Infalliable Eyeliner by L'Oreal Paris Review

I’ve found an eyeliner that is easy to apply, has terrific wear time and is removed with a gentle make-up cleanser, L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner.  Love it!

I chose L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner due to the claim of “Up to 16 hours of Smudge-Resistant Color” on the packaging.   I was getting very tired of my eyeliner appearing on my upper eyelid after about an hour.  There are products that help keep eye makeup in place but I want to use as few products as possible to get results and L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner does the trick.

I thoroughly enjoy that a smudger and a sharpener are conveniently placed on the opposite end of this eyeliner.  It’s all there.  The eyeliner tip is smooth, almost glides like a liquid eyeliner, but much more forgiving if your hand slips a bit.  (I’m not practiced, or patient, enough for liquid eyeliner.)  Infallible glides on for precise application close to the lash line and from that you can broaden your liner if you wish.

I highly recommend L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeliner.

(*disclaimer:  I was not compensated in any way.  This was my personal purchase and personal opinion.)

Woolite Extra Dark Care Review & Coupon

Now that my oldest daughter is attending a school where she needs to wear a uniform I’m looking for laundry detergent that will help keep her clothes, which are the required white, tan and dark blue, looking like new as long as possible.  I’ve been given the opportunity to try Woolite® Extra Dark Care and I’m so happy with the results.  This product has helped keep our dark clothes from fading and leaves a nice, light scent.

Woolite® Extra Dark Care has a special formula that cleans and helps maintain the original color of your dark clothes. When I saw the claim that it won’t cause fading, shrinking or stretching, I was skeptical.  ‘How’ I was thinking ‘can a detergent really clean our clothes while not fading the darker fabric?’  But so far, so good!  Our dark colors stay vivid and strong and our clothes look like new longer.

If you would like to keep your favorite dark denim jeans looking like new, or your families dark clothes staying fresh, try Woolite Extra Dark Care.  Click this link for a special coupon offer.

(*As a member of Crowdtap, I was given the opportunity to review Woolite Extra Dark Care.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

Wonderful Selections at InvitationBox

Summer season is upon us and this is the one time of the year that my fellow neighbors and I in the Pacific Northwest get to host outside parties, like a Barbeque or a pool party.  We do love the rain that brings the greenery however, when the sun shines we are outside to soak in as much Vitamin D as we can take.  (And we complain about the heat of course, but most of us will take the sun any time).
I’ve been acquiring recipes of delicious marinades, and potato salad “secret recipes”, so I think my husband and I should plan a Grill Party and have a little “cook-off” with our friends.  I want to add a more personal touch to our party so I think we’ll actually use good, old fashioned “snail mail” and send invitations.  Who wouldn’t love to receive an actual personal note in the mail instead of a bill or junk mail?  I received a ‘Thank You’ note the other day and it made me smile.
I’ve seen some lovely party invitations at  They have styles that include 50’s Retro Picnics, playful Children’s parties and classic images perfect for weddings or showers.  The appearance of the invitation really sets the tone for the gathering and there are many wonderful designs to choose from. 
If interested in invitations more formal events but question the proper way to address a card, or perhaps when is the correct time to mail invitations, provides advice on etiquette for a variety of parties.  This is a helpful service if you don’t happen to have a copy of Emily Post nearby and formal occasions make you apprehensive.  “When should I send Bridal Shower Invitations?”  “How long after the party can I send ‘Thank You’s?”  Long lists of worthy questions are answered and it’s a valuable addition to 

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

If you’re in need of a ‘pick-me-up’ you must visit for a good laugh.  And if you want to keep that good mood with you all day, do yourself a favor and order a shirt and spread the joy every time you wear it.

I promise, you will find a design that will make you laugh out loud.  Some of the quotes on these shirts just might become your new mantra!  How about:

What Would MacGyver Do?


Jesus Saves

(Come to think of it, He’d make a great hockey goalie!)

My daughter chose from the “Funny T-Shirts” category:

Come To The Darkside – we have cookies

(This T glows in the dark)

As you can see, my humor kinda goes all over the place.  Just like the variety at!  (Oh boy, I didn’t mean to have such a lousy segue, it just kind of happened ;-> )

No matter where your sense of humor lies I guarantee you will find something you like at  They have a variety of categories ranging from “Funny T’s” to “Retro” to current “hot” phrases.  They have sizes for men, women and children with prices ranging from $6.99 to $28.99.  Check them out!

(*disclosure:  I have received a t-shirt in exchange for this review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

The Tao of Motherhood

If you would like to give yourself a gift this Mother’s Day, I highly recommend The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure.

Honoring it’s 20th Anniversary since publication The Tao of Motherhood includes a preface by Jodi Wright recalling Vimala’s energy in dealing with situations.  You quickly learn that this book was a natural progression for this author.

Deeply insightful words and thoughts, presented in a concise way, much like in the spirit of the Taoist Lao Tzu.  One of my favorites in this collection:

Upside Down ~
If you want to know what to do, learn to look at things upside down.
To receive, you must give.  Those who
boast are insecure.  Silence speaks louder than words.  The strongest warrior never shows his sword.
The soft overcomes the hard.

The Tao of Motherhood includes 81 succinct passages to help guide you on this incredible journey/job.  I highly recommend allowing yourself the time to read the words, take them to heart, and let them settle in your soul.

(*disclosure:  I have received a copy of The Tao of Motherhood in exchange for my review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)  

Rio – The Movie

The Movie

From the creators of Ice Age comes the very funny and completely entertaining, “Rio – The Movie“. 

My family loved this movie and didn’t want it to end.  The gorgeous colors and samba music get you in the mood at the very beginning.   We are introduced to a domesticated Blue Macaw, named Blu, and follow his journey as his returns to his native land, Rio de Jaineiro.

The humor was just right for young and – ahem – “old”.  Plenty of laugh out loud moments and good times with characters voiced by Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”) Anne Hathaway (“The Princess Diaries”) Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock”) and George Lopez.  The music by Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx gets you moving right from the start with a new tune “Hot Wings” then we get the classic Sergio Mendes groove “Mas Que Nada”.  I was so ready for a Margarita!

Rio – The Movie is in 3D and they use the technology to full effect.  It’s absolutely breathtaking when you are soaring on a hang glider, or trying to catch the confetti at Carnivale.  But this movie would be just as wonderful without the 3D effect (it’s just a great bonus!).

Rio-The Movie is playing in theaters everywhere starting today, April 15th.  Give your family a treat and take them to see Rio!

(*disclosure: I was given the opportunity to attend a screening of this movie. The opinions are truthfully my own.*)

The Naked Mom – Review & Giveaway

How’s that for a title? Host of Dancing With The Stars, and co-CEO of the popular website, Brooke Burke has written a book for those of us who need a reminder that we are not in this alone, and that it’s OK to laugh, cry, scream and occasionally release our inner bitch (Her words! :-> ).

“The Naked Mom” is an easy read that will have you feel like Brooke is one of your closest friends. She begins the book with her experience on Dancing with the Stars, then goes back over her life with such honesty that you wish you could just call her and meet for coffee, or better yet catch-up over some wine.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a book written by girl who has appeared on the covers of Playboy and Shape magazine. However, after flipping through a few pages, I found myself drawn into her story and advice. In the chapter “Not Guilty” she is very honest in sharing her heartbreak of being in a loveless marriage and the guilt of what a divorce might do to her young family. She tells of feeling inadequate as a mom by doing that nasty Mom Comparison that we all need to stop. Brooke writes, guilt “…is a learned response… A choice. Guilt is a predator… Guilt is never satiated. The only way to slay this beast is to starve it.”

There are plenty of light-hearted moments and words of encouragement. Within, and at the ends of, chapters she interjects little “asides” her own “Naked Truth”. One being, “I was honored to grace the cover of Playboy twice… No regrets – it was the right thing for me to do at the time… As for my children finding out, I certainly hope I’ve raised them not to pass judgment on people…”. And no judgment here! This beautiful, talented woman has written an inspiring book for all mothers. Do yourself a favor and pick-up “The Naked Mom – A modern mom’s fearless revelations, savvy advice, and soulful reflections”. (And Brooke, you can pick-up the phone and call me anytime! ;-> )

Giveaway Time!

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Good Luck!

(disclosure:  I was given a copy of “The Naked Mom” for review.  My opinions are truthfully my own.)

Norah Jones – "…Featuring Norah Jones"

“…Featuring” is a collection of Norah Jones’ musical collaborations from the past decade. She blends so wonderfully with legend Ray Charles on “Here We Go Again” and she sounds fantastic with the lovely and talented Dolly Parton on one of my personal album favorites “Creepin’ In”.  The 18 songs on the album also include current indie favorites Ryan Adams, Belle & Sebastian and The Little Willies.  I must add another personal favorite, Norah’s duet with Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters on “Virginia Moon”.  It’s absolutely beautiful.
The tracks on “…Featuring” span Norah Jones’ entire career, from one of her earliest recording sessions (a version of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” with guitarist Charlie Hunter in 2001) to her most recent performance, a song called “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John” that she cut with Belle and Sebastian, which will also appear on their new album.
If you became a fan of Norah Jones with her first release, “Come Away With Me” you will really enjoy “…Featuring”.  It’s definitely on track with her smooth, rich vibe  “…Featuring” is worth adding to your collection.

•Norah’s Official Site:

**Thank you O2O Network for this review opportunity**

"From Beer to Maternity" – A Review

I am having the best time reading “From Beer to Maternity” by Maggie Lamond Simone.

For those moments when the kids are doing their best to bring on the Mommy Death Stare I grab my copy of “From Beer to Maternity” and fade into a world that makes me laugh out loud. I don’t do that often while reading. Watching sit-coms, seeing someone trip ( I know, I’m horrible) then I laugh out loud, but not normally when reading. Maggie Lamond Simone has the words, the timing and the energy to send me into hysterics. (The good hysterics, not the crazy kind my children would like me to have.)

From Beer to Maternity” reads like a collection of journal entries. The beginning of the book doesn’t have the intention of taking you to an end result. You are reading a journey of a life, thoughts and observations that will make you laugh and some that will make you quite teary.

I am thrilled I have had the opportunity to review “From Beer to Maternity” by Maggie Lamond Simone. If you need a mood elevator do yourself a favor and check out this book, you won’t be sorry.

Harry Connick, Jr. – “Your Songs” & And A Giveaway!

I feel I should preface my review of Harry Connick, Jr.’s latest release “Your Songs” by stating that I am a HUGE fan of Harry’s. I absolutely love this guy. The first time I saw “When Harry Met Sally” I bought the soundtrack that day. From that point I listened to whatever music he had created before his big break; “Eleven”, “Harry Connick, Jr.” and “20”. That’s why, I am SO sad to say, his latest CD has me shaking my head.

Like I said, I’m a huge fan. I’ve seen him perform in concert (fantastic!) and I think he’s a good actor. (His perfomance in “Hope Floats” melts my butter). He’s smooth, cool, and “Rat-Packy Hip”. But, as far as I’m concerned, his coolness still cannot sell me on his version of The Carpenter’s song “Close To You”.

There are 14 tracks on “Your Songs” and some will make it into my musical rotation. “All The Way”, “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Smile” these have a great big-band vibe. Some songs walk that tender line between genuine coolness and sitting-in-the-dentist-chair muzak. Unfortunately, many tunes on “Your Songs” put me in the dentist’s chair. *sigh*

I’m offering my honest opinion of my dear Harry’s latest release. Am I happy to be this honest? Not really. However, I am going to look at “Your Songs” as a glass half full scenario. Harry Connick, Jr. has given us some sweet, jazzy tunes that make me smile.

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