7 Best Foam Roller Stretches For Increased Flexibility

7 Best Foam Roller Stretches For Increased Flexibility - Ann Again and again Reviews

Maintaining flexibility provides a lot of benefits to your body. It makes sure your muscles achieve their most optimal range of motion and improves your general posture. Stretching your body also releases all the built-up and accumulated stress and tension in your muscles. These 7 Best Foam Roller Stretches For Increased Flexibility can be achieved in just 10-20 minutes.

One of the best pieces of equipment that can help you in improving your flexibility is a foam roller. A foam roller is a self-massage tool that will help you stretch and improve your flexibility by applying pressure to the muscles around your body.

If you are interested in learning different stretches using a roller foam to increase flexibility, here are 7 of the best foam roller stretches.

7 Best Foam Roller Stretches - Ann Again and again Reviews1. Quadriceps – the quadriceps are 4 groups of muscle located above the knee. You can stretch these muscles by facing the floor with the roller placed above your knees. Your feet should be suspended and only your forearms should be touching the floor for support. You can start the routine by slowly rolling forward and backward. Make sure that you can feel the muscles stretch.

2. Hamstrings – balance should always be observed in order to achieve the most optimal condition of our muscles. The 3 groups of muscles in the hamstring are also an important part that should be stretched. The workout is done by assuming a sitting position with the roller behind the knees. The body should be slightly suspended with only the arms acting as support. Slowly roll forward and backward to stretch the hamstring muscles.

3. Calves – obviously anyone would love to stretch and tone their calves. The workout is done by assuming a sitting position with the roller underneath the calves (below the hamstring). All of your weight must be supported by the roller and your hands. The butt and the body should also be slightly suspended from the floor. Slowly move the roller forward and backward to flex those muscles.

4. Shins – while the shin area is mostly made up of bones, it is still important to stretch the muscles surrounding the bones. It can help in the general circulation in your body and for increasing the endurance of your feet. The workout is done by facing the floor with the arms fully stretched as support, similar to a push-up position. The only difference is that the foam roller is under the shin. Then, slowly move the roller upwards and downwards. This routine can not only develop the muscles in the shin area but also the back muscles which is very important in maintaining a good posture.

7 Best Foam Roller Stretches - Ann Again and again Reviews
5. Thoracic Spine – the muscles at the upper back portion of your body are also a very good target for the foam roller. This routine is done by putting the foam roller under your shoulder blades and suspending your entire back area up to your rear. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Slowly roll from the shoulder blades down to the lower back to stretch the muscles.

6. Sides – the muscles on the sides must also not be ignored in stretching. Most people forget how sexy firm and toned sides look. While it is true that it is hard to target the sides, it is also true that foam roller routines are very effective in training them. The routine can be easily done by putting the foam roller on your sides. Most people suspend their butts and use their elbows as support when going upwards and backwards.

7. Butts – for most women who want to tighten their butt muscles, foam rollers can do the magic trick for you. Just put it under your bottom and slowly move forward and backward to achieve a balanced workout in that area.


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