8 Of The Most Exciting PLAYFul Trends for 2016

 8 Exciting PLAYFul Trends For 2016 - Ann Again and again Reviews


Summer is full of activity. There are ways to spend a bundle on outdoor events and activities but that’s not what I’m about.  I’m “Frugal Ann”, always looking for ways to play and have fun without spending a lot (or any!) dollars and cents. There’s an organization dedicated to reminding us the importance of play, and the lessons learned on the playground – Voice of Play.  And you know what’s so great about playgrounds? They’re free! That fits my summer budget perfectly. How about you?


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

– Plato

Badminton in the backyard!
Badminton in the backyard!
Voice of Play has compiled a list – 8 of the Most PLAYFul Trends of 2016 – which is filled with great ideas on how to play with your family.  It could be building a fort in your yard (or living room), going for a walk in your neighborhood or discovering a new park.  For us, it’s tree climbing and badminton.  (It can get intense – but still fun!)  More and more educators and parents realize that play is crucial for their kids’ — not just for fun, but because it helps them learn!


Katie in her favorite tree


I would love for you to share what activities you do with your family!  (And remember, Free is a very good price.)  I live in the Pacific NW – Portland, OR – and that gives our family access to the coast, the mountains and the stunning Columbia Gorge. All we need to do is pack a lunch, pay for gas (unavoidable!) then we’re off!  Are you in an area that’s surrounded by the glory of Mother Nature?  If so, where does your family like to go on day trips?


Horseshoes Kathi and Lily Rockaway Beach, OR


Do your family a favor and visit the website Voice of Play, and learn more about the 8 PLAYFul Trends of 2016.


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