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Just For You

I hope you find things that bring you joy, laughter, insight and comfort. That is my wish just for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

GREAT Deal on Hero Arts Fancy Christmas Arts & Stamp Kit!

*****OFFER EXPIRED******   What better way to spend a chilly day then getting cozy with a beverage by your side while you create Christmas themed cards, gift tags and paper ornaments.  (Can you tell I’m a Scrapbooker/Card maker?)  Check out the GREAT deal on Hero Arts Fancy Christmas Arts & Stamp kit!  It’s 70% off!

Time To Check Out Concannon Vineyard Conservancy Wines!

Concannon Vineyards in Livermore, CA  has created a line of wines sourced from protected vineyards in the Livermore Valley that are extremely pleasing and worth your consideration.  I’ve been able to try a few out recently and really enjoyed what they’ve created.  Let’s take a look!   While searching for a Chardonnay that wasn’t overly

Protecting Your Home from a Flood

Even a little bit of water can cause extensive damage to your home and your possessions. If you live in an area prone to flooding, you know all too well how devastating a flood can be. There are ways that you can protect your home and your belongings and make it less likely that you

Homewares for Your Home That you Can't Afford to Miss

When you’re decorating your home and trying to pull the final look together, you discover that homewares are just the finishing touches that you need. Small nick-knacks and accessories are every bit as important as large decor details like appliances and paint choices. Of course the question is, how do you make sure you select

$500 Cash Giveaway! Luck of the Irish Giveaway

Let’s see… what would I do if I won $500? I’m daydreaming here, not being sensible like “pay some bills”. First I would pick up a lovely tan leather Michael Kors purse I’ve had my eye on for some time. Maybe get a pair of those jeans that suck in your stomach. That would be

Bringing Our World Closer Through Language

Our girls love of the art forms Anime and Manga has sparked an interest in learning to speak Japanese.  Since I have no knowledge of this language, and neither does my husband, we want to do what we can to provide the best educational tools for our girls so we started looking into Rosetta Stone.

Does Your House Suffer From Gadget Obesity?

According to the Gadget Mass Index, 42% of Americans suffer from “Extreme Gadget Obesity” (a measure of a person’s propensity to store unused gadgets).  Oh boy!  Can I relate to this!  The new year inspired my husband and I to seriously look in the “I’ll figure out what to do with this later” drawers

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

You know.  You just know that something is happening.  You can sense something’s… different.  When my husband and I were ready to start a family it was an incredible realization when that “little voice”, my intuition was right.  I was pregnant.  Did you experience this as well? When you and your partner are trying to conceive

4 Surprising Ways Retailers Manipulate Your Shopping Senses

I’m sure you know the style of music playing in a store isn’t a mistake.  Classical makes you move slower, browse longer.  When it comes to colors chosen for a restaurant studies show that red makes you hungry, therefore you possibly order more.  Read on to find other ways retailers do their best to manipulate

Napa Valley Wine Train – Year Round Fun!

Recently Rob and I were able to visit one of our most favorite places in America, the Napa Valley in California.  10 years ago we discovered the glory of the Napa Valley and almost get giddy with each return trip.  It’s just so-o-o beautiful and... it’s such fun tasting delicious, well-crafted wines.  With this trip

Hunter Douglas and DecorView Offer Great Deals For The Holidays

  Ready to spruce up your home for the holidays?  Hunter Douglas now has their best deals of the year for custom window treatments. Wouldn’t new, lush curtains be nice?  Right now, customers can combine discounts on custom made Hunter Douglas products.   At 20% off MSRP on selected products, plus rebates of $100 –

Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media

Studies show that women are taking over social media. Women share information more than men, connect with brands more online and gather their news from social media.  What do you think of these findings? Again and again (*ahem* slight blog name drop ;-> ) studies prove that women encourage more communication than men. So is

Changing Themes – Stay Tuned!

I have finally been able to remove my WordPress theme that was so glitchy, so uncooperative with plugins that it was taking my site down continuously and I wanted to give up on WordPress all together.  Well, I’m not going away, not yet. I’m trying different themes and I’ll see how this goes.  Stay tuned!

Made In The USA Giveaway Hop! Over 30 Participants!

Welcome to the Made in the USA Giveaway Hop, hosted byHappy Mothering,Easy Green Mom and Brittleby’s Corner through the Green Moms Network! I’ve teamed up with a group of Bloggers to bring you the chance to win prizes that are Made in the USA. After entering my giveaway, be sure to hop around and enter

The Art of Deception In Advertising

In this infographic we talk about The Art of Deception in Advertising, specifically do misleading ads influence your buying decisions?     Here are some products that look amazingly good in ads but not in real life.  Some of the tricks they use make me shudder. Designed by — Author: Martin Glover — Our

Shop When You Like And Find What You Love At

Although my daughter’s enjoy getting something new to wear they aren’t the easiest to physically get to a store or Mall.  Kind of different, I know.  But, I’m sure my girls aren’t the only ones that don’t enjoy strolling through racks of clothing and find it much more appealing to look for clothes online.  With

How Men & Women Use Social Media Differently

The wonderful thing about social media is the ability to access what pleases you.   Looking for a laugh?  You’ll find it when you connect with social media.  Looking for information?  *boom*  You can acquire your answer in an instant.   The following infograph shows some surprising statistics in social media use between men and

Beautiful Prom Dress Selections At

Not only is Spring anticipated for it’s warmer weather and glorious blossoms it’s also a time where young girls dream of the perfect dress they are going to wear to Prom. When I was in high school I had friends who picked out their dress before they even had a date! That’s how excited they

Be Healthy, Be Heart Safe

Exercise is important, and everyone is encouraged to engage in it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not many people are impressed upon with some of the things that can make exercise safer and more effective. Most people are simply cut loose on the idea without doing the full research. This isn’t likely to cause harm

Oh, How We Age

Yes, I know I’m getting older. I see it on my face and I notice by not understanding what those crazy kids are saying with their loud rock-n-roll ;-> Where I don’t need to be reminded of it is with my body. Oh my aching back! I can’t believe how my body is treating me

Ann Again and again Reviews Fans

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Ann Again and again Reviews Fans

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Ann Again and again Reviews Fans

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