Sweater, Whisper White, X-Small
$34.40 – Amazon.com


Wool Blend Sweater ($35)

Calvin Klein - Colorblock Woven Wool Blend Sweater Women's Sweater (Black)
$34.75 – 6pm.com


Hooded Sweater ($40)

G2 Chic - G2 Chic Women's Hooded Sweater Knit Coat(OW-COT,BRN-L)


Chevron Stripe Cashmere Blend Sweater ($47)

C&C California - Women's Chevron Stripe Cashmere Blend Sweater, Heather Grey, Medium
$46.35 – Amazon.com


Boiled-Wool Cardigan Sweater ($49)

Cabela's Women's Boiled-Wool Cardigan Sweater - Gunsmoke (X-Large)
$59.99 – Cabelas


Soft-Luxe Vintage Cardigan Sweater ($50)

Norm Thompson - Women's Soft-Luxe Vintage Cardigan Sweater - Peach Sherbet


Cardigan Sweater ($51)

Royal Robbins - Lily Cardigan Sweater - Women's Soapstone, XL


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Having Fun On Chef vs. Challenge On The Cooking Channel!

Mt Hood Railroad 2015

What a fun night!  My Mother, sister Kathi and I joined guests on the Mount Hood Railroad for a special dining experience being filmed for The Cooking Channel.  The new series “Chef vs. Challenge” with Chef Chuck Hughes premiered last night (September 8th, 2015) and it was thrilling to see our adventure on T.V.!  Before boarding the train the chef was a surprise so that added to the fun of the evening.  Chuck Hughes is a chef from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  His previous shows include “Chuck’s Eat The Street” and “Chuck’s Day Off”, also on The Cooking Channel.  For the Chef vs. Challenge Chuck needed to cook for 125 people on a moving train in under 6 hours.  Did he do it?  Check your local listings and find out!  (And see me rave about the Rarebit :-> )

Now, about our starting point, Mt. Hood, Oregon.  About an hours drive from Portland, following the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, which separates the states of Oregon and Washington, you arrive in the Wind Surfing Capital of the World, Hood River.  This is one of my families favorite places to visit on a day trip.

Today there’s a lot of activity on this train.  Our friendly wait staff is making due with camera crews being added to the mix.  Train aisles are only so wide!  Everyone seems to be excited and ready for anything so a little bump and bobbing around is fine.  (I really don’t know how the wait staff and camera crew did it.  I can barely walk on the train while it’s still!)

Mt Hood Railroad kathi and cameraman


With each course we were greeted with all local ingredients hand-picked by our Chef.  The Hot Citrus Mussels were my favorite!  Along with the Mt. Hood Winery Pinot Gris this was a great pairing ~

Mt Hood Railroad Muscles and pinot gris


You can’t beat the view on this railroad!  With every mile you get closer and closer to our spectacular Mount Hood.


Mt Hood Railroad Moms Reflection
Can you see it Mom?


Between the delicious food courses and the ever changing scenery dining on the Mt. Hood Railroad is definitely an experience.

Mt Hood Railroad stream


And who’s been cooking for us this evening?


Mt Hood Railroad Kathi and Chuck Hughes


My lucky sister!  Chuck was very charming and visited each dining car to introduce himself and describe his local food choices, some make shift cooking supplies (grocery cart as ‘smoker’?  Yep, that happened) and the challenges of cooking on a moving train.  I can only imagine! The delicious food was the focus of the night but at the end of the rail line we see the true star:

Mt Hood Railroad Mt Hood 2015


Ahhh.  What a beauty!  To check out the show – click Chef vs. Challenge

To experience dining on the Mount Hood Railroad please visit their website: https://www.mthoodrr.com/dine/


What To Buy And What To Skip This Labor Day!

What To Buy This Labor Day - Ann Again and again Reviews
photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Will you be perusing the sales this weekend?  There are so many offerings it can get overwhelming on what’s truly a good deal now and what can wait.  Navigate Labor Day sales by learning what to buy now and what to skip to avoid drowning in a sea of bad purchases! Follow this shopping guide from consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch.

Buy: Mattresses

Holiday sales are always a good time to buy big-ticket items like mattresses and furniture. If possible, head to a local furniture or mattress store before the weekend rush to test out different options and research pre-sale prices so you can identify any misleading offers. Macy’s makes it easy to save this year — on Sept. 2, the department store launched a Labor Day furniture and mattress sale when shoppers can reserve their purchases before the sale begins.

Skip: Automobiles

Since Labor Day falls at the beginning of the month, car dealerships are less likely to offer a big discount despite what their banners tell you. A better time to shop for a vehicle is at the end of the month when sales associates are more motivated to negotiate in order to meet sales quotas. Otherwise, hold off until October when dealerships will be pushing excess 2015 inventory at even deeper discounts!

Buy: Summer Clothes

It’s hard to plan ahead to next summer when you’re focused on back-to-school, but now is the time to stock up on warm-weather essentials. Major retailers will reduce already-discounted summer items during the popular holiday shopping event, so look out for deals on swimsuits, sandals, linen suits and other lightweight apparel. Make sure you also look for Labor Day coupons to take advantage of these deep discounts from sites like Coupon Sherpa. For example, you can currently take an extra 25% off clearance items and 20% off sale items with this Lord and Taylor coupon code.

Skip: Back-to-School Apparel

While we’re still in the thick of the back-to-school season, kid’s fall clothing isn’t really a necessity right now as summer temperatures will continue into the first few weeks of the new school year. The best time to buy sweaters, jeans, outerwear and boots is in October. Wait for Columbus Day sales to scoop up the biggest savings!

What To Buy This Labor Day - Ann Again and again Reviews

Buy: Luxury Goods

If there’s a luxury-brand watch or handbag you’ve been drooling over, Labor Day is one of few shopping events during which you may score a lower price. Like other apparel and accessory retailers, luxury brands need to clear out summer inventory to make room for fall must-haves. Make sure you compare sales before you buy, and check out sites like TheRealReal.com for designer goods at cut-rate prices.

Skip: Halloween/Harvest Decor

Though summer isn’t technically over until later this month, retailers are already promoting fall in a big way with Halloween and harvest-themed decor lining store shelves. While you may see a small discount on these decorations, don’t let the temptation of the season entice you to buy just yet. In fact, the best time to buy Halloween decor is the last couple of days before the big event.

Buy: Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

The season for backyard parties and barbecues may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t outfit your outdoor oasis with new entertaining essentials. End-of-season sales will offer savings of 40 to 60 percent on grills, patio furniture, umbrellas and servingware. In addition to in-store sales, make sure to look for these big-ticket items online, too: Overstock.com, for example, is offering up to 70% off outdoor furniture and decor, with many items shipping free.

Skip: TVs

On the cusp of football season, retailers are promoting some seemingly good offers on TVs to help shoppers kick off the opening game with a new big screen. However, the best two times to buy a new TV are during Black Friday weekend and at the end of January in time for Super Bowl. If there’s a certain model you’re eyeing, keep tabs on sales using TrackIf.com so you don’t miss out when the price drops.

Buy: Luggage

With the busy travel season behind us, you’ll find a bevvy of deals on travel goods like suitcases, duffle bags and other accessories. Look for deals on luggage sets to get the best bang for your buck. You’ll save even more by shopping online, so compare prices using PriceGrabber.com and scope out deals at sites like eBags.

Skip: Smartphones

Apple will likely release the newest iPhone on Wednesday, September 9, so hold off until this news is announced before updating or buying a new smartphone. Once the latest device is released, you’ll find huge discounts on old iPhone models, plus additional savings on Android devices competing with Apple to make sales.


(Shared with permission.  Andrea Woroch is a money-saving expert who transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers by sharing smart spending tips and personal finance advice. As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Consumer Reports, Forbes and many more. In addition, Andrea’s stories have been published among leading publications and sites such as Yahoo!, AOL Daily Finance, CNN Money, Huffington Post, LearnVest and New York Daily News. Check out Andrea’s demo reel or visit her website at AndreaWoroch.com for more information about booking an interview or requesting an original written article. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook for daily money tips.

For all media inquiries, please contact Andrea Woroch at 970-672-6085 or email andrea@andreaworoch.com

Time To Check Out Concannon Vineyard Conservancy Wines!

Concannon barrel-room

Concannon Vineyards in Livermore, CA  has created a line of wines sourced from protected vineyards in the Livermore Valley that are extremely pleasing and worth your consideration.  I’ve been able to try a few out recently and really enjoyed what they’ve created.  Let’s take a look!

Concannon gate


While searching for a Chardonnay that wasn’t overly oakey or buttery, yet wasn’t heavy on the tart side, I was becoming very discouraged.  I can’t believe how difficult it is to generate a completely pleasant Chardonnay.  Then I sipped Concannon Conservancy Chardonnay and smiled.

I had it a bit too cold so I warmed the glass with my hands for a few minutes then enjoyed every sip.  THIS is the Chardonnay I’ve been looking for.  Slight pear and apple at the top with a hint of butter, along with a creamy sweetness, at the finish. Delicious. Priced at $18.00 this is a treat for those that are looking for a blend of taste and creamy texture (like me!).  This would pair nicely with a chicken dish or pork.


Next to try was  Conservancy Crimson & Clover red.  This selection was a tad on the sweet side, with my husband detecting hints of vanilla and nutmeg. However I found it delightful and fruit forward, very rich and perfect for a cold winter’s evening.  My husband had made fresh pizza and Crimson & Clover went perfectly with the rich tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella.  I was such a good friend ( ;-> ) and shared sips with guests the other night.  It was a crowd pleaser! Priced at $18.00 this would be a lovely red to bring out to dinner or share as a hostess gift.

Not only are the bottles a gorgeous design, you will be proud to serve Concannon Conservancy wines at your next gathering because of their quality and taste.  Learn more about the Concannon Vineyard by perusing their website: www.concannonvineyard.com . Or, do one of our favorite things… go visit the winery!  Located in Livermore, CA their Tasting Room is open daily from 11:00am – 4:30pm.  Phone (800) 258-9866.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!


(*I was the proud recipient of Concannon Conservancy wines to taste for review. My opinions are truthfully my own*)

How To Fight Off The Rainy Day Gloom


How To Fight Off The Rainy Day Gloom - Ann Again and again Reviews.com


The gorgeous blooms of our roses are beginning to fade now that September has arrived.  Portland is known as The City of Roses and when our flowers make their seasonal transition I’m looking for ways to keep blossoms in our home year around to fight off the rainy day gloom.  Recently I had the opportunity to check out flowers from The Bouqs Company.  With easy 3-step ordering a gorgeous bouquet arrived at my door and the feeling of lightness returned to my spirit.  Check out how pretty they are! And they come from the side of an active volcano. Cool! This should be your new flower delivery service.


Gorgeous Flowers Delivered To Your Door From TheBouqs.com - Ann Again and again Reviews.com



How do you bring lightness and life into your home during the darker Fall and Winter days?  Visit TheBouqs.com and you’ll see some of the most beautiful bouquets, created with unique flowers in gorgeous shades that will fit every style and season.  I am so impressed with the selections!  Truly beautiful.  And the ordering process is so clean – so easy.  A flat fee of $40 (shipping included) provides a gorgeous selection of various blossoms that will fit any occasion.  Find what you like *click* Enter your information *click* and there you are, ready to send and/or receive your selection.  The hard part is choosing between these stunning bouquets!


Gorgeous Flowers Delivered To Your Door From TheBouqs.com - Ann Again and again Reviews.com



Gorgeous Flowers Delivered To Your Door From TheBouqs.com - Ann Again and again Reviews.com
Securely packed in a recyclable-friendly cardboard wrap.  No styrofoam!


TheBouqs.com has a selection of flowers grown on a farm that’s on the side of a volcano, 10,000 feet above the Equator.  Yes, a volcano.  Visit TheBouqs.com and click “Our Difference” from their homepage.  This is a great video from their founder John (just John) and it gives you the vibe of the company that’s working for you.  You’ll also see the stunning arrangements created by Chief Floral Designer Eric Buterbaugh.  Once you’re there you’re on your way to choose blossoms to brighten your home, work space or share a bouquet with a friend.  Flowers cut when you order – Always free shipping.  My blossoms were vibrant and perky for weeks!  Everyday’s a good day to send someone flowers!  Enjoy and let me know what you think :->


(*Disclosure:  I was presented a particular selection of bouquets to choose from for my review purposes.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)