New Healthy Brain Aging App CRUSHES Competition

With my last birthday, I became a 'woman of a certain age'. *ahem* I found something to help me stay sharp. Check out a new healthy brain aging app BrainHQ

With my last birthday, I became a ‘woman of a certain age’. *ahem* Now I find myself saying things like ‘When I was your age…’ and trying to remember why I came into the dining room!  With my handy dandy iPhone I decided to download an app that claimed to help with cognitive abilities. (a.k.a. Keeping your brain sharp!)  Last year this app got into trouble with the FTC regarding its claims, so now I’m looking for tools that will really help. Today news was released of a new healthy brain aging app that crushes its competition – BrainHQ by Posit Science. Please read the review below:

The first systematic review of evidence that commercially-available, brain-training programs might help with healthy aging was just published in Neuropsychological Review 1/31/2017. The reviewers found that BrainHQ from Posit Science had by far the most and the highest quality studies.

With my last birthday, I became a 'woman of a certain age'. *ahem* I found something to help me stay sharp. Check out a new healthy brain aging app BrainHQ
Brainhq Eye For Detail

The authors of this first systematic review conclude “current evidence supports that at least some commercially available computerized brain training products can assist in promoting healthy brain aging.”  The reviewers surveyed the brain training market and the academic literature to categorize the quantity and quality of peer-reviewed studies showing effects of brain training in healthy aging.

Reviewers looked at 18 commercially-available, brain-training programs, and found that 11 had no clinical trials or empirical evidence for review. The reviewers found seven companies had studies that were relevant and met the review criteria of being peer-reviewed clinical trials of computerized exercises with formal cognitive outcome measures for healthy adults aged 50 and older.

With my last birthday, I became a 'woman of a certain age'. *ahem* I found something to help me stay sharp. Check out a new healthy brain aging app BrainHQ
BrainHQ Hawkeye

This methodology resulted in 26 studies for review. Of those 26 studies, 10 were trials of Posit Science exercises. Eight of those 10 studies were judged to be of the highest quality. Posit Science far outpaced its nearest competitor, which had three studies of which only one was considered high quality. The reviewers wrote: “Multiple peer-reviewed articles evaluating Posit Science programs have fulfilled the gold standard for clinical trials.” Of the seven companies that the reviewers found had any relevant evidence from trials, Lumosity was found to anchor the lower-end, with what the reviewers described as one randomized controlled trial of “moderate quality.”

The reviewers noted that until five years ago there were relatively few studies of brain-training programs. Even now, the lack of a systematic review has left “clinicians with inadequate information from which to base recommendations for their patients at risk of cognitive decline.” However, with this review, the authors conclude that the evidence behind a majority of the programs evaluated supports “the notion that the human brain is plastic in later life, and can benefit from specifically designed brain training programs.”

“This review marks a first step of treating brain training programs like we treat new pharmaceuticals – carefully evaluating which ones work, and then putting those to work to help people,” Dr. Mahncke concluded. For more information, contact

*Shared with permission from Ericho Communications

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5 Ways To Safeguard Kids’ Devices From Predators

5 Easy Ways To Safeguard Kids' Tech Devices From Predators

New apps pop up almost every day, and *bam* every single one of your kid¹s friends and classmates are using this bright and shiny new toy and… you find out, so is your child. The app looks age appropriate and harmless to you, however predators find ways to infiltrate and exploit. Yes, you check your child’s phone, computer or tablet on a regular basis to make sure no inappropriate content is being sent to them. However, there are other steps parents need to take to safeguard their children. See below: 5 ways to safeguard kids’ tech devices from predators.

One common mistake parents make is allowing their children to create a username that incorporates their name, information about their age and location or interests. These small pieces of data are enough for a predator to start piecing together a profile of a child and give predators tools that can be used to find more information to manipulate kids. By following these simple guidelines, parents can help make sure online predators are not targeting their children.

  1. Stop Kids from Duplicating Usernames – Just like recycling a password is a bad idea kids should not use the same username to log into different online accounts. Having one common username across accounts just makes it easier for criminals to search for and find details about a child’s life.
  2. Keep Personal Details Private – If an app or website requires kids to fill out a profile do not let them enter personally identifying details like their full name, birthdate, age or address. If they cannot use a site without supplying these details either supply a false answer to the questions or do not allow your child to use that site/app.
  3. Email Addresses and Usernames Do Not Mix – Linking a username with an email address can simplify a predator’s search for personal information. Using trial and error a criminal can add common email providers to a username, run a search and pull up social media accounts and any other sites where an email address was used to create a profile.
  4. Create Unique Email Addresses for Each App/Site – Some email providers including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo allow users to alter their email address into infinite number of disposable addresses. For example if your child’s email address is and he/she wants to sign up for a new gaming site you can alter his/her email address just for that site by adding an identifier to it such as This keeps your child’s actual email address private and can help stop criminals from being able to track online history simply by searching for an email address.
  5. Stay Vigilant – Regularly checking what apps your child is using and what websites are being visited is the first line of defense. If anything looks suspicious or if you are unsure what something is, ask your child. If he/she cannot explain to your satisfaction what the app is then delete it and block it.


This information from was shared by permission.  


About SNDR gives parents tools to stay up to date on latest threats. For more information about protecting your security and privacy online, visit: SNDR™ is a new app that combines all the ways you already communicate into a single platform. You can text, email, share files and use social media all from one app. And, every message is encrypted and completely secure. 

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If You Want 2017 To Be Your Year…

2017 Advice - Ann Again and again Reviews


What do you think of these ideas?


I’m honestly feeling that 2017 requires us all to be fierce and to be brave.  Let’s help each other!  We are ALL human beings.  Thank goodness we’re not all of the same mind.  How boring would that be?  VERY!

Remember… hate is a learned emotion.  With our recent election I discovered those that I assumed were believing along the same lines as my heart and mind, in fact, were not.  Was I shocked?  For the most part, no.  However, it has taught me to take pause, to take a moment, to listen to my heart and go from there.

Lead with your heart!

Please be kind to each other!


Let 2017 be a truly Happy New Year


Jewelry With Purpose-Win An $80 Gift Card From Starfish Project


January is Human Trafficking awareness month.  I’m happy to be partnering with the Starfish Project, a jewelry company with lovely pieces, that is dedicated to helping exploited women and bringing more attention to the plight of human trafficking. With their support I’m offering one lucky winner jewelry with a purpose – an $80 gift card to the Starfish Project. All profits from the Starfish Project support safe shelters, vocational training classes, counseling and much, much more.  Enter today to win an $80 gift card and learn more about this great company.

Jewelry With Purpose-Win An $80 Gift Card From Starfish Project Jewelry

The Starfish Project helps exploited women:

  1. Experience Freedom
  2. Establish Independence
  3. Develop Careers

The Starfish Project:

Starfish Project is an organization that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. We provide life-changing opportunities through our Holistic Care Programs and our innovative social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry, but also become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers.

Through our holistic care programs we provide each woman with vocational training, health care, shelter, counseling, as well as child education grants for women and children. Starfish Project has employed over 100 women and has served thousands through our Community Outreach Services.”

Please visit The Starfish Project website and see their lovely collection of jewelry.  100% of your Starfish Project purchase goes back to their mission of restoring hope to trafficked women!  However, since you’re here… Enter today to win an $80 Gift Card to The Starfish Project!  Click here to enter.  Good luck!


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