5 New Money Saving Tips For The New Year

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Photo courtesy FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The New Year is quickly approaching.  This is a perfect time to look for new ways to trim monthly budgets after the added expenses of the holiday season. (Your gift-giving might have been very generous and cutting costs is more of a necessity.  ;-> )  While it may seem hard to decide which monthly expenses to cut back, examining more affordable and convenient options on the market can make the financial decision easier.

From changing light bulbs to switching to a no-contract cell phone provider, here are 5 easy ways to cut costs in 2015:

  1. Choose a No-Contract Cell Phone Plan: While having a cell phone is a part of everyday life, GIV Mobile turns cell phone service into a “tool for good” with their affordable no-contract plans that donate 8% of every customer’s bill to charities of their choice. They offer a variety of devices, even allowing customers to bring in their own unlocked phones to use with their five “Unlimited” plans that start at $20/month all on T-Mobile’s reliable network.
  2. Ditch the Cable Company: Canceling cable can save hundreds of dollars a year, thankfully there are alternatives such as Hulu Plus and Netflix that are both only $8/month. Google Chromecast makes it even simpler by wirelessly streaming whatever is playing on your computer or cell phone screen onto your television.
  3. Save but Still Shop: Everyone likes a good deal, but browsing through countless coupon sites can be exhausting. Yipit.com is the Expedia of savings websites, it combines and compares deals from Groupon, Living Social and Goldstar to give the best bargain in the area.
  4. Switch out your Bulbs: Installing CFL (compact fluorescent lights) or LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs can help reduce monthly bills. Energy Star offers a guide to help choose between all of their different bulbs, helping the consumer to pick which would be best suited to their needs. Not only do these bulbs last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs, they also cost less to operate which saves money over the lifespan of the bulb.
  5. Nix the Gym Membership: Avoid the overcrowded gyms this January by bringing the exercise routine home. Gather some inspiration and try a new fitness regimen without being attached to those hefty membership fees. There are plenty of free apps out there like 7 Minute Workout which offers quick cardio and weight exercises that help people stay on track and keep in shape.

If you have some money saving tips I’d love to hear them!

(*Disclaimer:  This information was provided by GIV Mobile.  I felt it was worthy information to share with my lovely readers.  No compensation was received.)

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