Beer & Wine: Surprising Facts and Interesting Trends

Here’s a quiz for you…

What’s good for the heart, reduces risk of diseases and prevents sunburn?

Ready for the answer?  It’s wine!  I’ve heard about a glass of red wine being helpful to your heart but I didn’t know about the benefits of sunburn prevention.  Flavanoids in red wine have been found to stop the skin’s chemical reaction to excessive sun exposure.  There are health benefits from drinking beer too.  It’s been discovered that beer boosts vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid.  And it contains silicone that helps increase bone density.  Lovely!

Check out these facts and many more in the following infographic.  Cheers!  (Let’s see if you’re as surprised as I was to learn where the oldest winery was discovered.)



(*This infographic was shared by permission from and


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