3 Tips To Streamline Your Life


Streamline Your Life To Get The Most Out Of It

After a recent visit to California, I realized there’s so much to do and experience in the San Fernando Valley that it seems like a wonderful place to live. Often times, however, when the wonder is a part of your everyday life you miss out on seeing and doing the things that make life worth living. Time is often the determining factor that holds you back. Streamlining your life greatly helps to free up the time to explore and try new things and, as in many cases, it’s best to start at home.


3 Steps to Streamline Your Life - Ann Again and again Reviews
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1.  Start With De-Cluttering

The process of de-cluttering encompasses both your physical and digital life. With the physical, start with the most important room in your home. This could be a home office or bedroom. Take stock of the things that you actively use and those things that you seem to just be collecting. Once this is determined, get rid of the excess. A yard sale or donating the items to charity is a good way to go. Digital de-cluttering follows the same principals. Organize important emails in folders to make them easier to find and unsubscribe to emails that just clutter your inbox.


3 Steps to Streamline Your Life - Ann Again and again Reviews

2.  Drop The Paper

Paper can add up and accumulate quickly. To avoid this, it is best to unsubscribe to catalogs and magazines that you don’t absolutely need. If there are digital options, then you should switch to these instead. Bills and other payment methods could also be handled digitally instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail.


3.  Let Go Of The Old And Start Fresh

Once these things around the house are handled, it’s time to de-clutter the mind. Often plans are made to do things that don’t come to fruition which creates a backlog for your thoughts. It could be planning a trip to Europe or going back to school for your degree. These things may or may not happen. Carrying the weight of getting them done can cause a barrier to your happiness. These old “To-Do” lists should be dropped in favor of a fresh start.  Remove the pressure!  It’s time to start fresh.


Streamlining your life is a process. Once you make progress, you’ll want to take steps to maintain your accomplishments. In terms of your home, this could mean searching for condo cleaning san fernando valley ca to keep it in order. Mentally this would mean avoiding a new to-do list.  Yay!

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